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Bewitched (1964 - 1972)

Bewitched (1964 - 1972)






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An enchanting sitcom about beautiful, nose-twitching witch Samantha Stevens, who moves to the suburbs to be with her strait-laced mortal husband, Darrin. The series became a critical and popular success after premiering on ABC in 1964, went on to win a number of Emmys and became one of the longest-running sitcoms in ABC history. The premise was retooled for the 1977-78 spin-off `Tabitha,' which centered on the Stevens' daughter and starred Lisa Hartman and Robert Urich.
Creator: Sol Saks

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1971, ABC, 26 episodes

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1970, ABC, 28 episodes

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1969, ABC, 30 episodes

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1968, ABC, 30 episodes

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1967, ABC, 33 episodes

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1966, ABC, 33 episodes

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1965, ABC, 36 episodes

Critics Consensus: Elizabeth Montgomery casts a spell on viewers with her incandescent charm and the wiggle of her nose in Bewitched, an effects-heavy comedy that mines a lot of mirth from its one-joke premise.

1964, ABC, 36 episodes


Elizabeth Montgomery
as Samantha Stephens/Serena
Dick York
as Darrin Stephens
Dick Sargent
as Darrin Stephens
David White
as Larry Tate
Alice Pearce
as Gladys Kravitz
Sandra Gould
as Gladys Kravitz
Erin Murphy
as Tabitha Stephens
Diane Murphy
as Tabitha Stephens
George Tobias
as Abner Kravitz
Irene Vernon
as Louise Tate
David Lawrence
as Adam Stephens
Greg Lawrence
as Adam Stephens
Kasey Rogers
as Louise Tate
Marion Lorne
as Aunt Clara
Paul Lynde
as Uncle Arthur
Alice Ghostley
as Esmeralda
Bernard Fox
as Dr. Bombay
Dick Wilson
as Man in Bar
Steve Franken
as George Barkley
Bernie Kopell
as Dr. Chomsky
Jane Connell
as Victoria
Parley Baer
as Robinson
Ronald Long
as McTavish
Sara Seegar
as Mrs. Springer
Cliff Hall
as Horace
Roy Roberts
as Frank Stephens
Herb Voland
as Mr. Springer
Maudie Prickett
as Woman on Street
Paul Barselow
as Bartender
Robert Simon
as Frank Stephens
Reta Shaw
as Bertha
Herb Ellis
as Charlie
Bernie Kuby
as Waitress
Harry Holcombe
as Charlie Godfrey
Arthur Julian
as Hockstedder
Sharon DeBord
as Miss Blanding
Art Metrano
as Assistant Trash Collector
Paul Smith
as Policeman
Herb Vigran
as Bartender
Irwin Charone
as Parkinson
Karl Lukas
as 1st Policeman
Dan Tobin
as Mayor
Dort Clark
as Man in Bar
Robert Q. Lewis
as Diego Fenman
Laurie Main
as Francis
Herbie Faye
as Manager
Fredd Wayne
as Ben Franklin
Edward Andrews
as J. Earle Rockford
Lloyd Bochner
as Franklyn
Jonathan Harris
as Johann Sebastian
Nellie Burt
as Harriet
Ann Doran
as Mrs. Raphael
Alex Gerry
as Mr. Austen
Henry Gibson
as Napoleon
Will Geer
as George Washington
Burt Mustin
as Old Man
Billy Mumy
as Michael
Jack Griffin
as Trash Collector
Bill Mumy
as Michael
Martin Ashe
as Kabaker
Dick Balduzzi
as Salesman
