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Alice (1976 - 1985)

Alice (1976 - 1985)





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The durable sitcom about a single mom who slings hash at Mel's Diner is based on the 1974 movie `Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' and ran for nine seasons. The spinoff series `Flo,' with Polly Holliday, ran from 1980-81.

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1984, CBS, 16 episodes

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1983, CBS, 23 episodes

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1982, CBS, 23 episodes

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1981, CBS, 24 episodes

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1980, CBS, 20 episodes

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1979, CBS, 24 episodes

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1978, CBS, 24 episodes

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1977, CBS, 24 episodes


Linda Lavin
as Alice Hyatt
Vic Tayback
as Mel Sharples
Beth Howland
as Vera Louise Gorman
Philip McKeon
as Tommy Hyatt
Polly Holliday
as Florence Jean `Flo' Castleberry
Diane Ladd
as Belle Dupree
Celia Weston
as Jolene Hunnicutt
Dave Madden
as Earl Hicks
Martha Raye
as Carrie Sharples
Ted Gehring
as Charlie
Kip Niven
as Steve Marsh
Tom Williams
as Stranger
Bob McClurg
as Customer #1
David Rounds
as Wendell
Doris Roberts
as Mona Spivak
Pamela Myers
as Customer
Ed Kenney
as Police Officer #2
Susan Tolsky
as Miss Gafny
Tom Kindle
as Police Officer
Joel Grey
as Himself
Jerry Reed
as Singer
Hans Conried
as Martinet
Eileen Heckart
as Mother-in-law
Guich Koock
as Lonesome Larry
Lou Criscuolo
as Joe Capri
Bob Dishy
as Pharmacist
Forrest Tucker
as Edsel Jarvis Castleberry
James Coco
as Dr. Harvey Gordon
Arthur Space
as Stuff Johnson
Mildred Natwick
as Aunt Agatha
David Bond
as Rev. Bragg
John Hawker
as Trucker #1
Howard Morton
as McConnell
Nancy McKeon
as Girl Orphan
Lou Frizzell
as Bubba Norris
Allan Rich
as Mr. Adler
Howard Mann
as Customer
Jane Dulo
as Woman Customer
Terry Wills
as Instructor
Arlene Golonka
as Shirley Bartlett
Macintyre Dixon
as The Suspect
Edie McClurg
as Imogene
Justin Lord
as Produce Man
Ian Fried
as Bobby
Dennis Dugan
as Joel Snedeger
Peter Zapp
as Deliveryman
Merie Earle
as Grandma Sharples
Isabel West
as Waitress
Brad Gorman
as Stretch Parker
Jay Leno
as Bones
Joel Brooks
as Vinnie Jr.
Vernon Weddle
as Minister
Bob Gunter
as Customer
Zale Kessler
as Customer
Elvia Allman
as Lillian
Nedra Volz
as Esther
Randy Doney
as Police Officer #1
Clifford A. Pellow
as Whizzer Wallace
Norman Alden
as Big Daddy
Kenneth Mars
as Billy Joe
John Myhers
as Frank Chasen
Warren Berlinger
as Marion Bartlett
J.S. Young
as Young Customer
Joe Silver
as Mr.Parker
Rod Colbin
as Edgar Patton
Susan Davis
as Frances Feiser
Carol DeLuise
as Bag Lady
Kim Hamilton
as Mrs. Reynolds
John Lawlor
as Henderson
Reb Brown
as Willy
Wayne Storm
as Fireman
Byron Webster
as Mr. Swift
Dan Gilvezan
as Robin Hood
Jack Kruschen
as Electrician
Richard Jamison
