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Archer (2009 - )





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Intrigue (and plenty of ineptitude) at an international intelligence agency. The animated comedy was created by 'Adult Swim' veteran Adam Reed.
Creator: Adam Reed

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Wed, August 25, 2021

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Archer: Season 12, Episode 1

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2021, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 2 episodes

Season premieres on Aug 26, 2021
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2020, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 8 episodes

Critics Consensus: Reinventing itself once more, Archer:1999 is a welcome addition to the series that retains the irreverent and outlandish humor of the original.

2019, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though long-time fans may be frustrated by this slim diversion from Archer's main narrative, Danger Island gleefully colors outside the lines of 1930s serial tropes while incorporating many of the series' treasured jokes into a self-contained story.

2018, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 8 episodes

Critics Consensus: Dreamland may just be a diversion into Sterling Archer's self-aggrandizing imagination, but it wholly succeeds as both an antic parody of hard-bitten noir and a self-contained revitalization of the long-running series' format.

2017, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 8 episodes

Critics Consensus: Archer continues to twist its malleable formula into fresh new directions in a season of radical change that still retains our heroes' louche sensibility and indefatigable hilarity.

2016, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: A soft reboot helps keeps things fresh six seasons in, though its absurd delights are best enjoyed by those familiar with Archer's unique sensibilities.

2015, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Archer manages to remain fresh while staying true to its dirty, grimy, hysterically funny characters.

2014, FX (Seasons 1-7); FXX, 11 episodes


H. Jon Benjamin
as Sterling Archer
H. Jon Benjamin
as Sterling Archer
Aisha Tyler
as Agent Lana Kane
Chris Parnell
as Cyril Figgis
Judy Greer
as Cheryl
Lucky Yates
as Krieger
George Coe
as Woodhouse
Chris Parnell
as Cyril, Cyril Figgis
Aisha Tyler
as Lana, Lana Kane
Adam Reed
as Ray Gillette
Judy Greer
as Cheryl
Dave Willis
as Barry Dylan
Ona Grauer
as Katya Kazanova
Ron Leibman
as Ron Cadillac
Jessica Walter
as Malory, Malory Archer
Jeffrey Tambor
as Len Trexler
Gary Cole
as Holley
Coby Bell
as Conway Stern
George Coe
as Woodhouse
Adam Reed
as Ray Gillette
George Takei
as Mr. Moto
Luciano Palermi
as Savio Mascalzone
Bobby Ford
as Mr. Ford
David Anthony Pizzuto
as Krauss/Dealer
Robb Pruitt
as Backus, Joshua Gray
Peter Serafinowicz
as George Spelvin
Bryan Cranston
as Anthony Drake
Roy McCrerey
as Thistleton/Young Woodhouse
Mike Smith
as Mountie No. 1
Rafael Ferrer
as Rafael Ferrer
John Paul Tremblay
as Mountie No. 2
Rafael Ferrer
as Rafael Ferrer
Enn Reitel
as Bishop/Scripes
Stephen Stanton
as Announcer/Lammers
Paula Malcomson
as Janelle Gillette
Ron Perlman
as Ramon Limon
Larry Murphy
as Mountie No. 3
Allison Tolman
as Edie Poovey
Rachael Harris
as Rona Thorne
Jack McBrayer
as Randy Gillette
Anthony Bourdain
as Lance Casteau
Eugene Mirman
as Cecil Tunt
Fred Armisen
as Gustavo Calderon
Carrie Brownstein
as Dr. Sklodowska
Zach Villa
as Young Scripes
Patrick Piper
as Javi/Carlos
Robb Wells
as Kenny Bilcoe
G. Michael Gray
as Michael Gray
Tom Kane
as Russian Officer/KGB Agent/Doctor/Soldier
James Hong
as Buckey
Lauren Cohan
as Juliana Calderon
Dave Roberts
as Cabbie/Oscar Madison
Darren Criss
as Mikey/Tommy
Lauren Martin
as Redhead Nurse/Russian Blonde
Charles Napier
as Dr. Spelts
Flula Borg
as Gunter Ziegler
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