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Commander in Chief (2005 - 2006)

Commander in Chief (2005 - 2006)




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Geena Davis stars as America's first female president, and an independent to boot. A former vice-president, Mackenzie Allen takes office when her Republican predecessor dies. This does not sit well with GOP panjandrums, especially conniving House Speaker Nathan Templeton, who tries to thwart her at every turn. Rod Lurie, who wrote the 2001 political thriller 'The Contender,' created this ABC hit but Steven Bochco took over as showrunner soon after its debut.

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Critics Consensus: Though Commander in Chief is not always committed to reality, its empowering female-centered narrative is opportune, and made even better by Geena Davis' excellent performance.

2005, ABC, 18 episodes


Geena Davis
as Mackenzie Allen
Donald Sutherland
as Nathan Templeton
Harry Lennix
as Jim Gardner
Ever Carradine
as Kelly Ludlow
Kyle Secor
as Rod Calloway
Julie Ann Emery
as Joan Greer
Andrew James Allen
as Horace Calloway (pilot only)
Matt Lanter
as Horace Calloway
Leslie Hope
as Melanie Blackstone
Caitlin Wachs
as Rebecca Calloway
Jasmine Anthony
as Amy Calloway
Anthony Azizi
as Vince Taylor
Will Lyman
as President Teddy Roosevelt Bridges
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
as Dickie McDonald
Polly Bergen
as Kate Allen
Natasha Henstridge
as Jayne Murray
Robert Harper
as Owen Latimer
Peter Coyote
as Warren Keaton
Samantha Eggar
as Sarah Templeton
Steve Tom
as Reporter
Matt Barr
as Mike Flemming
Mary Page Keller
as Grace Bridges
Alex Fernandez
as Anthony Prado
Pamela Dunlap
as Gilda Rockwell
Ned Vaughn
as Reporter Charlie
Jason Wiles
as Alex Williams
Kate Jennings Grant
as Reporter Samantha
Stan Kelly
as Roman Wolfe
Ted Porter
as Agent Elderson
Adam Arkin
as Carl Brantley
Phil Reeves
as Gen. Krieger
Scott Williamson
as Ralph Dolan
Brion Rose
as Waiter
Tzi Ma
as Chinese Ambassador
Eyal Podell
as Eli Meltzer
Gareth Williams
as Chief of Naval Operations
Rick Hoffman
as Lance Addison
Rick Dempsey
as Himself
Chris Ufland
as Thad Thibideau
Jim Palmer
as Himself
Rueben Grundy
as Reporter Duke
Terry Hoyos
as Governor
Hunter Allen
as Tommy Bridges
Lisa Waltz
as Alison Remarque
Kim Hawthorne
as Agent Powers
Robert Harper
as Owen Latimer
Guy Anthony Margo
as Reporter Jim
Cotter Smith
as Stan Preston
Marc Gomes
as Ken Iacampo
Tony Colitti
as Reporter Oliver
Vicki Davis
as Sherri Dalton
Nestor Carbonell
as Dr. Chris Brock
Gina St. John
as Newsanchor
Rey Herrera
as Reporter Luis
Dale Dye
as Peter Allyson
Alona Tal
as Courtney Winters
Julie Dickens
as Templeton’s Aide
Elizabeth Dennehy
as Sue Brantley
Nina Mann
as Elizabeth Atwater
Mary Joan Negro
as Margaret Shoop
Iris Bahr
as Tuba Ozel
Christopher Allport
as Mills Frances
William Lucking
as Harry McGowan
Ronny Cox
as Sen. Joe Peck
Jeff Campbell
as Colonel, Air Force One
Bob McCracken
as Walter Spaulding
Ilia Volok
as President Kharkov
Flynn Beck
as Templeton Aide
Tim Halligan
as Henry Napier
Sandra Hess
as Patya Kharkova
Ken Garito
as Dr. Rucker
Roy Werner
as Majority Whip Wilson
Jamie McShane
as Capt. Duggan
Al Brown
as Gen. Pollak
J. Scott Shonka
as Col Wesley
Gina Gallego
as Dr. Larkin
Doug Roberts
as Weathers
Jay Montalvo
as Gov. Solis
George Cheung
as Choi Yo-Hong
Micole Mercurio
as Ilene Maxwell
Margaret Laurena Kemp
as Denise Landis
James Shanklin
as Gerry Levitt
Elizabeth Barondes
as Nurse Sheila
D.T. Matias
as Reporter
Ravil Isyanov
as Russian Aide
Gideon Emery
as Jared Lyons
Jim Haynie
as Pasternak
Eric Weston
as Jimmy (Steward)
David Wells
as Usher Waverly
Amy French
as Reporter Pam
D. David Morin
as Republican Senator
Edward Edwards
as Hale Richardson
Jonathan Scarfe
as Richard Laughlin
John S. Pratt
as Republican Senator
Bruce Boxleitner
as Tucker Baynes
Robert Joy
as Frank Devane
Kenneth McCorkle
as Capt. Trenton
Ammar Daraiseh
as Mullah Ahmad
Deidrie Henry
as Carol Clarke
Tim Daly
as Ed Manchester
Will Rogers
as Andy Noonan
Jamie McShain
as Capt. Duggan
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Reporter Patricia
John Sloan
as Reporter Barry
Justin Cuomo
as Military Aide
Kim Estes
as Sen. Phelps
Kathleen Gati
as Lucinda Walker
Gwynyth Walsh
as Jackie Ross
Steven Meek
as Reporter
Glenn Walker
as Newsanchor
Michael Kostroff
as Reporter Sy
Lisa Ross
as Reporter Connie
Linda Shing
as Reporter
Rick Fitts
as Gen. Mitchell
Arthur Senzy
as Agent Swift
Lu Parker
as Stand-up Reporter
Nick Roth
as Omaha Reporter
Phillip Jeanmarie
as Student at Debate
Wade Aaron
as Reporter
Angela Gardner
as Reporter Terry
Anne Marie Howard
as Reporter Sharon
Peter Trencher
as Moderator
Linda Dona
as Omaha Reporter
Michael O'Neill
as Rep. Wilcox
Kim Robillard
as Principal Stokes
Stephen Lee
as Stephen Wilding
Jeanette O'Connor
as Jan Spector
Steve Alvarez
as Stand-up Reporter
Bella Shaw
as CNN Reporter
Scot Atkinson
as Reporter Steve
Tony Adelman
as Tourist
Danny J. Evans
as Secret Service Agent
James MacDonald
as Agent Bennett
Henry G. Sanders
as Gavin Kester
Patrick O'Connell
as Man in Suit
Mary E. Winstead
as Sherri Dixon
Richard Varga
as Tour Guide
Carmen Argenziano
as Hugh Moreland
Marvin Jordan
as DNC Staffer
Daniel Hagen
as Justice Talbot
Angela Martinez
as Newscaster
Joey Sorge
as Bartender
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 27, 2005
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Steven Bochco, Rod Lurie, Marc Frydman, Dee Johnson
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