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24 (2001 - 2014)

24 (2001 - 2014)





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An exciting and edgy real-time action series about U.S. counterterrorist agent Jack Bauer trying to save his country from foreign and domestic enemies in the course of 24 grueling hours (with each hour a separate episode). The series took a great concept and executed it superbly, juggling taut storylines with forceful performances and a stylish, gritty look. Which made it easier to forgive some of the more foolish and implausible subplots, many involving Jack's crisis-magnet daughter, Kim.

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Critics Consensus: Filled with strong action sequences, 24:Live Another Day is a return to the formula that made the original series popular -- though it also suffers from familiarity and sameness.

2014, FOX, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: It often feels like the same ol', same ol', but as Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland continues to deliver in 24's final day(s).

2010, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: New characters and old faces appear as 24 begins to challenge the ethics and morals of its characters.

2009, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: 24's sixth day still delivers the goods on the action front, but this season's attempt to introduce Jack Bauer's familial angst into proceedings feels more contrived than inspired.

2007, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: 24 defies the law of diminishing returns with a spectacular fifth season that features White House intrigue, some of the most harrowing set-pieces in the series yet, and a heroically committed performance by Kiefer Sutherland.

2006, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: The countdown remains breathlessly exhilarating even on the fourth try, with Kiefer Sutherland remaining a riveting star amidst an adrenaline-spiking crisis that finds new ways to up the stakes.

2005, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: 24's third day marks the series' most ruthless season yet with a breathless race to avert chemical catastrophe, a myriad of shocking surprises, and an unnerving disregard for treating any character as safe.

2003, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: 24's sophomore outing is not as elegantly structured as its predecessor, but the series firmly puts to rest any fears that its propulsive thrills were a one-time novelty.

