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Boardwalk Empire (2010 - 2014)

Boardwalk Empire (2010 - 2014)





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The TV series based on the popular book 'Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City'. The story revolves around Enoch "Nucky" Thompson the most influential figure of Atlantic city during 1920's and 1930's. The federal government tries to uncover Nucky's unlawful connection, but he outmanoeuvres them. Finally, the series end with the end of Prohibition era, 1931.
Creator: Terence Winter

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Critics Consensus: The final season of Boardwalk Empire is as visually dazzling and well-acted as ever, but it's the emphasis on Nucky Thompson's history that's particularly rewarding this time out.

2014, HBO, 8 episodes

Critics Consensus: Boardwalk Empire continues to benefit from its meticulously realized period trappings, but what keeps the show watchable is its supremely talented ensemble players.

2013, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: As hot-headed mobster Gyp Rosetti, Bobby Cannavale brings a sense of danger and energy to this season of Boardwalk Empire, which remains lavish, twisty, and violent.

2012, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Boardwalk Empire delves deeper into both its intriguing supporting players and its rich tapestry of moral ambiguity.

2011, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thought-provoking, violent, and filled with lush period detail, Boardwalk Empire is a gangster drama of uncommon depth and scope.

2010, HBO, 12 episodes


Steve Buscemi
as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson
Kelly Macdonald
as Margaret Schroeder
Michael Shannon
as Nelson Van Alden
Shea Whigham
as Elias Thompson
Stephen Graham
as Al Capone
Vincent Piazza
as Lucky Luciano
Paul Sparks
as Mickey Doyle
Jeffrey Wright
as Valentin Narcisse
Gretchen Mol
as Gillian
Anthony Laciura
as Eddie Kessler
Jack Huston
as Richard Harrow
Charlie Cox
as Owen Sleater
Bobby Cannavale
as Gyp Rosetti
Michael Stuhlbarg
as Arnold Rothstein
Dabney Coleman
as Louis 'The Commodore' Kaestner
Michael Pitt
as Jimmy Darmody
Frank Crudele
as Big Jim Colosimo
Aleksa Palladino
as Angela Darmody
Anatol Yusef
as Meyer Lansky
Greg Antonacci
as Johnny Torrio
Ben Rosenfield (II)
as Willie Thompson
Ron Livingston
as Roy Phillips
Erik LaRay Harvey
as Dunn Purnsley
Brian Geraghty
as Warren Knox
Robert Clohessy
as Ward Boss Jim Neary
William Hill
as Ward Boss George O'Neil
Brady Noon
as Tommy Darmody
Victor Verhaeghe
as Ward Boss Fleming
Patricia Arquette
as Sally Wheet
Ivo Nandi
as Joe Masseria
John Ellison Conlee
as Louis "The Commodore" Kaestner
Kevin O'Rourke
as Edward Bader
Dominic Chianese
as Leander Whitlock
Lucy Gallina
as Emily Schroeder
Michael Zegen
as Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel
Christopher McDonald
as Harry Daugherty
Adam Mucci
as Dep. Halloran
Margot Bingham
as Daughter Maitland
Max Casella
as Leo D'Alessio
Wrenn Schmidt
as Julia Sagorsky
Connor Noon
as Tommy Darmody
Nisi Sturgis
as June Thompson
Edoardo Ballerini
as Ignacious D'Alessio
Declan McTigue
as Teddy Schroeder
Arron Shiver
as Dean O'Banion
Erik Weiner
as Agent Sebso
Stephen Root
as Gaston Means
Boris McGiver
as Sheriff Lindsay
Peter McRobbie
as Supervisor Frederick Elliot
William Forsythe
as Manny Horvitz
Meg Steedle
