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CHiPs (1977 - 1983)

CHiPs (1977 - 1983)





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Follow the adventures of two California Highway Patrolmen--CHiPs--as they motorcycle down the highways aiding motorists and apprehending dangerous drivers.

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1982, NBC, 22 episodes

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1981, NBC, 27 episodes

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1980, NBC, 21 episodes

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1979, NBC, 24 episodes

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1978, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: The lack of violence is refreshing and Erik Estrada proves himself adept at slapstick shenanigans, but more often than not CHiPs is about as entertaining as being stuck in Los Angeles traffic.

1977, NBC, 22 episodes


Larry Wilcox
as Off. Jon Baker
Erik Estrada
as Off. Frank `Ponch' Poncherello
Robert Pine
as Sgt. Joe Getraer
Brodie Greer
as Off. Baricza
Paul Linke
as Off. Grossman
Tina Gayle
as Officer Kathy Linahan
Lou Wagner
as Harlan
Brianne Leary
as Off. Sindy Cahill
Randi Oakes
as Off. Bonnie Clark
Clarence Gilyard Jr.
as Officer Benjamin Webster
Lew Saunders
as Off. Gene Fritz
Michael Dorn
as Off. Turner
Caitlyn Jenner
as Off. Steve McLeish
Tom Reilly
as Off. Bobby Nelson
Bruce Penhall
as Cadet/Off. Bruce Nelson
Ellen Geer
as Martha
Michael Baseleon
as Murray Thomas
William Smith
as Michael Adams
Tige Andrews
as Charlie Davis
Andrew Duggan
as Chester Murphy
Don Stroud
as Sonny Matson
Dawn Jeffory
as Kim Travis
Brooke Bundy
as Injured Motorist
Jonathan Goldsmith
as Stan Mallory
Trisha Townsend
as Off. Melanie Mitchell
Burr De Benning
as Bill Ross
Burr DeBenning
as Bill Ross
Ray Duke
as Ferris
Taylor Lacher
as Saunders
Barbara Stock
as Off. Paula Wood
Leif Garrett
as Jimmy Tyler
Fred Dryer
as John LeGarre
Michael MacRae
as Big Crazy
Bruce Glover
as Sgt. Vogt
Nina Axelrod
as Dee Dee
Virginia Kiser
as Mrs. Grieve
Elizabeth Daily
as Carol Sweeney
Mark L. Taylor
as Scotty Peterson
Ann Coleman
as Eleanor
John Elerick
as Rev. Porter
Don Most
as Moloch
Saul Brandt
as Sorenson
Antony Alda
as Burstad
Bryan Cranston
as Billy Joe
Harvey Lembeck
as Truck Driver
Mills Watson
as Ambrose
Marjorie Bennett
as Mrs. Downey
Joshua Bryant
as Cameraman
Bill Daily
as Balford
Danny Goldman
as Dr. Bosca
Danny Wells
as Phil Davies
Fred Beir
as Farrell
Ricky Wittman
as Special Olympian
Jed Allan
as Jason
Adam Roarke
as Ray Evans
Jerry Houser
as Richard Foster
Tony Longo
as Sly Angelitti
Jayne Kennedy
as New Detective
Ed Harris
as Lonny
Lynn-Holly Johnson
as Getraer's Daughter
Lee H. Montgomery
as Young Drag Racer
Bettye Ackerman
as Mrs. Burgess
Sandy McPeak
as Pete Baricza
Frances Riplinger
as Mrs. Sorenson
Kevyn Major Howard
as Ted McLeish
Amy Steel
as Kelly
Lori Berns
as Louise
Byron Thames
as Aerospace Enthusiast
Joan Freeman
as Katherine
Louis Guss
as Chauffeur
James Sloyan
as Dr. Patterson
Brian Libby
as Millard
Claudette Nevins
as Hannah Chadway
David Caruso
as Charlie
Nita Talbot
