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Angel (1999 - 2004)

Angel (1999 - 2004)





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The enlightened vampire risks his soul to battle dark forces in the City of Angels in this noirish 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' spin-off. Formerly the Slayer's lover and ally, Angel relocated to L.A. seeking redemption for years of preying on innocents by combating demonic predators. It was a stylish addition to series creator Joss Whedon's 'Buffy' saga, anchored by David Boreanaz's tender-tough title hero.

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Critics Consensus: Angel's final season concludes the series with a creative resurgence that restores the show's signature blend of humor and horror, ending on a bittersweet high note that should satisfy fans while leaving them wishing there could have been more.

2003, TWB, 22 episodes

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2002, TWB, 22 episodes

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2001, TWB, 22 episodes

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2000, TWB, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Angel builds on the solid sex appeal of its lead, forging an unexpectedly worthy spinoff that draws viewers in with character depth, clever humor, and a suitably dark and brooding backdrop.

1999, TWB, 22 episodes


Alexis Denisof
as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
J. August Richards
as Charles Gunn
Amy Acker
as Winifred `Fred' Burkle/Illyria
Christian Kane
as Wolfram & Hart Lawyer (Lindsey McDonald)
Keith Szarabajka
as Daniel Holtz
Daniel Dae Kim
as Gavin Park
Sam Anderson
as Holland Manners
Mark Lutz
as Groosalugg
Juliet Landau
as Drusilla
Camden Toy
as Vampire
Jack Conley
as Sahjhan
Matthew James
as Merl the Parasite Demon
Thomas Burr
as Lee Mercer
Adam Baldwin
as Hamilton
Jennifer Griffin
as Trish Burkle
Alyson Hannigan
as Willow Rosenberg
Alexa Davalos
as Gwen Raiden
John Mahon
as Trevor
Gerry Becker
as Nathan Reed
Anthony Cistaro
as Scourge Commander
Sean Gunn
as Lucas
Julian Lee
as Anne Steele
Justin Shilton
as Young Man
Vyto Ruginis
as Winters
Lee Arenberg
as Tiernan
Bai Ling
as Jhiera
Ken Marino
as Wilson
Tom McCleister
as Deathwok Clan Mother
T.J. Thyne
as Lawyer
Tom Lenk
as Andrew
Kevin West
as Marcus
Roger Yuan
as Wo-Pang
Gary Grubbs
as Roger Burkle
Marie Chambers
as Francine Sharp
Chris Durand
as Mohra Demon #2
Joel David Moore
as Vamp Henchman Karl
Paul Webster
as Uniform No. 1
Melissa Marsala
as Judy Kovacs
Brian Tahash
as Constable
Joshua Grenrock
as Demon at Bar
Carey Cannon
as Female Oracle
Jeff Ricketts
as Weatherby
Drew Wicks
as Uniform Officer
Mark Ginther
as Head Demon Guy
Obi Ndefo
as Bartender
Josh Randall
as Bartender
Doug Tompos
as Wasserman
Julie Araskog
as Over the Hill Whore
Billy Rieck
as Vamp Henchman Paco
Nick McCallum
as Skateboard Kid
Todd Susman
as Mr. Bryce
Lauri Johnson
as Aunt Martha
Tony Todd
as Vyasa
John Capodice
as Little Tony
Brett Wagner
