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2 Broke Girls (2011 - 2017)

2 Broke Girls (2011 - 2017)





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Two struggling waitresses at a Brooklyn diner try to save money to open their own cupcake shop.

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2016, CBS, 22 episodes

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2015, CBS, 22 episodes

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2014, CBS, 22 episodes

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2013, CBS, 24 episodes

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2012, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have undeniable chemistry, and although 2 Broke Girls is at times is bogged down by predictable jokes, this old-fashioned odd couple sitcom is rich with laughs.

2011, CBS, 24 episodes


Kat Dennings
as Max Black
Beth Behrs
as Caroline Channing
Matthew Moy
as Han Lee
Nick Zano
as Johnny
Steven Weber
as Martin Channing
Noah Mills
as Robbie
Gary Kraus
as Husband
Andy Dick
as J. Petto
Barret Swatek
as Chick Lady
Pat Finn
as Professor Reynolds
Kelly Beckett
as Cashandra
Lou DiMaggio
as Det. James
Kym Whitley
as Shirley
Michael Earl Reid
as Homeless Guy
2 Chainz
as Himself
Joel Swetow
as Father Kozac
Miki Ann Maddox
as Hipster Girl
Nora Dunn
as Teresa
Dawn Drake
as Schöne Frau
Brooke Dillman
as Manicurist
Roe Ellisor
as Male Customer
Cody Murray
as Conductor
Bruno Amato
as Officer Gonsalez
James Grabowski
as Movie Man
Matt Cook
as Brody
Ronak Gandhi
as Guy in Class
Alex Berg
as Wine Guy
Greg Worswick
as Michael #1
Amy Tolksy
as Staples Lady
Amy Tolsky
as Staples Lady
Craig Ramsay
as Grinder Guy
D.J. Pierce
as Hallelujah
Mindy Sterling
as Mrs. Stein
Mario Diaz
as Steam Punk Guy
Donnell Turner
as Officer James
Brian Palermo
as Pilot Bill
Mary Testa
as Esther Rachael
Mitch Silpa
as Jeffrey
Debra Wilson
as Delores
Eric Tiede
as Roland
Caitlin Kimball
as Guinevere
Sonya Eddie
as Freddie
Tim Bagley
as Dennis Endicott III
Judy Gold
as Jerri
Misty Monroe
as Chiandra
Diane Delano
as Officer Stanley
Jesse Metcalfe
as Sebastian
French Stewart
as Mr. Bronski
Missi Pyle
as Charity
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Blarney Bill
JJ Totah
as Elliott
Carlos Jacott
as Mr. Huck
Crista Flanagan
as Catherine
Hal Linden
as Lester
Lindsay Lohan
as Claire, Claire Guinness
J.J. Totah
as Elliott
Mo Gaffney
as Elaine
Brandon Bell
as Officer Mars
Kevin D'Arcy
as Security Guard
Amaris Dupree
as Puerto Rican Girl
Brandon Jones
as Jebediah
Jeff Garlin
as Deke's Dad
Jean Grae
as Tanaya
Alec Mapa
as Lawrence
D.C. Douglas
as Conrad Dean
Derek Krantz
as Cute Guy
as Himself
Alice Lee
as Ashleigh
Ayda Field
as Constance
Robert Michael Morris
as Hamish McDonough
Lara Everly
as Hipster #1
Piers Morgan
as Himself
Julia Cho
as Kickstarter Girl #1
Darren Darnborough
as Roland's Buddy
Jonathan Schmock
as Real Estate Developer
Allan Havey
as Bill the Dealer
Ari Zagaris
as Couple Man
Tim Chiou
as Edwin
Carla Gallo
as Stephanie
Kevin Christy
as Phil Chillin
Chase Winton
as Ms. Shayne
John Brotherton
as Agent Drake
Martha Hunt
as Herself
Dink O'Neal