as Truck Driver
Jeffrey Lippa
as Customer #1
Bobby Ramsen
as Guttman
Will Hunt
as First Santa
Beatrice Colen
as Wendy Harris
Pat Cronin
as Customer
John Fiedler
as Customer
Lupe Ontiveros
as Mrs. Rivera
Cliff Norton
as Judge Conover
Paul Mantee
as Thug #2
Lew Gallo
as Customer
Joe Barrett
as Customer
Daniel Greene
as Aardvark
Reid Cruickshanks
as Desk Sergeant
Jean Kasem
as Babette
Jeffrey Lambert
as Mr. Decker
Jennifer Billingsley
as Gertrude Turner
Stack Pierce
as Off. Rice
Frances Day
as Granny Annie
William Sherwood
as Off. Adams
Lee Kessler
as Ellen Pringle
Steve Nevil
as Delivery Boy
Gary Collins
as Principal
Alice Cadogan
as Candy Striper
Jack Gilford
as Former Partner
Mike Muscat
as Bartender
Lurene Tuttle
as Mrs. Turner
Paul Sand
as Alan Bloom
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Caveman Carl
Geoffrey Lewis
as Deputy Barnes
Adam West
as Turner
George Burns
as Himself
Avery Schreiber
as Dr. Turner
James Lashly
as Henry Blaine
Corey Feldman
as Boy Orphan #2
Conrad Dunn
as Customer #3
Lew Horn
as Assistant
Patrick Campbell
as Customer #1
Danny Ponce
as Child #1
Frances Bey
as Granny Annie
Gregg Berger
as Policeman #2
Bernie Kuby
as Customer #2
Desi Arnaz
as Photographer
Joyce Bulifant
as Connie Raymond
Dawson Mays
as Willie Randolph
Damu King
as Police Officer
Richard Deacon
as R.J. Meyerson
Ian Wolfe
as Webster
Dick Sargent
as Dr. Crystal
Kenneth Lloyd
as Phil Martin
Rue McClanahan
as Mother Goose
Bill Maher
as Conroy
Paul Picerni
as Vinny Randazzo
Rod McCary
as Ex-husband
Carmine Caridi
as Mel's Brother
Fred McCarren
as Director
Dinah Shore
as Herself
Art Carney
as Himself
William Bogert
as Langston Birch
Aaron Fletcher
as Customer in Bar
Edward Binns
as Driscoll
Claude Stroud
as Schuster
Phil Leeds
as Cabbie
Doris Hess
as Tourist
Armin Shimerman
as Man at Auction
Otis Young
as Walker
Lara Parker
as Mrs. Randolph
Gloria Le Roy
as Bar Waitress
Terry Wells
as Instructor
Reva Rose
as Mildred
Bob Ari
as Larry
Bobbi Frank
as Customer #4
Natalie Masters
as Granny Gums
Janet Carroll
as Dr. Rose Goodwin
Caren Kaye
as Debbie
Yvonne Wilder
as Shirley Bartlett
Walter Mathews
as Dispatcher
Eve Arden
as Martha McIntyre
James Murtaugh
as Man at Adoption Agency
Shane McCabe
as Customer
Rick Cox
as Bum #1
Jack Riley
as Richard Atkins
Clyde Kusatsu
as Tanaguchi
Janis Paige
as Photographer's Wife
James Cromwell
as Detective Hilton
Bruce Kirby
as Charlie
Bunny Summers
as Customer #2
Joe Unger
as Manny
Joe S. Young
as Customer
Lou Tiano
as Marty
Jim Varney
as Milo Skinner
Ed Carroll
as Herman
Gordon Jump
as Sheriff
Walt Robles
as Customer
Tom Taylor
as Policeman
Ken Kimmins
as Councilman Barnett
John H. Lawlor
as Henderson
Roger Bowen
as Reverend
Billy Vera
as Cop #3
Ted Lehmann
as Rambling Roy McCoy
Paul Keith
as Second Santa
Gay Rowan
as Tiffany
Andy Levine
as Customer
Lila Teigh
as Mrs. Adler
Pat Van Patten
as Joan Pringle
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Aug 31, 1976
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Bob Carroll, Jr.
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