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Comment je l'ai rencontrée (2005 - 2013)

Comment je l'ai rencontrée (2005 - 2013)




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Ted Mosby raconte à ses enfants la suite d'événements qui l'a conduit à rencontrer leur mère. Entouré de sa bande d'amis, Ted a vécu bon nombre de situations comiques et incongrues au cours de sa recherche du grand amour.

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2012, CBS, 2 episodes

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2011, CBS, 13 episodes

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2010, CBS, 22 episodes

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2009, CBS, 24 episodes

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2007, CBS, 20 episodes


Jason Segel
as Marshall
Bob Saget
as Narrator
Bill Fagerbakke
as Marvin Sr.
Bob Odenkirk
as Arthur Hobbs
Bob Saget
as Narrator
Kal Penn
as Kevin
John Lithgow
as Jerry Whitaker
Alan Thicke
as Himself
Bette Rae
as Margaret
Martin Short
as Garrison Cootes
Ed Flores
as Male Jenkins
Paul Schackman
as Dr. Mitchell Friedman
Matt Jones
as Pizza Guy
Will Shadley
as JJ Whitaker
Bruce Gray
as Senior Partner
Ray Wise
as Robin Sr.
David Burtka
as Scooter
Katie Holmes
as Slutty Pumpkin
Amanda Peet
as Jenkins
Noah James Butler
as British General
Vicki Lewis
as Dr. Sonya
Jim Jansen
as Doctor
Taira Soo
as Nurse
Pamela Dunlap
as Miss Cruickshank
Cristine Rose
as Virginia
Dale E. Turner
as Professor Calzonetti
Taran Killam
as Blauman
Maury Povich
as Himself
Nicole Scherzinger
as Jessica Glitter
Daniel Escobar
as Professor Rodriguez
Brad Rowe
as George
John Getz
as Bob Hewitt
Bill J. Stevens
as Fantasy Jefferson Coatsworth
Bill J. Stevens
as Fantasy Jefferson Coatsworth
Jim Nantz
as Jim Nantz
Michael York
as Jefferson Van Smoot
John Cho
as Jeff Coatsworth
Shelby Zemanek
as Six-Year-Old Robin
Rizwan Manji
as Dr. Vikash
Kelly Holden-Bashar
as Mrs. Gilmartin
Suzy Nakamura
as Dr. Kirby
Todd Grinnell
as Insane Duane
Janet Varney
as Stacey Gusar
John Sloan
as Michael
Bar Paly
as Natalie
Asia DeMarcos
as Japanese Wife
E.E. Bell
as Walter
Peter Mackenzie
as Mr. Horvath
Jimmi Simpson
as Peter Durkenson
Deanna Russo
as Brooke Bartholomay
Ron Butler
as Proctor
Gina Comparetto
as Strawberry
Frank Crim
as Leonard Ross
Katie Malia
as Christy
Todd Sherry
as Lawrence
Clyde Tull
as Minister
Kenny Rogers
as Kindly Book Narrator
Jorge Garcia
as Steve "The Blitz"
Alex Trebek
as Himself
Matt Boren
as Stuart
Cristina Rose
as Virginia
Jaime Taite
as Christina
Barbara Perry
as Mrs. Douglas
Phil Simms
as Himself
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Cab Driver
Mieko Hillman
as Stephanie
Larry Poindexter
as Joe Donovan
Brooke Mackenzie
as Lisa Walker
Anne Dudek
as Natalie
Jan Bryant
as Mildred
Michael Gross
as Alfred Mosby
Andra Nechita
as Daughter
Rene Taylor
as Mrs. Matson
Hope Riley
as Attractive Brunette
Kim Knight
as Tricia
Lucky Davis
as Eight-Year-Old Kid
Brea Cola
as Hannah
Breanna Yde
as Little Girl
Abhi Sinha
as Guy #2
Nick Toren
as Tourist
Larry Wilmore
as Dr. Greer
Hong Chau
as Cook Pu
Koby Rouviere
as 10 Year Old Marshall
Jill Basey
as Mrs. Perkins
Ryan Burnham
as Bartender No. 1
Michael Edwin
as Delivery Guy
Jack Walsh
as Morris
Tess Alexandra Parker