as Billie Kent
Pearce Bunting
as Bill McCoy
Paul Calderon
as Arquimedes
Anna Katarina
as Isabelle Jeunet
Stephen DeRosa
as Eddie Cantor
Louis Cancelmi
as Mike D'Angelo
Marc Pickering
as Young Nucky
Enid Graham
as Rose Van Alden
Eric Ladin
as J. Edgar Hoover
Giampiero Judica
as Salvatore Maranzano
Lisa Joyce
as Mary Dittrich
Julianne Nicholson
as Esther Randolph
Glenn Fleshler
as George Remus
Joe Caniano
as Jake Guzik
Jacob Ware
as Harold Selby
Jacob A. Ware
as Harold Selby
Matt Letscher
as Joseph Kennedy
Maya Kazan
as Mabel, Mabel Jeffries
Mark Borkowski
as Paul Sagorsky
Nolan Lyons
as Young Nucky
Josiah Early
as Robert Dittrich
Tom Aldredge
as Ethan Thompson
Chris Mulkey
as Frank Hague
Travis Tope
as Joe Harper
Joseph Aniska
as Agent Sawicki
Edward McGinty
as Ward Boss Boyd
Morgan Spector
as Frank Capone
Geoffrey Pierson
as Sen. Walter Edge
Megan Reinking
as Annabelle
Kevin Henderson
as Dr. Carl Surran
Joseph Riccobene
as Frankie Yale
Madeleine Rose Yen
as Young Gillian
Michael Cumpsty
as Father Brennan
Johnnie Mae
as Louanne Pratt
James Cromwell
as Andrew Mellon
Christina Jackson
as Maybelle White
Oakes Fegley
as Young Eli
Ian Hart
as Ethan Thompson
Patrick Kennedy
as Dr. Douglas Mason
John Rue
as Mayor Harry Bacharach
John C. Vennema
as Lawrence Conors
Dana Ivey
as Mrs. McGarry
Justiin Davis
as Lester White
Virginia Kull
as Nan Britton
Emma Holzer
as Edith Thompson
Bill Sage
as Solomon Bishop
Devin Harjes
as Jack Dempsey
Vincenzo Amato
as Vincenzo Petrucelli
Lee Godart
as Maxim Ronis
Erin Dilly
as Eleanor Thompson
Danny Burstein
as Lolly Steinman
Michael Badalucco
as Harry Price
Shae D'Lyn
as Carolyn Rothstein
Susan Varon
as Madame Regina
Ryan Dinning
as Young Eli
Kerry O'Malley
as Edwina Shearer
Al Linea
as Teo D'Alessio
Samuel Taylor
as Paddy Ryan
Warner Miller
as Buck, Milton
Frank Shattuck
as Charlie Sheridan
Peter Van Wagner
as Isaac Ginsberg
Nick Sandow
as Waxey Gordon
Madeline Getty
as Nora Thompson
David Aaron Baker
as Bill Fallon
Chase Coleman
as Billy Winslow
Natalie Wachen
as Lenore White
Reg Rogers
as Robert Hodge
Scott Francis Moreau
as Young Jim Neary
Joel Brady
as Agent Clarkson
Danny McCarthy
as Pat Halligan
Johann Carlo
as Teresina Capone
Charlie Plummer
as Michael Thompson
Burke Moses
as Daniel Jeffries
Louis Gossett Jr.
as Oscar Boneau
Joseph Sikora
as Hans Schroeder
Fiana Toibin
as Mrs. Neary
Patch Darragh
as Bennett, Robert Bennett III
Nick Robinson
as Rowland Smith
Ted Rooney
as John McGarrible
Eric Schneider
as Sixtus D'Alessio
Peter Claymore
as Grey-haired Man
Nic Novicki
as Carl Heeley
Richard Easton
as Parkhurst
Solomon Shiv
as Herman Kaufman
Scott Sowers
as Joseph Earl Dinler
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Pinky Rabinowitz
Edelen McWilliams
as Bettyanne Mulhaney
Michael Countryman
as Frank Wilson
Jim True-Frost
as Eliot Ness
Curt Bouril
as Clifford Lathrop
Michael Siberry
as Sen. Wendell Lloyd, Senator
Mark Lotito
as Dr. Cuomo
Remy Auberjonois
as Theodore Hardeen
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Karl Lissenger
Matt Bailey
as George Raft
Matt Bailey
as George Raft
Max Von Essen
as Paul Muni
Bill Camp
as Glenmore
Mikey Post
as Mike Green
Mark Povinelli
as Kevin Kiley
Joyce Van Patten
as Mae Zeller
Tim Ransom
as Victor Drake
Tuck Milligan
as Dr. Brubaker
James Riordan
as Franklin Werner
Frank Ridley
as Train Conductor
Craig Waletzko
as Joe Klenah
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