as Dr. Serden
Damon Stone
as Geek #1
Jessica Chaffin
as Druggie Girl
Irene Choi
as Kickstarter Girl #2
Wes McGee
as Massage Therapist
Andrew Carter
as Customer #1
Sarah Buehler
as Tough White Girl
Vanessa Martinez
as Sister Maria
Ajay Mehta
as Auctioneer
Alex Staggs
as Brian-Brian
Jake Bennett
as Richard
Jimmy Fowlie
as Maurizio
Ben Stillwell
as Preppy Teen
Gail Borges
as Commissioner
Gill Gayle
as Sloppy Joe
Kate Frisbee
as Kay Jean
Janelle Giumarra
as Couple Woman
Tony Cavalero
as Cronut Craig
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Deke's Mom
Daija Owens
as Scarlett
Morgan Krantz
as Raggedy Hipster
Kevin Meaney
as Brother Dan
Earl T. Kim
as Singing Inmate #1
Joey Baker
as Hot Body
Morgan Murphy
as Sedate Girl
Mike Moh
as Korean Hipster
Beth Lacke
as Sandra
Brian Lee Franklin
as NY Rocker Mourner
Noreen Reardon
as Elderly Russian Woman
Michael Cornacchia
as Straight Jim
James Giordano
as Delivery Guy
Stephanie Allynne
as Fun Girl #2
Shelby Rabara
as Girlfriend
Drew Fonteiro
as Customer #2
Elizabeth Chambers
as Vanessa Nibotita
Jeremy Rowley
as Jefferson
Ian Wolterstorff
as Cheese Guy
Sharon Sachs
as Choking Woman
Mike Ivy
as Reginald
Travis Johns
as Tough Guy
Liz Carey
as Hippe Hat Girl, Hippie Hat Girl
Drew Droege
as Gay Jim
Charan Prabhakar
as Delivery Guy
Bobby Reed
as Walter Gary Vance
Cesar Cipriano
as Chef Helper
Dawn Joyal
as Janice
A.J. Rivera
as Odd Guy
Nancy Young
as Ginger Mom
Fortune Feimster
as Sherlock Mary
Josh Sharp
as Glasses Nerd
Daniel Lujan
as Singing Inmate #2
Calpernia Addams
as Conservative Lady
Mo Mandel
as Brock
Renée Taylor
as Hinda Fagel
Rick Shapiro
as Guy Behind the Glass
Cale Hartmann
as Hipster #1
Angela de Silva
as Hipster #3
Elizabeth Ho
as Mrs. Yi
James Pumphrey
as Beer Hipster
Mike Grief
as Bouncer
Matt Lasky
as Gortak
Brad Goreski
as Himself
Nik Tyler
as Drunk Hipster
Howard Seth Cohen
as Geek Captain
Nika Williams
as Veronica
Deborah Levin
as Customer
Lorey Hayes
as Cynthia
B.J. Clinkscales
as Guy Customer
Hash Patel
as Customer
Chad Michaels
as Cher Impersonator
Ego Nwodim
as Jillian
Cheryl Francis
as City Employee
Thomas Fowler
as Customer
Anthony Cutolo
as Delivery Guy
Jim Hoffmaster
as Loner Guy
Mae Aswell
as Svetlana
Petey J. Gibson
as Androgynous Person
Efrain Gomez
as Customer
Corey Podell
as Dog Lady
Nick Josephs
as Hipster #1
Fawn Irish
as Woman #1
Marisa Guterman
as Ramona Lisa
Marlena Poles
as Old Lady
Kaliko Kauahi
as Booth Woman
Lawrence Kao
as Hipster
Rich Grosso
as Dead Guy
Ruman Kazi
as Customer #3
Daniel Edward Mora
as Working Class Guy
Dan Warner
as Guard #1
Laura C. Spencer
as Jewelry Counter Girl
Christel Khalil
as Flirty Girl
Michaël Cohen
as Ticket Taker
Lisa Schurga
as Sherlock Jenny
Brett Maline
as Short Thin Nerd
Jimmy Wachter
as Barbra Impersonator
Aaron Braxton
as Singing Inmate #3
Blair Beeken
as Ticket Woman
Melanie Moseley
as Gang Girl #1
Oliver Muirhead
as Dr. Gomulka
Matt Winston
as Sergiusz
Jimmy O. Yang
as Person in Line
Jayson Blair
as Brendon
Adam Korson
as Hipster #2
Jona Xiao
as Hipster #4
Cody Chappel
as Stoned Mourner
Ellie Reed
as Claire
Jerry Ying
as Customer
Ari Herstand
as Hipster #2