as Nadrah Prince
Adoni Maropis
as Rebel Leader
Jim Abele
as Connor's Father
Jason Padgett
as Holden Raynes
Ryan Alvarez
as Demon Slave
Madison Gray
as Fury #3
Kevin Fry
as Skilosh Demon
William Newman
as Old Demon Man
David Wald
as Mohra Demon #1
Kimberleigh Aarn
as Precinct Clerk
J.P. Manoux
as Bellman
Roy Dotrice
as Roger Wyndam-Pryce
Rib Hillis
as Pierce
Robin Meyers
as Masseuse
Rance Howard
as Marcus Roscoe
Art LaFleur
as T'ish Magev
Rodney Peck
as Manager
Danny Mora
as Number Five
Joel Polis
as Capt. Franklin
Bronwen Bonner-Davies
as Caroline Holtz
Dawn Suggs
as Mind Reader #2
Anthony Head
as Rupert Giles (uncredited)
Kasha Kropinski
as Sarah Holtz
Derek Anthony
as Dying Black Man
John Kapelos
as Hotel Manager
Gareth Williams
as Bethany's Father
Wendy Davis
as Aubrey Jenkins
John Short
as Phillip Spivey
Chris Pauley
as Lawyer No. 1
Stacey Travis
as Sen. Brucker
Alex Skuby
as Harlan
Mikey Day
as O'Shea
Brent Sexton
as Beat Cop
Brad Blaisdell
as Uncle John
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Paul Lanier
Mushond Lee
as Jackson
Misty Louwagie
as Christina
Mark Harelik
as Count Kurskov
Sam Pancake
as Manager
Michael Beardsley
as Accident Onlooker
Tyler Christopher
as Wolfram & Hart Lawyer
Jack Plotnick
as Allan Finch(uncredited)
Bob Fimiani
as Grounds Keeper
Joe Basile
as Lenny Edwards
Ali Hillis
as Lauren
Belinda Waymouth
as Ms. Thorpe
Catalina Larranaga
as Vamp Waitress
Jason Winer
as Preston
Josh Holloway
as Good Looking Guy
James Henriksen
as Elder Lister Demon
Lee Reherman
as Captain
Max Baker
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Sunny Mabrey
as Allison
Clayton Rohner
as Lee DeMarco
Randy Oglesby
as Oliver Seidel
Kara Holden
as Young Woman
Mia Kelly
as Woman
Rod Rowland
as Corbin Fries
Peter Kanetis
as Lawyer No. 2
Ron Marasco
as Allen Lloyd
Frank Potter
as Uniformed Delivery
Tommy Hinkley
as Detective
Mike Hagerty
as Bartender
Larry McCormick
as News Anchor
David Figlioli
as Vamp Leader
Stacy Reed
as Charlotte
Corey Klemow
as Young Man
Marc Rose
as Mellish
Mark Metcalf
as The Master
Adam Weiner
as Caged Guy
Pete Gardner
as Joseph Kramer
Marc Brett
as Health Club Man
Jason Carter
as Repo Man
John Fremont
as Security Guy
Sean Smith
as Producer #2
Julie Quinn
as Pregnant Woman
Ashley Edner
as Stephanie Anderson
Anthony Guidera
as Ernie Nellims
Rebecca Avery
as Caged Girl
Darren Laverty
as Lackey Vampire No. 1
Robert Towers
as High Priest
Eliza Szonert
as Chamber Maid
Chris Flanders
as Matthew Winslow
Jennifer Martin
as Vanessa Brewer
Nicolas Surovy
as Hunt Acrey
Allison Barcott
as Armless Woman
Tracey Stone
as Pretty Girl
Michael Dempsey
as Irv Kraigle
Richard B. Livingston
as Congressman Nathan Blim
P.B. Hutton
as Monica Frzylcka
Andre Hotchko
as Man in Lobby
Paul Logan
as Woodrow "Woody" Raglin
Leland Crooke
as Sebassis
Kevin Quigley
as Dr. Rabinaw
Jimmy Shubert
as Johnny Red
David Bickford
as Cargo Inpsector
P.J. Marino
as Peter Wilkers
John David Conti
as Syd Frzylcka
David S. Lee
as Alfonso
Jerry Lambert
as Rick the Clerk
R. Emery Bright
