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All My Children (1970 - 2013)

All My Children (1970 - 2013)






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The soap that introduced Erica Kane and her many husbands to the masses launched on Jan. 5, 1970, and won a number of Best Drama Emmys along the way. Set in Pine Valley, a fictional East Coast burb, `AMC' was created by the prolific Agnes Nixon and has been a soap with a social conscience, tackling issues like addiction, abortion and homosexuality. In fact, it featured daytime's first lesbian kiss, between Erica's daughter Bianca and con woman Lena Kundera, who later stole her heart.

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2013, ABC, 42 episodes

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Susan Lucci
as Erica Kane
Paige Rowland
as Christine 'Kit' Montgomery Fisher (1998-1999)
Andrew Jackson
as Dr. Stephen Hamill (1991-1993)
Mary Fickett
as Ruth Parker
Ray MacDonnell
as Dr. Joseph `Joe' Martin Sr.
Ruth Warrick
as Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford
Julia Barr
as Brooke English
Peter Bergman
as Dr. Cliff Warner (1979-1989)
Kathy Bates
as Belle Bodelle
Amanda Seyfried
as Joni Stafford (2002-2003)
Carol Burnett
as Verla Grubbs
Alicia Minshew
as Kendall Hart
Lacey Chabert
as Bianca Montgomery
Eden Riegel
as Bianca Montgomery
Walt Willey
as Jackson Montgomery
Kim Delaney
as Jenny Gardner
Lauren Holly
as Julie Rand
Sylvia Miles
as Jackie Diamond
Larry Keith
as Nick Davis (1970-78)
Larry Keith
as Nick Davis (1970-78)
Kelly Ripa
as Hayley Vaughn
Mathew St. Patrick
as Adrian Sword
Holland Taylor
as Jill Ollinger
Leslie Uggams
as Rose Keefer
Jennifer Bassey
as Marian Colby
Marcy Walker
as Liza Colby
David Canary
as Adam/Stuart Chandler
Alexa Havins
as Babe Chandler
Jacob Young
as JR Chandler
John Callahan
as Edmund Grey
Eva La Rue
as Maria Santos
Rebecca Budig
as Greenlee Lavery
Bobbie Eakes
as Krystal Carey Chandler
Vincent Irizarry
as David Hayward
Jill Larson
as Opal Cortlandt
Cameron Mathison
as Ryan Lavery
Aiden Turner
as Aidan Devane
Olga Sosnovska
as Lena Kundera
Ambyr Childers
as Colby Chandler
Melissa Claire Egan
as Annie McDermott
Colin Egglesfield
as Joshua Madden
Connie Fletcher
as Erin Lavery
Justin Bruening
as Jamie Martin
Kelli Giddish
as Di Henry
Taylor Gildersleeve
as Sydney Harris
Eileen Herlie
as Myrtle Fargate
Terri Ivens
as Simone Torres
John James
as Jeff Martin
Michael B. Jordan
as Reggie Montgomery
Thorsten Kaye
as Zach Slater
Tanisha Lynn
as Danielle Frye
Cady McClain
as Dixie Cooney
James Mitchell
as Palmer Cortlandt
Alec Musser
as Del Henry
Charles Parnell
as Derek Frye
Marcus Patrick
as Jamal Cudahy
Sydney Penny
as Julia Santos Keefer
Tonya Pinkins
as Livia Frye
Leven Rambin
as Lily Montgomery/Ava Benton
Chrishell Stause
as Amanda Dillon
Brent Weber
as Sean Montgomery
Jeff Branson
as Jonathan Lavery
Sabine Singh
as Greenlee Lavery
Debbi Morgan
as Angie Baxter Hubbard
Darnell Williams
as Jesse Hubbard
Billy Miller
as Richie Novak
Mario Van Peebles
as Samuel Woods
Amanda Baker
as Babe Carey
David Rasche
as Rob Gardner
Cornelius Smith Jr.
as Frankie Hubbard
Michael Scaleri
as Dr. Joseph 'Jake' Martin Jr.
Michael Brainard
as Dr. Joseph 'Jake' Martin Jr.
Michael Lowry
as Dr. Joseph 'Jake' Martin Jr.
J. Eddie Peck
as Dr. Joseph 'Jake' Martin Jr.
Ricky Paull Goldin
as Dr. Joseph 'Jake' Martin Jr.
Brianne Moncrief
as Colby Chandler
Yaya DaCosta
as Cassandra Foster
Daniel Kennedy
as Peter Cortlandt
Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Carmen 'Sugar' Morales
Beth Ehlers
as Taylor Thompson
Denise Vasi
as Randi Morgan
Jamie Luner
as Liza Colby
JR Martinez
as Brot Monroe
Brittany Allen
as Marissa Tasker
Adam Mayfield
as Scott Chandler
Shannon Kane
as Natalia Fowler
Finn Wittrock
as Damon Miller
Stephanie Gatschet
as Madison North
Lucy Merriam
as Emma Lavery
Natalie Hall
as Colby Chandler
Christina Bennett Lind
as Bianca Montgomery
Trent Garrett
as Asher Pike
Haley Evans
as Miranda Montgomery
Lindsay Hartley
as Cara Martin
Jordi Vilasuso
as Griffin Castillo
Daniel Cosgrove
as Scott Chandler
Josh Duhamel
as Leo du Pres
Ryan Bittle
as J.R. Chandler
Francesca James
as Evelyn Johnson
Jordan Lane Price
as Celia Fitzgerald
Eric Nelson
as A.J. Chandler
Heather Roop
as Jane McIntyre
Saleisha Stowers
as Cassandra Foster
Denyse Tontz
as Miranda Montgomery
Robert Scott Wilson
as Pete Cortlandt
Brooke Newton
as Colby Chandler
Matthew Cowles
as Billy Clyde Tuggle
Paula Garcés
as Lea Marquez
Martin Harvey
as Uri Koslov
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Apr 29, 2013
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