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Hellbound: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Summoned by the devilish imagination of writer-director Yeon Sang-ho, Hellbound leverages its terrifying concept to thoughtfully explore human fallibility.

Arcane: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Arcane makes an arresting first impression, combining a spectacular mix of 2D and 3D animation with an emotionally compelling story to deliver a video game adaptation that could become legendary.

The Wheel of Time: Season 1


Critic Consensus: The Wheel of Time's revolutions can be a bit creaky as it tries to stand out from other fantasy series, but it succeeds admirably in making Robert Jordan's epic approachable for the uninitiated.

Hawkeye: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Hawkeye starts slowly, but the street-level action is a refreshing change of pace for the MCU -- and the chemistry between its leads sparkles even when the plot lags.

Yellowjackets: Season 1


Critic Consensus: A genre mashup that blends smoothly, Yellowjackets presents an absorbing mystery with plenty of sting.

Squid Game: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Squid Game's unflinching brutality is not for the faint of heart, but sharp social commentary and a surprisingly tender core will keep viewers glued to the screen - even if it's while watching between their fingers.

Dexter: New Blood: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Anchored by Michael C. Hall's still-compelling portrayal of the title character, Dexter: New Blood helps restore some of the luster lost by the show's contentious finale.

You: Season 3


Critic Consensus: You takes its thrilling saga to the suburbs with superb results, made all the more delicious by Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti's committed performances.

Only Murders in the Building: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Only Murders in the Building's silly approach to true crime obsessives is at once hilarious and insightful, thanks in large part to its extremely charming central trio.

Midnight Mass: Limited Series


Critic Consensus: An ambitious meditation on grief and faith that is as gorgeous as it is unsettling, Midnight Mass's slow boil is a triumph of terror that will leave viewers shaking - and thinking - long after the credits roll.

The Shrink Next Door: Season 1


Critic Consensus: The Shrink Next Door is a cookie full of perhaps too much arsenic, but Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd prove they're as capable of conjuring disquiet as they are laughs.

Succession: Season 3


Critic Consensus: Fans already buying what Sucession is selling will be pleasantly surprised to find its third season in crackling form - even if it gets a little too real from time to time.

Cowboy Bebop: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Maybe next time, Space Cowboy -- this live-action Bebop has a fun enough crew to spend time with, but it disappointingly replaces the soulfulness of the source material with kitsch.

Maid: Season 1


Critic Consensus: Maid takes great care with its sensitive subject matter to craft a drama that is not always easy to watch, but undeniably powerful, grounded by an outstanding performance by Margaret Qualley.

Tiger King: Season 2


Critic Consensus: With nothing substantive to add save for a salacious celebration of its first season's success, this kitty has no claws.

The Great: Season 2


Critic Consensus: The Great continues its revisionist reign stronger than before thanks to its addictive wit and marvelous cast -- huzzah!

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