2002, FOX, 24 episodes


Carlos Bernard
as Tony Almeida
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Chloe O'Brian
Elisha Cuthbert
as Kimberly Bauer
Dennis Haysbert
as David Palmer
Kim Raver
as Audrey Raines
Reiko Aylesworth
as Michelle Dessler
Eric Balfour
as Milo Pressman
Cherry Jones
as President Allison Taylor
D.B. Woodside
as Wayne Palmer
Leslie Hope
as Teri Bauer
Roger R. Cross
as Curtis Manning
James Morrison
as Bill Buchanan
Jayne Atkinson
as Karen Hayes
Penny Johnson Jerald
as Sherry Palmer
Alberta Watson
as Erin Driscoll
Jude Ciccolella
as Mike Novick
Bob Gunton
as Ethan Kanin
Sarah Clarke
as Nina Myers
Louis Lombardi
as Edgar Stiles
William Devane
as James Heller
Janeane Garofalo
as Janis Gold
Rhys Coiro
as Sean Hillinger
Gregory Itzin
as Charles Logan, Vice President Charles Logan
Jean Smart
as Martha Logan
Peter MacNicol
as Thomas Lennox
Glenn Morshower
as Agent Aaron Pierce
James Badge Dale
as Chase Edmunds
Sarah Wynter
as Kate Warner
Zachary Quinto
as Adam Kaufman
Anil Kapoor
as Omar Hassan
Katee Sackhoff
as Dana Walsh
Colm Feore
as Henry Taylor
Xander Berkeley
as George Mason
Annie Wersching
as Renee Walker
Zeljko Ivanek
as Andre Drazen
John Boyd
as Arlo Glass
Marisol Nichols
as Nadia Yassir
Stephen Spinella
as Miles Papazian
Mykelti Williamson
as Brian Hastings
Jonathan Ahdout
as Behrooz Araz
Nestor Serrano
as Navi Araz
Tanya Wright
as Patty Brooks
Paul Schulze
as Ryan Chappelle
Tamara Tunie
as Alberta Green
Rick Schroder
as Mike Doyle
Laura Harris
as Marie Warner
Lana Parrilla
as Sarah Gavin
Peter Weller
as Christopher Henderson
Jennifer Westfeldt
as Meredith Reid
Dennis Hopper
as Victor Drazen
Regina King
as Sandra Palmer
Jesse Borrego
as Gael Ortega
Joaquim de Almeida
as Ramon Salazar
Geoffrey Pierson
as Sen. John Keeler
Necar Zadegan
as Dalia Hassan
Arnold Vosloo
as Habib Marwan
Michelle Forbes
as Lynne Kresge
Julian Sands
as Vladimir Bierko
Angela Goethals
as Maya Driscoll
Vincent Laresca
as Hector Salazar
Nazneen Contractor
as Kayla Hassan
Jon Voight
as Jonas Hodges
John Terry
as Bob Warner
Paul Blackthorne
as Stephen Saunders
Jeffrey Nordling
as Larry Moss
James Frain
as Paul Raines
Billy Burke
as Gary Matheson
Michael Massee
as Ira Gaines
Daniel Dae Kim
as Agent Tom Baker
Richard Burgi
as Alan York/Kevin
Harris Yulin
as Roger Stanton
Ray Wise
as Hal Gardner
Sprague Grayden
as Olivia Taylor
Skye McCole Bartusiak
as Megan Matheson
Lourdes Benedicto
as Carrie Turner
Nick Jameson
as Yuri Suvarov
Sara Gilbert
as Paula Schaeffer
Riley Smith
as Kyle Singer
Tamlyn Tomita
as Jenny Dodge
Sean Astin
as Lynn McGill
Greg Ellis
as Michael Amador
Aisha Tyler
as Marianne Taylor
Andrea Thompson
as Dr. Nicole Duncan
Wendy Crewson
as Dr. Anne Packard
Adoni Maropis
as Abu Fayed
Timothy Carhart
as Eric Rayburn
Jacqui Maxwell
as Janet York
Misha Collins
as Alexis Drazen
Powers Boothe
as Noah Daniels
Gina Torres
as Julia Milliken
Logan Marshall-Green
as Richard Heller
Alan Dale
as Vice President Jim Prescott
Cameron Bancroft
as Lee Castle
John Allen Nelson
as Walt Cummings
Alexandra Lydon
as Jane Saunders
Sarah Hollis
as Presidential aide
Tzi Ma
as Cheng Zhi
Reed Diamond
as Jason Pillar
Christina Chang
as Dr. Sunny Macer
Chad Lowe
as Reed Pollock
Kate Mara
as Shari Rothenberg
T.J. Ramini
as Tarin Forush
Rena Sofer
as Marilyn Bauer
Tobin Bell
