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American Crime (2015 - 2017)

American Crime (2015 - 2017)





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An anthology drama focusing on all aspects of the U.S. criminal justice system deals with a home invasion in California in Season 1 that leaves a war veteran dead and his wife seriously injured. Season 2 takes place in Indianapolis and explores accusations of sexual assault involving teens at two different high schools, one public and one private. In Season 3, North Carolina farmland is the setting for an exploration of forced labor, sex trafficking and drug abuse.
Creator: John Ridley

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Critics Consensus: American Crime offers a unique anthology series filled with surprising revelations and compelling inter-connected narratives that opt for original, emotional human commentary instead of tired arguments over current events.

2017, ABC, 7 episodes

Critics Consensus: American Crime's intense second season infuses a complicated, topical story with genuine emotion, and patiently allows its narrative arc to develop without sacrificing momentum.

2016, ABC, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Raw, emotional portrayals of diverse characters in dire pain, mashed up with chilling narratives and a gutsy attitude make American Crime a must-see.

2015, ABC, 11 episodes


Felicity Huffman
as Barb Skokie
Timothy Hutton
as Chuck Skokie
Lili Taylor
as Anne Blaine
W. Earl Brown
as Tom Harmon
Richard Cabral
as Hector Tontz
Johnny Ortiz
as Tony Gutierrez
Trevor Jackson
as Kevin LaCroix
Benito Martinez
as Alonzo Gutierrez
Connor Jessup
as Taylor Blaine
Joey Pollari
as Eric Tanner
Caitlin Gerard
as Aubry Taylor
Angelique Rivera
as Evy Dominguez
Elvis Nolasco
as Carter Nix
Regina King
as Terri LaCroix
Ana Mulvoy Ten
as Shae Reese
Sky Van Vliet
as Becca Sullivan
Dallas Roberts
as Carson Hesby
André Benjamin
as Michael LaCroix
Gleendilys Inoa
as Jenny Gutiérrez
Sandra Oh
as Abby Tanaka
Tim DeKay
as JD Hesby
Mickaelle Bizet
as Gabrielle Durand
Hope Davis
as Steph Sullivan
Faran Tahir
as Rhys Bashir
Emily Bergl
as Lilah Tanner
Cherry Jones
as Laurie Ann Hesby
Ty Doran
as Peter Tanner
Kurt Krause
as Dustin Eagers
Fernandez Osvaldo
as Javier Dominguez
Bob Hess
as Michael Taylor
Bryan Pitts
as Det. Ken Williams
Cedric Duplechain
as Timothy Little
Joe Nemmers
as Rick Soderbergh
Constance Jones
as Dr. Lewis
Ashley Wood
as Det. Fred Krasno
Zylan Brooks
as Amanda McKay
Jennifer Savidge
as Ruth Taylor
Sean Blakemore
as Reggie Pollard
Shelton Jolivette
as Minister Yousef
Marlyne Barrett
as Chris Thompson
Kattia Ortiz
as Sibila Nuñez
Ricky Catter
as Sanchez
Stephanie Sigman
as Monica Salazar
Todd Terry
as Jackson
Chamblee Ferguson
as Rob Silverman
Lily Knight
as Colleen Sherrod
Keith Bogart
as Reporter
Chuck Huber
as Dean Hanson
Mone't Chandler
as Val Wright
Deneen Tyler
as Det. Rollins
Barbara Chisholm
as Judge Days
Michael Clossin
as Judge Wilson
Kira Pozehl
as Gwen Skokie
David DeLao
as George Fierro
Hugo Perez
as Robles
Garrett Graham
as Brian Taylor
Rima Rajan
as Nikki Bashir
Clayton Cardenas
as Diego Castillo
Lauren Bowles
as Helen Williams
Tom Dooly
as Nicholson
Pablo Bracho
as Raul Seravia
Josh Drennen
as Flemming
Mario Ramirez
as Alejandro
Damon Carney
as Don Wheeler
Kelli Bland
as Barista
Kedrick Brown
as Brad Joseph
Colby French
as Wilkens
Marshall R. Teague
as Ben Callahan
Luis Acevedo
as Officer Rodriguez
Kimi Nikaidoh
as Performance Dancer #3
Leticia Trejo
as Esperanza
Gene Bolton
as Troublemaker 2
Dave Buckman
as Richter
Constance Lewis
as Dr. Lewis
Matt Connelly
as Mr. Hall
Jon Michael Davis
as Detective Sanderson
Adriene Mishler
as Choreographer
Darryl Cox
as Evan Barry
Davíd Garza
as Video Judge
Patrick Gathron
as Belligerent Protestor
Christina Romero
as Marie Dominguez
Todd Upchurch
as Pastor James Bennett
Jesse DeLuna
as Officer Connors
Christian Gallegos
as Joaquin Montoya
Timothy Hoppock
as Officer Roberts
Byron Brown
as Sam Phelps
Lanell Pena
as Principal Hegera
Michael Gardner
as Officer Simmons
Ammie Leonards
as Officer Sanders
Dawn Erin
as Jensen
Chance Hartman
as 911 Operator
Kate Lacey
as Desk Sergeant
James Shuffield
as Eagles Coach
Linda Leonard
as Lorietta
Tom Dooley
as Nicholson
Michael Danburg
as Registration Officer
Jorge Ordonez
as Father Pena
Pablo Esparza
as Judge Perez
Sheryl Moore
as Interviewee #1
Jenny Phagan
as Abigail
Randy De Hoyos
as Mexican Bailiff
Sandy Avila
as Citizen #2
Amelia Jeffries
as Ms. Murray
Andrew Sherman
as Arresting Officer #1
Paula Reed
as Interviewee #2
Tony Sears
as Warren Copeland
Susan O'Rourke
as Sara Burnley
Evelyn Hurley
as Citizen #3
Grant Merritt
as Matt Skokie
Dan Silver
as Modesto Police Officer
Tony Sears
as Warren Copeland
Kiki Leyba
as Interviewee #3
Violet Huston
as Interviewee #4
Kevin Kantor
as Kevin K.
Robert McCollum
as Arresting Officer #2
Scott Takeda
as Mike Narasaki
Trenton Rostedt
as Enraged Driver
Raj Vats
as Davis
Kathy Rose Center
as Woman Customer
GiGi Erneta
as Shepherd
Miah Register
as Interviewee #5
Kathy Rose Center
as Woman Customer
Chad Cox
as Thomas
Justin Fischer
as Jake Marston
Grady McCardell
as CO in Hallway
Jenna Mitchell
as Performance Dancer #1
Albert Drake
as Performance Dancer #2
Marco Perella
as Sen. Robert Butler
Lawrence Varnado
as Judge Isaacs
Jeremy Julian Grandberry
as Performance Dancer #4
Eugene Lee
as Douglas
Stephen Gregory Fuller
as Officer Wycheck
Elena Valls
as Performance Dancer #5
Nelson Thomas
as Rec Center Player #1
Timothy Amirault
as Performance Dancer #6
Tristan Ann Ferguson
as Performance Dancer #7
Henry Smith
as Opposing Fan #1
Rachael Hutto
as Performance Dancer #8
Josh Cavazos
as Opposing Fan #2
Travis Cooper Prokop
as Performance Dancer #9
Peter Balmain
as Opposing Fan #3
Chris Zurcher
as Rec Center Player #2
Gage Self
as Performance Dancer #10
Andy Noble
as Choreographer
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