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Becker (1998 - 2004)

Becker (1998 - 2004)






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The rants of a grumpy Bronx physician mask a softer side, which he---only occasionally---displays to his patients. Not so lucky are his office staff and the folks he meets regularly at a local diner. This was Ted Danson's second sitcom in two years on the network. (His newspaper comedy 'Ink' flopped during the 1996-97 season.)

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2003, CBS, 13 episodes

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2002, CBS, 22 episodes

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2001, CBS, 24 episodes

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2000, CBS, 24 episodes

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1999, CBS, 24 episodes

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1998, CBS, 22 episodes


Ted Danson
as John Becker
Nancy Travis
as Chris Connor
Hattie Winston
as Margaret Wyborn
Alex Désert
as Jake Malinak
William Hill
as Ehrlich
Annie Wood
as Theresa Campbell
Peter Iacangelo
as Rich Halke
Dick Van Dyke
as Fred Becker
Alice Krige
as Sandra Rush
Frances Fisher
as Dr. Elizabeth Carson
Kevin Scott Richardson
as Dr. Ken Stewart
Barbara Sharma
as Mrs. Recinos
Connie Sawyer
as Mrs. Yudelson
Marvin Kaplan
as Mr. Gordon
Mary Jo Smith
as Mrs. Goldman
Damon Standifer
as Mr. Williams
David Moreland
as Grenquist
Robert Gant
as Doug Schmidt
Julie Caitlin Brown
as Nicky Roberts
Paul Dooley
as Mr. Lerner
Kim Darby
as Katherine
Avery Schreiber
as Mr. Perkins
Mia Korf
as Lorna
Dan Martin
as Mr. Remick
Bill Capizzi
as Mr. Capelli
Leonard Nimoy
as Professor Fowler
Rhea Perlman
as Katherine
Jamie McShane
as Customer
Chip Chinery
as Mr. Lester
Betty Garrett
as Mrs. Firth
Charles Chun
as Bong Sup Kim
Ed Bernard
as Mr. Evans
Robert Catrini
as Delivery Man
Vasili Bogazianos
as Dr. Axelrod
Dom Irrera
as Mr. Orvis
John Mahoney
as Father Joe
Mike Ditka
as Himself
Geoffrey Pierson
as Mr. Tipton
Bruce A. Young
as Officer Matlin
Orson Bean
as Mr. Bennett
Hal Holbrook
as Mr. Humphries
Wendell Wright
as Mr. Franklin
Kelsey Grammer
as Rick Cooper
Patrick Richwood
as Mr. Richards
Chip Heller
as Customer
Antonio Sabato Jr.
as Linda's Boyfriend
T.J. Thyne
as Mr. Messinger
Molly Morgan
as Maureen
James Greene
as Dr. Clark
Dayton Callie
as Leo Porterfield
Fran Bennett
as Enid Connolly
Angela Paton
as Mrs. Bernstein
Daniel Roebuck
as Mr. Stoler
Cathy DeBuono
as Ms. Reynolds
Jason Kravits
as Mr. Whitford
Donna Ponterotto
as Mrs. Weigand
Jane Clayson
as Herself
Barry J. Gordon
as Mr. Levin
French Stewart
as Jim/Jerry/Stephanie
Jon Cryer
as Roger
Ray Xifo
as Barsotti
as Nurse Johnson
Annie Abbott
as Mrs. Vale
Kenneth Ryan
as Frank D'Andrea
James Handy
as Officer O'Neill
Judith Drake
as Mrs. Sherwood
Robert Ray Shafer
as Mr. Preston
Bruce Gray
as Fuller
Kathryn Joosten
as Mrs. Goldsmith
Gregg Perrie
as Dmitri Petrenko
John DiResta
as Delivery Guy
Fred Pinkard
as Mr. Patrick
Helen Cates
as Waitress
Anthony Russell
as Noel Flecklin
Kathleen Freeman
as Edith/Evelyn
Kris Iyer
as Waiter
Shannon Welles
as Mrs. Solomon
Jane Carr
as Mrs. McGuiness
Bridgett Newton
as Mara Jenkins
Linda DeArmond
as Mrs. Rowland
Kenneth Choi
as Nam Kyu Kim
Lillian Adams
as Mrs. Rawitch
Jane Childerhose
as Mrs. Davis
George Coe
as Mr. Spector
Natalie Core
as Mrs. Bennett
Joe O'Connor
as Mr. Engel
Heidi Swedberg
as Mrs. Whitford
Hal Lublin
as Mr. O'Neal
Christina Souza
as Assistant
Mitzi McCall
as Mrs. Gould
Rodney Rincon
as Customer
E.K. Butler
as Jimmy Vernon
John Prosky
as Mr. Connelly
Craig Anstett
as Homeless Man
Peggy Mannix
as Nurse Metcalf
John Astin
as Richard
Claire Yarlett
as Ms. Alcott
Zylan Brooks
as Pregnant Woman No. 1
Stephen Lee
as Mr. Herrup
Aixa Clemente
as Mrs. Segundo
Tim Lounibos
as Radiologist
Andrew Bilgore
as Tenant No. 1
Eugene Buica
as Williams
Jon Polito
as Leonard Nagle
Earl Schuman
as Mr. Klein
Joyce Greenleaf
as Mrs. Gruber
Jim Ward
as Dr. Regozy
Lauri Hendler
as Mrs. Howarth
Brent Sexton
as Christopher Hayes
Carlton Wilborn
as Mr. Ellison
Manny Kleinmuntz
as Mr. Sarnoy
Jon Ryckman
as Orderly
Vivian Bang
as Soon Kon Kim
Smith Cho
as Victoria
Edith Varone
as Mrs. Trey
Aldis Hodge
as Graduate No. 1
Ellen Ratner
as Miss Suskind
Jose Payo
as Man on Subway
Walter Addison
as Frank McKee
John DiMaggio
as Mr. Thalasinos
Tony Rossi
as Mr. Bignozi
John Cygan
as Det. Cross
Mary Kowalski
as Mrs. Hayes
Paul Bates
as Mr. Garland
David Correia
as Bartender
Ken Thorley
as Patient No. 1
Mary Gillis
as Mrs. Jordan
Tia Riebling
as Pregnant Woman No. 2
Betty Murphy
as Mrs. Katz
Leon Russom
as Fire Marshal
Vince Lozano
as Male Orderly
Timothy Vahle
as Dr. Iverson
Bill Glass
as Joseph
Reece Morgan
as Four-year-old Brad
Carol Mansell
as Tenant No. 2
James K. Ward
as Foreign Guy
Lauren Tuerk
as Patient
M. Darnell Suttles
as Patient No. 2
Jesse D. Goins
as Locksmith
Leeza Vinnichenko
as Mrs. Karpov
Jon Wellner
as Graduate No. 2
Rock Reiser
as Bailiff
Portia Realer
as Pregnant Woman No. 3
Keri Coleman
as Customer
Jeremiah Morris
as Mr. Forman
Hugh Dane
as Phone Guy
Russ Woody
as Mr. Pearson
Peter Kevoian
as Devilish Man
Shannon O'Hurley
as Billy's Mom
James DuMont
as Mr. Weatherholt
Pattie Tierce
as Patient No. 3
Eric Kushnick
as Graduate No. 4
Mary Calder
as Mrs. Deluca
Octavia Spencer
as Ticket Woman
Lee Corbin
as Cell Mate
Jennie Fahn
as Mom No. 2
Rolondo Molina
as Dad No. 2
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Nov 2, 1998
Genre: Comedy
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