as Peter Kingsley
Randle Mell
as Brad Hammond
Navi Rawat
as Melanie
Megalyn Echikunwoke
as Nicole Palmer
James Cromwell
as Phillip Bauer
Rudolf Martin
as Martin Belkin
Donnie Keshawarz
as Yusef Auda
Jamie McShane
as Gerry Whitehorn
Lothaire Bluteau
as Marcus Alvers
Alexander Siddig
as Hamri Al-Assad
Michael Madsen
as Jim Ricker
Akbar Kurtha
as Farhad Hassan
Henri Lubatti
as Jovan Myovic
Tracy Middendorf
as Carla Matheson
Kara Zediker
as Elizabeth Nash
Doug Savant
as Craig Phillips
Kevin Dillon
as Lonnie McRae
Tony Todd
as Det. Mike Norris, Detective Norris
Anthony Azizi
as Mamud Rashed Faheen
Sandrine Holt
as Evelyn Harris
Kari Matchett
as Lisa Miller
Gregg Henry
as Jonathan Wallace
Ned Vaughn
as Mitch Anderson
John Eddins
as Agent Richards
Graham McTavish
as Mikhail Novokavich
Max Martini
as Agent Steve Goodrich
Carlos Gomez
as Luis Annicon
Lukas Haas
as Andrew Paige
Michael McGrady
as CHP Officer Brown
Julie Claire
as Eden Linley
Dylan Haggerty
as N.E.S.T. Tech No. 1
Vincent Angell
as Dr. Phil Parslow
Steven Culp
as Agent Ted Simmons
Rade Serbedzija
as Dimitri Gredenko
Michael Cavanaugh
as Joseph O'Laughlin
Maria Del Mar
as Agent Rachel Forrester
Jonah Lotan
as Spenser Wolff
Joe D'Angerio
as John Osterlind
Stephen Root
as Bill Prady
Julian Morris
as Agent Owens
Michael Gaston
as General Brucker
Robert Cicchini
as Howard Bern
T.J. Thyne
as Jason Girard
Michael Cudlitz
as Agent Rick Phillips
Ping Wu
as Su Ming
Stana Katic
as Collette Stenger
Evan Ellingson
as Josh Bauer
Harry Lennix
as Walid Al-Rezani
Tony Wayne
as Agent Powers
Connie Britton
as Diane Huxley
David Herman
as Dalton Furelle
Albert Hall
as Alan Milliken
Rick D. Wasserman
as Alex Hewitt
Devika Parikh
as Maureen Kingsley
Missy Yager
as Susan Cole
Jamie Martz
as Nate Burke
Jim Abele
as Ralph Burton
J. Patrick McCormack
as Robert Franklin
Kathleen Gati
as Anya Suvarov
Tomas Arana
as Dave Conlon
Brady Corbet
as Derek Huxley
Patrick Fabian
as Bill Cole
Carmen Argenziano
as General Gratz
Peter Gregory
as Dr. Spire
Matt Yang King
as CTU Agent King
Aki Avni
as Mohsen
Currie Graham
as Ted Cofell
Kathryn Winslow
as Ellen Kramer
Mark Rolston
as Bruce Foxton
Benito Martinez
as Victor Aruz
Gary DeWitt Marshall
as N.E.S.T. Tech No. 2
Fred Toma
as Basheer
James Jordan
as Phillips
Lucinda Jenney
as Helen Singer
Neal Matarazzo
as Agent Graves
Scott Paulin
as Brian Jacobs
Andy Umberger
as Dr. Linzer
Will Patton
as Alan Wilson
Sam Ayers
as Agent Breeher
Albie Selznick
as John Reiss
Rick Garcia
as News Anchor
Christina Cox
as Agent Molly O'Connor
Bernard White
as Imam Al Fulani
Thomas Ryan
as Gary Klausner
Tonya Pinkins
as Alma Matobo
Rami Malek
as Marcos Al-Zacar
Kris Iyer
as Sabir Ardakani
Carly Pope
as Samantha Roth
Michael Irby
as Adrion Bishop
Cameron Daddo
as Vice President Hayward
Kevin Ramsey
as Agent Paulson
Ryan Cutrona
as Admiral Smith
Kirk Baltz
as Teddy Hanlin
Eriq La Salle
as UN Secretary General
Peter Chen
as Lee Jong
Conor O'Farrell
as Ted Packard
Michael O'Neill
as Richard Walsh
Dean Norris
as General Bowden
Rick Ravanello
as Darren Reiss
Al Sapienza
as Paul Koplin
Val Lauren
as Agent Randy Murdoch
Roxanne Day
as Jen Slater
Keith Szarabajka
as Robert Morrison
Kevin Chapman
as Warden Mitchell
Sterling Macer Jr.
as Deputy Raynes
Richard Holden
as General Stone
Claudette Mink
as Kelly Girard