as Mysterious Woman
Shelli Boone
as Bridesmaid
Blake Bertrand
as Young Marvin Jr.
Freddie Francis
as Colton Dunn
Blake Hogue
as Neighbor
Thomas Crawford
as Wedding Guest #1
Will Shortz
as Himself
Dave Foley
as Mr. Bloom
Matthew Hatchette
as Bartender No. 2
Piper Mackenzie Harris
as 11-Year-Old Lily
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Wedding Guest #2
Shira Scott
as Jennifer
Steve Tom
as Kelly's Father
Gibson Sjobeck
as Young Marcus
Greg Lewis
as Mr. Ossias
Harry S. Murphy
as Reverend Platt
Krys Marshall
as Bridesmaid
Cindy Adams
as Wedding Guest #3
Lauren Halperin
as Parent #2
Betsy Rue
as Audrey
Marion Kerr
as Whitney
Jim Grollman
as Uncle Larry
Don Creech
as Old Guy
G. Lane Hillman
as Architect Student
Ted Jonas
as Russell
Adam Tsekhman
as Parent #1
Gerrit Goossen
as Finnish Guy
Phil Lord
as Too Much Tongue Guy
Malin Akerman
as Movie Stella
Bruce Merkle
as Michael
Diana Pena
as GNB Employee
Jon Dore
as Mugger / Zoo Keeper
Jason Lewis
as Movie Tony
Vince Cefalu
as Punchy's Dad
Charles Chun
as Mr. Park
Ria Pavia
as Gloria
Tom Virtue
as Minister
Clinton Leupp
as Drag Queen
Kristin McCoy
as Bar Patron
Ian Wolterstorff
as Stoner Guy
Jadon Sand
as Rob Greenberg
Kyle S. More
as Hipster Dude
Tess Parker
as Mysterious Woman
Brian Jones
as Co-Worker #2
Patrick Weil
as Bluenverkäufer
Péter Katona
as Co-Worker #1
Ryan Bruce
as Blue Plate Cook
James Ryen
as Co-Worker #3
Gita Isak
as Answering Machine
Harry Murphy
as Reverend Platt
Phill Lewis
as Loan Officer
Cinda Adams
as Wedding Guest #3
Marty Dew
as Dancer
Nick Drago
as Dancer
Marcienne Dwyer
as Ex-Girlfriend
Cate Beehan
as la petite amie de Ted
Nadine Ellis
as Lady Cop
Bruce Holman
as Art Gallery Bystander
Tyler Peterson
as Thirteen Year Old Marshall
Michael William Arnold
as Marshall's Son
Kevin Heffernan
as Ted Mosby Porn Star
Lonnie Henderson
as Business Man
Justin Alston
as Cool Black Guy
Doug Benson
as Cool Customs Guy
Mary Alyce Kania
as Walk of Shame Woman
Petrea Burchard
as Female Gallery Patron
Anthony Palermo
as Customs Officer
Brian Letscher
as Angry Guy
Olivia Presley
as Party Goer
Terrell Lee
as Bouncer
Nathalie Antonia
as Girl at the Bar
Sophie Simpson
as College Girl
Joni Bovill
as Officer McKie
Russell Bailey
as College Student
Roni Meron
as The Girl at the Bar
Whit Hertford
as Lost in Space Robot
Mindy Montavon
as Canadian Curling Team Member
Vanessa Ross
as MaClaren's Pub Patron
Matt Frewer
as Carriage Driver
Derek Easley
as The Sexless Innkeeper
Casey Simpson
as Young Barney
William Ngo
as Chinese Delivery Boy
Harvey Fierstein
as Lily's Smoking Voice
Jay Lay
as The Nicest Guy in the World
Jesse Heiman
as Hotdog Buying Guy
Paul Vasquez
as Sex Addict
Sara Holden
as Trampoline Girl
Gaku Space
as Robin's Date
Brenda Koo
as Beautiful Woman
Melissa Rivera
as Hot Bullfighter
Abigail Wright
as Bar Patron
Michael Hennessey
as Airline Pilot
Doris Jung Usui
as Korean Woman
Angelica Ng
as Japanese Waitress
Romina Laino
as Coin Flipper
Zuzana Presova
as Lindsey Stoddart
Lei'lah Star
as Slapping Kid
Nick Salter
as Groomsman
Zenali Turner
as Slapping Game Kid
Mark Roman
as MacLaren's Patron
Aphrodite Camello
as Hopeless Bar Patron
Clark Gilmer
as Blond Girl at the bar
Chase Stockman
as Beat Boxer
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