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Alien Nation (1989 - 1990)

Alien Nation (1989 - 1990)





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A sci-fi cop series about an alien detective and his family trying to adapt to life in L.A. following the crash of their spaceship in the Mojave Desert. The Franciscos are among 250,000 stranded Newcomers from the planet Tencton, and the series explores racial themes as it charts their assimilation.

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1989, FOX, 23 episodes


Eric Pierpoint
as George Francisco
Gary Graham
as Matthew Sikes
Michele Scarabelli
as Susan Francisco
Lauren Woodland
as Emily Francisco
Sean Six
as Buck Francisco
Terri Treas
as Cathy Frankel
Jeff Marcus
as Albert Einstein
Terri Traes
as Cathy Frankel
James Greene
as Uncle Moodri
Joel Polis
as Carl Peterson
Brian Thompson
as Peter Rabbit
Sam Anderson
as Tom Edison
Teddy Wilson
as Dr. Brennan
Jenny Gago
as Det. Zepeda
Angela Bassett
as Renee Longstreet
Jason Beghe
as Trenner
Gilbert Lewis
as Theo Miles
William Frankfather
as Purist Leader
A.D. Muyich
as Viktor Wendkos
William Shockley
as Nick Coletta
Tobin Bell
as Doctor of Death
David Bowe
as Buster Keaton
John Calvin
as Rick Parris
Henry Brown
as Jesse Parker
Deborah Goodrich
as Virginia Hamm
Ryan Cash
as Little Sikes
David Opatoshu
as Paul Revere
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Marissa Meyers
Tim Scott
as Bratigan
Tom Byrd
as Bud Anderson
Steve Rankin
as Henry James
Will Bledsoe
as Dorian Grey
Mark Joy
as Max Klay
Terry Beaver
as Sgt. Baxley
Mitch Pileggi
as Jean Paul Sartre
Patrick Johnston
as Isaac Newton
Kim Braden
as Marilyn Houston
S.A. Griffin
as Marvin Gardens
Ray Reinhardt
as Dr. Chris Pettit
Beverly Leech
as Rita Allen-Poe
Joan McMurtrey
as Victoria Fletcher
Bill Kalmenson
as Ken Jester
Charley Lang
as Kenny Dunstan
Katherine Justice
as Dr. Marcie Wright
Shannon Wilcox
as Charlotte Bronte
Cheryl Pollak
as Kirby Sikes
Armin Shimerman
as Cyril Roman
Susan Gibney
as Harriet Beecher
Lamar Richards
as Dr. Lois Allen-Michele
Tom Dugan
as Silas Marner
Chuck Bennett
as Marcus Byer
Patricia Heaton
as Amanda Russle
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TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Sep 18, 1989
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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