Jesse D. Goins
as Agent Hayes
Tripp Pickell
as Agent Swofford
Kal Penn
as Ahmed Amar
Jenette Goldstein
as Rae Plachecki
Cliff Weissman
as Rescue Worker
Ted Marcoux
as Sam Singer
Diego Serrano
as Agent Solarz, Solarz
Sal Landi
as Sgt. Arroyo
Gwendoline Yeo
as Melissa Raab, Melissa Rabb
Vic Chao
as Agent McCallan
D.B. Sweeney
as Mark Bledsoe
John Prosky
as Dr. George Ferragamo
Brigid Brannagh
as Kathy McCartney
Lorry Goldman
as Doug Shaye
Jon E. Epstein
as Assistant
Nicholas Guilak
as Farhad Salim
David Anders
as Josef Bazhaev
James Hiroyuki Liao
as Devon Rosenthal
John Hawkes
as Greg Penticoff
Rory Cochrane
as Greg Seaton
Wade Williams
as Robert Ellis
Angelo Pagan
as CTU Agent
Pete Antico
as Commando
Lesley Fera
as Press secretary
Louis Ferreira
as Danny Dessler
Suzan Brittan
as Anchorwoman
Alicia Bien
as Reporter No. 1
Michael Holden
as Ron Wieland
Mare Winningham
as Elaine Al-Zacar
Justin Alston
as Agent Beck
Scotch Ellis Loring
as Field Doctor
Warren Kole
as Brian Gedge
Scott Allan Campbell
as Hazmat Doctor
Lisa Joyner
as Reporter
Carmen Mormino
as Randall Sikes
Jack Blackthorne
as Stephen Saunders
Rey Gallegos
as Sergeant Devlin
Arell Blanton
as General Smith
Chris Olivero
as Kevin Keeler
Joe Sabatino
as Captain Wallecki
Freda Foh Shen
as ER Doctor
Connor Trinneer
as Carl Gadsen
Eli Goodman
as Dr. Levine
Mark Aiken
as Nichols
Jenny Gago
as Principal
John Billingsley
as Michael Latham
Simon Templeman
as Trevor Tomlinson
Sean Smith
as Pharmacist
Paul Webster
as Agent Ron
Victor Rivers
as Sergeant Amis
Mike Saad
as Prime Minister
Kevin Fry
as Kevin
Mauricio Mendoza
as Dr. Sandford
Matt Gallini
as Mahnesh
Gene Farber
as Oleg Bazhaev
Marci Michelle
as CTU worker
Stan Rush
as Agent Sloan
Al Leong
as Neill
Jack Kehler
as Kevin Kelly
Tico Wells
as Agent Karris
Miguel Marcott
as Prime Minister of Turkey
Paco Farias
as Sheriff Drake
Shawn Woods
as Fredrick
Josip Kuchan
as Serbian Doctor
Bill Smitrovich
as Gene McLennan
Jon Sklaroff
as Ziya Dakhilov
Callum Keith Rennie
as Vladimir Laitanan
John Rubinstein
as Secretary of State
Joseph Hacker
as Advisor Mitchell
Bryce Lenon
as Mechanic
Terrell Tilford
as Paul Wilson
Kamala Lopez-Dawson
as Theresa Ortega
Phyllis Lyons
as Karen Pendleton
Adam Alexi-Malle
as Joseph Fayed
Matt Salinger
as Mark Kanar, Mark Kaner
Clayne Crawford
as Kevin Wade
Kurtwood Smith
as Senator Blaine Mayer
Kelvin Hin Yee
as Craig Erwich
Martin Papazian
as Rick Burke
Salvator Xuereb
as Arthur Rabens
Lina Patel
as Nabila Al-Jamil
David Andriole
as John Hansen
Christine Avila
as Erica Farrell
Kim Miyori
as Dr. Collier
Austin Tichenor
as Secretary of Treasury
Faran Tahir
as Greeter
John Thaddeus
as Joe Prado
Geraint Wyn Davies
as James Nathanson
Denis Arndt
as Donald Ashton
Darby Stanchfield
as Shari, Shari Rothenberg
Eyal Podell
as Ryan Burnett
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Lauren Proctor
Antonio David Lyons
as Cam Stracher
Ed Wasser
as Jason Carusone
Robert Catrini
as Stephen Weissman
Yolanda Ross
as Jessie Hampton
Todd Jeffries
as Claude Davenport
Christopher Maher
as Deputy Prime Minister Barghouti
Edward Edwards
as Colonel Lamb
Zina Zaflow
as Melinda Kale
Mark Sheppard
as Ivan Erwich
Karen Kim
as Flight Attendant
Ivar Brogger
as Frank Ames
Randy Thompson
as Roger Sommers
David Newsom
as Scott Borman
Amy Benedict