Oliver McGowan
as Mr. Harding
Vic Tayback
as Chauffeur
William Kendis
as Stock Broker
Anne Seymour
as Adelaide Cosgrove
Nita Talbot
as Mrs. Rollnick
Norman Fell
as Dr. Freud
Nan Martin
as Martha
Don Knight
as Robbie
Peter Duryea
as Charles
Henry Jones
as Brian O'Brian
Alan Hewitt
as Baldwin
Sara Seeger
as Mrs. Baker
Richard Powell
as Bates (the boy)
Ellen Weston
as Contessa
Pat Priest
as Day Supervisor
Lauren Gilbert
as Porterfield
Jeanne Arnold
as Mrs. Norton
Arthur Adams
as Desk Sergeant
Maureen McCormick
as Little Endora
Janos Prohaska
as Dodo Bird
Kay Elliot
as Lady #2
Jerry Rush
as TV Man
Barbara Perry
as Mrs. MacLane
Don Beddoe
as Santa Claus
Isabel Sanford
as Aunty Jenny
Janine Gray
as Abigail
Judson Pratt
as Eastwood
Cesar Romero
as Hitchcock
Ed Platt
as Booker
John McGiver
as Bobbins
Lou Krugman
as Baldoni
Kipp Hamilton
as Pleasure
Don Penny
as Barney
Richard Haydn
as Mishimoto
Renzo Cesana
as Mrs. Acarius
Eric Chase
as Hansel
Chet Stratton
as Corcoran
Henry Beckman
as Wilkerson
Joseph Mell
as Manager
Teddy Quinn
as Michael
Nancy Priddy
as Stewardess #1
Byron Morrow
as John C. Cavanaugh
Monty Margetts
as Saleswoman
Gordon Devol
as Photographer
Tim Herbert
as Man in Bar
Myra De Groot
as Receptionist
Robert P. Lieb
as Jay Warbell
Jeanne Sorel
as Mrs. Townsend
Art Lewis
as Brush Salesman
Mary Lansing
as Mrs. Bigelow
John Abbott
as Leonardo da Vinci
Roland Long
as Magistrate
Jeanne Norton
as Mrs. Norton
Henry Corden
as Muldoon
Don Keefer
as Kimberley
Lisa Kirk
as Mme. Marushka
Fred Roberto
as Mr. Romani
Herb Edelman
as Colonel
Ysabel MacCloskey
as Mrs. Jameson
Ivor Barry
as Chamberlain
Frances Fong
as Mrs. Tanaka
David Hayward (II)
as Young Larry
Martha Hyer
as Margaret
Sidney Clute
as Jack Spindler
Walter Sande
as Giddings
John Rico
as Count
Penny Santon
as Mrs. Baldoni
Frank Maxwell
as Sanford Stern
Arte Julian
as MacElroy
Maida Severn
as 1st Lady
Jeff Burton
as Bulldozer Driver #2
Jim Begg
as Morgan
Mike Road
as Hawkins
Renee Tetro
as 1st Hippie
Lew Horn
as Male Tourist
John Garwood
as Officer
Raquel Welch
as Stewardess
Peg Shirley
as Beatrice
Douglas Evans
as Mr. Foster
Joy Harmon
as Francis
Willie Mays
as Himself
J. Pat O'Malley
as Max Cosgrove
Jim Brooks
as Soldier
Virginia Gregg
as Mrs. Otis
Leon Ames
as McMann
Barbara Drew
as Mrs. Rogers
Irwim Charone
as Pritchfield
Gail Kobe
as Evelyn
Bert Convy
as Paul Revere
Jack Denton
as Policeman #1
Jimmy Mathers
as Marshall
Robert Cleaves
as Photographer
Greta Chee
as Ling-Ling
Bartlett Robinson
as Mr. Abercrombie
Olan Soule
as Passmore
Milton Frome
as Hornbeck
Murray Matheson
as John Van Millwood
Nydia Westman
as Mrs. Quigley
Edward Platt
as Mr. Booker
Ted Foulkes
as Little Larry
Charles Irving
as Mr. Shelley
Jack Daniel Wells
as Capt. Harkness
Thad Geer
as 2nd Hippie
Jonathan Hole
as Principal
Peggy Pope
as Gretchen
Roy Stuart
as Fred Froug
Anne Sargent
as Margaret
Nina Wayne
as Beverly
Lennie Bremen
as Cab Driver
Ned Glass
as Milkman
Bob Okazaki
as Mr. Watanabe
Harry Harvey
as Uncle Willie
Diane Chesney
as Enchantra
Peggy Lipton
as Secretary
Joan Banks
as Margaret Baxter
Warren Parker
as Dr. Clarke
David Garner
as Captain
Helen Winston