Karen Rizzo
as Woman #2
Patrick O'Neil
as Red-Headed Male Customer
Betty A. Bridges
as Elderly Woman
Jackie Benoit
as Elderly Woman
Melissa Christine
as Smoothie Girl
Herschel Sparber
as Singing Inmate #4
Brian Jimenez
as Coordinator
Ryan Gaul
as Jeremy
Hal Devi
as Guard #2
Lauren Burns
as Other Applicant
Leana Chavez
as Rocker Girl
Emily Churchill
as Contestant Picker
Mayte Garcia
as Dr. Nancy Gonzales
Chuti Tiu
as Customer
Jay Willick
as Dr. Anshell
Alex Enriquez
as Hipster #3
Karen Huie
as Customer
Roxy Wood
as Janelle
Chris Dotson
as Sci-Fi Guy
Marisa Chen Moller
as Professional Woman
Dean Sharpe
as Player 2
Craig Ricci Shaynak
as Singing Inmate #5
Bill Parks
as Band Member
Tye Edwards
as Cute Sad Guy
Brian Zarin
as Hipster Man
Grace Kaufman
as Young Max
Victoria Park
as PR Assistant
Alison White
as Blogger
Josh Latzer
as Security Guard
Donna Pieroni
as Crying Woman
Riley Go
as Michelle
Brian Thompson
as Body Mod Guy
Patrick Daniel
as Beard Man #1
Courtenay Taylor
as Death Bitch
Phong Lee
as Bro #1
Jason McNichols
as Writer Guy
Joe Lorenzo
as Worker #1
Marsha Thomason
as Cashandra
Brandon P Bell
as Officer Mars
Eugene Shaw
as Band Member
Olivia Alaina May
as Fun Girl #1
Eddie Alfano
as Worker #2
Patrick Robert Smith
as Police Officer
David Angelo
as Cool Guy
Amir Levi
as Show Tune Guy
Megan Heyn
as Semhar
Nathan Clark
as Male Desk Clerk
Gilli Messer
as Pregnant Girl
David Kaye
as Narrator
Carin Chea
as Woman Story Teller
Lila Lucchetti
as Trendy Girl
Joshua M. Bott
as Beard Man #2
Robb Skyler
as Mr. Wolf
Jennie Pierson
as Nerdy Girl
Steve Moriarty
as Diner Cook
Avery Austin
as Vanessa
Jeannie Elias
as Female Announcer
Greg Lewis
as Customer
Feraz Ozel
as Game Con Guy
Ardeshir Radpour
as NYPD Mounted Police
Mike Peebler
as Reporter
Nick Jameson
as MTA Announcer
Jae Jung
as Woman
Marcus Choi
as Michael #2
Dan Wells
as Michael #3
Lonny Price
as Director
Blake Hood
as Dr. Shecter
Beth Crosby
as Woman Executive #1
Janelle Marra
as Couple Woman
Katie Molinaro
as College Intern
Chase Austin
as Teen Boy
Jennifer Jean Snyder
as Woman Executive #2
Stephanie Ray
as Dottie's Friend
Katy Bodenhamer
as Pharmacist
Malcolm Devine
as Bus Driver
Nick Phillips
as Angry Diner Patron
Chelsea O'Toole
as College Intern
Chelsea O'Toole
as College Intern
Jake Madden
as Hipster #2
Will Deutsch
as Drunk Hipster Cow
Sean Delon
as Doctor
Eidan Hanzei
as Chef #3
Will Barker
as Cool Hot Guy
Kerby Joe Grubb
as Jake the Massage Guy
Mike Jerome Putnam
as Martin Channing
Robert McAtee
as Musician #1
Chris Sean Reid
as Groomsman
Reece Rios
as Male Server
Joshua Leary
as Hipster #3
Matt Harding
as Burly Prisoner
John Ruby
as Biker
Zoe Sharpe
as Loan Agent
Monda Scott
as Jennifer
Michael D. Cohen
as Ticket taker
Nick Baga
as Hipster
William Schallert
as Elevator Operator
Patrick Weil
as Diner Patron
Tara Erickson
as Kat's Classmate
Louis Fasanaro
as Diner Patron
Myra McWethy
as Messie-Mutter
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 19, 2011
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Michael Patrick King, Whitney Cummings, Lindsay Michelle Nader
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