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Crossing Lines: Season 3 Reviews

½ December 13, 2018
I don?t know how they managed this catastrophe but just cancel it. Should?ve just stopped at season 2
½ August 11, 2017
A terrible, unexpected and unwelcome reboot of the series that turns a blind eye to the finale of second season. A half-assed mention is made of the disappearance of almost the entire cast, but every storyline that closed the prior season is ignored and ultimately forgotten.

Worse, the writing of the series is dramatically worse than years prior. It's a different writing staff. Both the stories and cinematography do not match prior seasons. Three original characters and a new group of folk no one can get deeply emotionally invested in because they're two-dimensional archetypes. Enjoy the first two seasons, warts and all, they are far, far superior to this dreck.