as Detective Turlock
Mik Scriba
as Parole Officer
Koji Kataoka
as Pilgrim
Lauren Reina
as Escort #1
Bernard Addison
as Root Monster
Jeff Denton
as Lead Guitar
Steven J. Levy
as Middle-Aged Man
Miguel Marcott
as Jacob Crane
Kristen Lowman
as Mother Rachel
Christopher Comes
as Storm Trooper #2
Rainbow Borden
as Danny Marquez
Aimee Garcia
as Cynthia York
Matt Bushell
as Security Guard #3
Dana Lee
as Takeshi Morimoto
Elliot Gray
as Hanging Man
Lindsey Ginter
as Cmdr. Petrie
Evan Arnold
as Shempire
Susan Martino
as Mother #1
Alonzo Bodden
as Prison Guard
Sam Stefanski
as Lackey Vampire No. 2
Michael Harte
as Detective
Tom Kiesche
as Detective Broomfield
Alan Shaw
as Deevak
Zitto Kazann
as Gypsy Man
Eric Lange
as Lubber Demon #1
Tom Schmid
as Well-Dressed Man
Christopher Neiman
as Frotor Demon
Patricia Gillum
as Woman Patient
Ken Grantham
as Lieutenant
Iris Fields
as Acting Teacher
David Kagen
as Salesman
Michael Harte
as Detective
Bob Pescovitz
as News Producer
Irina Maleeva
as Old Demon Lady
Brett Gilbert
as Reptilian Demon
Stewart Skelton
as Harold Jenkins
Cheri Rae Russell
as Female Officer
José Yenque
as Vampire Cult Leader
Annie Talbot
as Mother #2
Willow Greer
as Glass Woman
Karen Tucker
as Female Shopper
Steven DeRelian
as Bradley Scott
Steve Tom
as Stephen Mills
Michael Otis
as Pillow Fight Man
Deborah Zoe
as Mistress Meerna
Gerry Katzman
as Technician
Nick Spano
as Spinelli
Henry Kingi
as Kungai Demon
Adam Vernier
as Det. Kendrick
Angel Parker
as Veronica
Madison Eginton
as Young Bethany Chaulk
Michael Yama
as Japanese Businessman #1
Gwen McGee
as Detective
Becka Linder
as Drugged Girl
Wendy Haines
as Overjeweled Woman
David Brouwer
as Stockboy
John Maynard
as Uniformed Worker
Jim Hanna
as Surveillance Cop #1
Geremy Dingle
as Student Clerk
Ken Takemoto
as Old Chinese Man
Aaron D. Spears
as Security Guard
Ciara Hughes
as Blue Fairy
Charles Constant
as Seecurity Center Guard
Keith Campbell
as Health Club Manager
Terrence Beasor
as Older Man
David Fury
as First Worshipper
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. Gregson
Sam Ayers
as Tough Demon Guy
Jim Ortlieb
as Vampire Hunter
Jeni Blong
as Young Woman
Ashley Taylor
as First Mate
Alison Simpson
as Demon Girl #1
Louise Claps
as Homeless Woman
Eiji Inoue
as Japanese Businessman #2
Alice Lo
as Old Chinese Woman
Don Tiffany
as Security Guard
Lynette Romero
as News Anchor
William Stanford Davis
as Security Guard
Lucas Dudley
as Security Guard
Tom Beyer
as Blacklisted Writer
Joel Stoffer
as Vampire #1
Jennifer Roa
as Serena Tate
Michael Faulkner
as Guy on Stage
Darin Cooper
as Officer Peter Harkes
Bob Rumnock
as Businessman
Chris Devlin
as Holtz's Gang Member
Steve Forbess
as Mexican Man
Bryce Mouer
as Tobias Dupree
Roy Werner
as Heinreich
Michael Philip
as Announcer
Katherine Ann McGregor
as Catherine Manners
Alan Henry Brown
as Lead Nahdrah
Chris Huse
as Drugged Vampire No. 2
Michael McElroy
as Young Boy
Jason Frasca
as White Guy
Anthony Diaz-Perez
as Hostage Father
Judson Pearce Morgan
as Bloody Lawyer