as Matronly Lady
Jerry Catron
as Joe the Diver
Paul Reed
as Mr. Scranton
Fritz Feld
as Maestro Ferranini
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Luftwaffe
Ralph Story
as Bud Le Beau
Nora Denney
as Mrs. Gurney
Hope Summers
as Carolyn
Roxanne Arlen
as Barbara Elliot
Judy Pace
as Secretary
Joan Tompkins
as Harriet Walters
David Manzy
as Golf Attendant
John Copage
as Phone Repairman
Greta Chi
as Ling Ling
Ivan Bonar
as Desk Clerk
Meg Wyllie
as Miss Dobrin
Ricky Powell
as Bates Jr.
Eric Scott
as Herbie
Joe E. Ross
as Stewart
Monroe Arnold
as Dr. Jason
Donald Foster
as Elderly Gentleman
John Newton
as 1st Reporter
Foster Brooks
as Robert Andrews
Helen Funai
as Stewardess
Fifi D'Orsay
as Mme. Wageir
Tommy Davis
as Motorcyle Cop
Norman Burton
as Moving Man
Hardie Albright
as Judge Crosetti
Rockne Tarkington
as Tommy Carter
William Bramley
as Mr. Mills
Robert Stiles
as Western Union Boy
Peter Dawson
as Truck Driver
Susan Tolsky
as Secretary
John Lawrence
as Man in Bed
Morgan Jones
as Johnson
Elisa Ingram
as Barbara Lucas
Don Hammer
as 2nd Reporter
Ann Prentiss
as Secretary
Grace Albertson
as Cynthia Pennybaker
Robert H. Harris
as Mr. Morgan
Alan Davis
as Lawyer
Peter Dawson
as Truck Driver
Ottola Nesmith
as Enchantra
Bern Hoffman
as Chappel
Margaret Muse
as Mrs. Sharpe
Eldon Quick
as Capt. Tugwell
Nora Marlowe
as Mrs. Harper
June Vincent
as Cynthia
John Hiestand
as Mr. Busby
Todd Baron
as The Artful Dodger
William Woodson
as Police Sergeant
Mort Mills
as Policeman
Howard I. Smith
as C.L. Morton
Tom Palmer
as Chairman
Bill Quinn
as Charles Gilbert
Diki Lerner
as Makeup Man
Jacques Roux
as Foreign Legion Officer
Justin Smith
as Merrill Sedgwick
David Bailey
as Boy Magician
Elmer Modlin
as Charles
Spence Wil-Dee
as Golf Attendant
Peter Virgo
as Cab Driver
Joe Brooks
as Umpire
Gene Darfler
as Policeman #2
Arthur Peterson
as Mr. Martin
Mickey Deems
as Jenkins
Robert Lussier
as Meter Man
Robert Towers
as Jack-in-the-Box
Adam Lawrence
as Adam Stephens
Dorothy Neumann
as Crone of Cawdor
Bill Daily
as Mr. Johnson
Howard Morton
as Salesman
Ralph Brooks
as Bartender
Carl Princi
as Warlock Bird
Peter Canon
as Miles Standish
Ed McCready
as Moving Man #1
Richard Rowley
as The Nephew
Joe Alfasa
as Waiter
Bob Baker
as 1st Puppeteer
Celeste Yarnall
as Student Nurse
Renie Riano
as Mrs. Granite
Jeff DeBenning
as Councilman Green
Bryan O'Byrne
as Pet Shop Owner
Mauritz Hugo
as Mr. Monteagle
John Harmon
as Taxi Driver
Gerry Johnson
as Mrs. Johnson
Vince Howard
as Museum Guard
Phil Garris
as Announcer
Vicki Malkin
as Louise Bain
Stuart Nisbet
as Boat Salesman
Mary Foran
as Mother Witch
Jan Arvan
as Maitre D
Victor Rogers
as Nobleman
Riza Royce
as Saleslady
Pat O'Hara
as Gregory
Jerry Maren
as Gremlin
Nina Roman
as Beulah
George Andre
as Announcer
Gerald York
as Technical Director
Merie Earle
as Old Lady
Dorothy Love
as Operator
Joel Lawrence
as Policeman #2
Bridget Hanley
as Salesgirl
Billy Curtis
as Jack O'Lantern
Tim Rooney
as Teenager
Paul Sand
as Whalen
Don Mitchell
as Policeman
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 17, 1964
Genre: Comedy
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