as Laurie Hansen
Alex Skuby
as Sheriff McGrath
Evan Handler
as David Weiss
Michael Bofshever
as Dr. Mark Kaylis
Karim Price
as Med Tech
Jackie Debatin
as Jessica Abrams
Steven Arthur
as Military Officer
Miguel Pérez
as Mike Kramer
James McCauley
as Bill Dotson
Tracy E. Wilson
as Cofell's Assistant
Darin Cooper
as Landlord
JD Cullum
as Margolis
Deena Dill
as Rita Cullens
Linda Klein
as Surgical Nurse
Alicia Coppola
as Azara Nassir
Desmond Bull
as First Kid
Christopher Murray
as FBI Agent Dockerty
Shontina Vernon
as Agent Liz Zoltan
Tim Griffin
as Agent Baron
Lew Dauber
as Jorgensen
Alexander Zale
as Ambassador Shareef
James Liao
as Devon Rosenthal
Scott Klace
as Irate Man
David Gianopoulos
as Sergrant Amis
Ariel Felix
as Anesthesiologist
Billy Mayo
as Agent Rosser
Carlos Sanz
as Simon Cullens
Jennifer Carta
as Presidential Aide
Scott Lawrence
as Dr. Ben Landry
Jaime Gómez
as Agent Torres
Ty Upshaw
as Jeff Benson
Tim Kelleher
as Greg Merfield
Ron Rogge
as Jared
Shiloh Strong
as Frank Lennox
Dean Cudworth
as Agent Hart
C. Thomas Howell
as Barry Landes
John Cothran Jr.
as Sgt. Kiley
Jesse Corti
as McLemore
Mariah Pasos
as Sam's Partner
Gwen Stewart
as Female Officer
Michael James Reed
as Lumber Mill Foreman
Paul Vincent O'Connor
as Chief of Police
Leonard Roberts
as Buchanan, Guard Buchanan
Shaun Majumder
as Hasan Numair
as Jason Park
Chris McGarry
as Frank Haynam
James Healy Jr.
as Dr. Kinnard
Jon Gries
as Joe Wald
Vito D'Ambrosio
as Barry Silver
Pamela Stollings
as Reporter No. 2
Butch Klein
as Richards
Bill Kalmenson
as Red Shirt
Sammy Sheik
as Masheer
Kim Murphy
as Bridgit
Andre Canty
as Henry Martin
Steve Filice
as Agent Rahim
Tery Bozeman
as Richard Armus
Steve Rankin
as Major John Blanchard
Ray Hale
as Intern
Martin Morales
as Attendant
Maurice G. Smith
as CTU Security Guard
Burke Stuart
as Chauffeur
John Tague
as First Waiter
Demitri Fields
as Officer Ken
R.A. Buck
as Colonel Ted Graham
Jon Curry
as Young Father
John Sterling Carter
as Field Reporter
Shaun Duke
as Mr. Naiyeer
Carl Ciarfalio
as Marshall Goren
Nynno Ahli
as Abbott
Manny Perry
as Cop No. 1
Mike Sabatino
as Redneck Driver
Shirin Sharif
as Female Worker
David Barrera
as Officer Phillips
Yareli Arizmendi
as Mrs. Naiyeer
Maurice Dunster
as Bldg. Security
Jacque Parson
as Female CTU Worker
Marty Ryan
as Security Guard
Michael Nagy
as Secret Service Agent
Manu Interaymi
as Street Kid
Richard Gross
as Fire Marshall
Max Delgado
as Hazmat Paramedic
Bryan Rasmussen
as Agent Miller
Leland Orser
as Martin Collier
Merle Dandridge
as Kristen Smith
Ravi Kapoor
as Muhtadi Gohar
D.C. Douglas
as Blake Simon
Rafi Gavron
as Hamid Al-Zarian
Michael Filipowich
as Nick Coughlin
Ruben Pla
as Yusuf Amar
James C. Victor
as Hal Turner
Kahlil Joseph
as Middle Eastern Man
Karim Prince
as Med Tech
Benito Paje
as Young East Asian man
Jim Klock
as Supervising National Guard
Alfred Woodley
as FBI Agent Nichols
Van Epperson
as Ticket Agent
Julie Quinn
as I.A.A. staffer
Herzl H. Tobey
as Middle Eastern man No. 2
Ludwig Manukian
as Henchman No. 2
Jolene Kim
as Melinda
Ryan Quintana
as Team Leader
Peter Macdissi
as Omar's Henchman
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TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Nov 6, 2001
Genre: Action & Adventure
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