Glenda Morgan Brown
as Angel's Mother
Michael Rotondi
as Burly Guy
Danan Pere
as Rebel #1
Thom Scott II
as Holtz's Gang Member 2
Chane't Johnson
as Martha Jane
Olga Vilner
as Vinji Leader
Mike Hungerford
as Dock Worker
Andy Kreiss
as Liz the Lizard Demon
Sergio Premoli
as Monseigneur Rivalli
David Ramirez
as Pizza Chef
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Concierge
Eve Sigall
as Old Judy Kovacs
Christopher Babers
as Gunn's Acquaintance
Deborah Carson
as Liza Reynolds
Sam Littlefield
as Young Man Hostage
Rey Gallegos
as Officer Sanchez
Jennifer Slimko
as Romanian Woman
Brad Kalas
as Emergency Medical Technician
Norma Michaels
as Dotty Aunt Helen
Ian Anthony Dale
as Drugged Vampire No. 3
Chad Jamian
as Rock Dude
Kristin Richardson
as Female Reporter
Bart McCarthy
as Nostroyev
Andrew Ableson
as Italian Man
Jolene Hjerleid
as Singing Lawyer #1
as Deaf Woman
Camden Toy
as Prince of Lies
Jon Ecklund
as Uniform #2
Nick Jaine
as Sahrvin Leader
John Patrick Clerkin
as Black Robed Priest
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Manny the Pig
Tony Amendola
as Thesulac Demon
Bob Sattler
as Masked Man
Van Epperson
as Bus Driver
John Colella
as Croupier
Vikki Gurdas
as Bartendress
Thor Edgell
as Romanian Man
Janet Song
as Doctor Thomas
David Wolfson
as Bartender
Geoff Koch
as Street Cop
Joy Lang
as Amber
Phyllis Flax
as Very Old Woman
Wayne Mitchell
as Singing Lawyer #2
Kal Penn
as Young Man in Fez
Lyle Kanouse
as Counter Guy
Stacy Solodkin
as Connor's Aunt
Dominic Pace
as Bouncer
William Ostrander
as Commander Burke
Rod Tate
as Bruiser
Alex Nesic
as Markalla
Andrew McGinnes
as Mullet Head
Kotoko Kawamura
as Ancient Korean Woman
Alex Buck
as Blind Child #3
E.J. Gage
as Mordar the Bentback
Emma Hunton
as Connor's Kid Sister
Patricia Gillum
as Woman Patient
Kelli Kirkland
as Young Black Woman
Bob Jesser
as Torto Demon
Jerry Giles
as Desk Sergeant
Amy Raymond
as Weeping Woman
Jeff Bass
as Brent
Mesan Richardson
as Swat Team Member
Tony Pasqualini
as Harlan Elster
Tawny Rene Hamilton
as Female News Anchor
Susan Slome
as Cindy Rabinowitz
Jenni Blong
as Young Woman
Eric Larson
as Internal Affairs Guy
Blair Hickey
as Male Reporter
Jasmine DiAngelo
as Young Dana
Ash Taylor
as First Mate
Rich Hutchman
as Detective Jack Carlson
Steven Barr
as Captain Atkinson
Theresa Arrison
as Johnny's Mom
John Eddins
as Monk #1
Angelica Castro
as Telemundo Reporter
Michael Ness
as Angel Greeter #2
Shirley Jordan
as Internal Affairs Woman
Marc Blucas
as Riley Finn (uncredited)
Brian Bradley
as Reporter
Michael Manasseri
as Skyler (uncredited)
Carl Sundstrom
as Lieutenant Lou
Alex Craig Mann
as Angel Greeter #3
Marc Vann
as Doctor
Diana Terranova
as Bachelor Party Stripper
Brahman Turner
as Young Tough Guy
Turner Brahman
as Young Tough Guy
Nichole Pelerine
as Angel Greeter #4
William Wayne
as Brother Straley
Chris Eckles
as Ops Guy
Woody Schultz
as Volitch Demon Bidder
Grenrock Joshua
as Angel Greeter #5
Scott L. Schwartz
as Bodyguard at Auction
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