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Bauhaus - A New Era (2019 - )

Bauhaus - A New Era (2019 - )





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The year is 1919. WWI has just ended; the old imperial empires have collapsed. With the old ways bringing nothing but destruction, Europe is swept up in a wave of modern ideas. During this age of turmoil, a young woman named Doerte Helm is studying arts. When she hears Walter Gropius' first speech about a new era at the newly-founded Bauhaus school, she follows his call. His innovative approach is too provocative for many but exciting to Doerte. Like so many others, she becomes a true disciple of the new movement -- but something more to Gropius as they begin to fall in love. They are young, resilient and radical. The school becomes a breeding ground for modernity, jazz, innovative architecture -- and feminism. But while at the Bauhaus a new form of life evolves, and with it new hopes, inflation leaves many hungry and worried about the future. As Gropius proposes to Doerte, it just adds fuel to the fire that is the ensuing scandal threatens the very existence of the Bauhaus; the school of art that would go on to shape the 20th century like no other...

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2019, Beta Film, 3 episodes


August Diehl
as Walter Gropius
Anna Maria Mühe
as Dörte Helm
Valerie Pachner
as Gunta Stölzl
Ludwig Trepte
as Marcel Breuer
Trine Dyrholm
as Stine Branderup
Sven Schelker
as Johannes Itten
Sebastian Blomberg
as Minister Max Greil
Hanns Zichler
as Rudolf Helm
Alexander Finkenwirth
as Johannes Ilmari Auerbach
Corinna Kirchhoff
as Baronesse von Freytag-Loringhoven
Max Hopp
as Dr. Emil Herfurth
Hanns Zischler
as Rudolf Helm
Greta Bohacek
as Schwester II
Volkmar Leif Gilbert
as Parlamentarier Scheicher
Patrick Güldenberg
as Gerhard Marcks
Max Hubacher
as Georg Muche
Cristin Kônig
as Frau Helm
Vladimir Korneev
as Andor Weininger
Hajo Tuschy
as Hauptmann Joacobsen
Brian Völkner
as Kommunist
Ronald Zehrfeld
as Gewerkschafter Friedrichs
Kira Zurhausen
as Schwester I
Birgit Minichmayr
as Alma Mahler
Ernst Stötzner
as Lyonel Feininger
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TV Network: Beta Film
Genre: Drama
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