as Instructor
Joanne Linville
as Mrs. Hirsh
Ike Eisenmann
as Barry Lasher
James J. Sloyan
as Dr. Patterson
Joanna Kerns
as Colleen
Don 'Red' Barry
as Frank Taylor
Michael Conrad
as Karl Maddox
George Lindsey
as Former Cowboy Star
Gary Graham
as Anthony Chadway
John Vernon
as Honeyton
Cindy Morgan
as New Detective
Catherine Hickland
as Ponch's Friend
Richard Deacon
as Singleton
Jim B. Smith
as Fireman
David Wilson
as Morrison
Frank Ashmore
as Larry Fletcher
Jason Evers
as Gesslin
Lee McLaughlin
as Truck Driver
Steve Oliver
as Brad Holmes
Billy Barty
as James O'Hara
A Martinez
as Dr. Rhodes
Jack Kruschen
as Frank Higgins
Lark Geib
as Jenny
Paul Brinegar
as Old Surfer
Marc Gilpin
as Timmy Getraer
Joseph Hacker
as T.C. Hunsacker
Richard Roundtree
as Sgt. Aikens
Diana Douglas
as Vera Baricza
Robbie Knievel
as Daredevil
Rich Little
as Comic-Book Creator
Joe Penny
as Brent Delaney
Fawne Harriman
as Mrs. Karantz
Rudy Vallee
as Arthur Forbinger
Tom Poston
as Bill Conner
Anna Navarro
as Ponch's Mother
Kyle Richards
as Young Girl
Tony Russel
as Eduardo
Herb Edelman
as Sanders
James Luisi
as Lazarri
Owen Bush
as Max Amaral
Lane Binkley
as Shauna McKenzie
Dana Baker
as Georgia
Ned Glass
as Watchmaker
Louise Latham
as Lucy Krammer
Sue Mullen
as Lucretia
David Man
as Randolph
Rosey Grier
as Angry Man
Troy Donahue
as Bob Niles
Allan Rich
as Judge Towers
Joseph Kim
as Mrs. Williams
Virgil Frye
as Greever
Eric Braeden
as Sen. Larwin
Ron Hajak
as Richard Moore
Karen Carlson
as Sheila Evans
L.Q. Jones
as Hoskins
Guy Stockwell
as Paul Everett
Judy Penrod
as Doreen Evans
Harry Carey Jr.
as Grandfather Criss
James Crittenden
as Little John
Michael Bell
as Margolis
Kaye Stevens
as Karen Niles
George O'Hanlon
as Ray Yarnell
Fran Ryan
as Nancy
Billy Green Bush
as Bones Bateman
Deborah Zon
as Melodie
Ralph Meeker
as Borgman
Joe Al Nicassio
as Young Man
Anna Berger
as Mary Taylor
Allen Case
as Walter Dunlap
Dwight Schultz
as Lyle Pickett
Florence Halop
as Mrs. Abel
Ben Davidson
as Truck Driver
Doreen Lang
as Nurse Kramen
Richard Gates
as Stan Bosca
Liberty Godshall
as Ellen Roberts
Markie Post
as Roberta
Rick Hurst
as Director
Andrew Robinson
as Bill Clayton
Paul Gale
as Artie
Jack Carter
as Salesman
John Ericson
as Bob Patterson
Tom Troupe
as Darrell
Anne Lockhart
as Kathy Mulligan
Randi Oaks
as Bonnie
Bobby Van
as Eddie
Casey Brown
as Louise Jessup
Bryan Scott
as Corey Marshall
Dana Laurita
as Keli Adams
Bridget Hanley
as Photographer
William Schallert
as Rev. Warmer
Aldo Ray
as Beasley
Julie Cobb
as Juliet
Stephen Young
as Billings
Alex Rocco
as Ansgar
Ron Prince
as Barnes
Don Stark
as Off. Allen
Edward Call
as Manager
Ron Hayes
as Captain Haskell
Bill Watson
as Chapman
Marvin Kaplan
as Hilmer Nelson
Dan Ferrone
as Anderson
Martin Kove
as Sherwood
Aldine King
as Gilbert
Stanley Brock
as Max Beaumont
Chip Zien
as Davey
Cynthia Bain
as Runaway
Alan Sues
as Florist
Del Russel
as Donny Joe King
Paul Comi
as Councilman
Jeff Morris
as LeMasters
Steve Eastin
as Dunslay
Don Reid
as Piermont
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 15, 1977
Genre: Drama
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