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Dallas (1978 - 1991)

Dallas (1978 - 1991)





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Power, passion and duplicity drive this landmark saga set at the Southfork ranch, home of the oil-rich Ewing clan and ground zero for prime-time soaps in the late '70s and through the '80s. The most successful prime-time soap in TV history, `Dallas' spawned the popular `Knots Landing' and inspired a plethora of clones, most notably its chief ratings challenger, `Dynasty.' It also ushered in the use of cliffhanger endings to bolster interest and ratings with its 1980 `Who Shot J.R.?' episode.

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1990, CBS, 22 episodes

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1989, CBS, 27 episodes

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1988, CBS, 26 episodes

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1987, CBS, 30 episodes

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1986, CBS, 29 episodes

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1985, CBS, 31 episodes

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1984, CBS, 30 episodes

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1983, CBS, 30 episodes


Larry Hagman
as John Ross `J.R.' Ewing Jr.
Barbara Bel Geddes
as Eleanor Ewing
Donna Reed
as Eleanor Ewing
Jim Davis
as John Ross `Jock' Ewing
Patrick Duffy
as Bobby Ewing
Victoria Principal
as Pamela Barnes Ewing
Charlene Tilton
as Lucy Ewing Cooper
Linda Gray
as Sue Ellen Ewing
Steve Kanaly
as Ray Krebbs
Ken Kercheval
as Cliff Barnes
Tina Louise
as Julie Grey
Jenilee Harrison
as Jamie Ewing Barnes
David Wayne
as William `Digger' Barnes
Susan Flannery
as Leslie Stewart
Keenan Wynn
as William `Digger' Barnes
David Ackroyd
as Gary Ewing
Ted Shackelford
as Gary Ewing
Susan Howard
as Donna Culver Krebbs
Leigh McCloskey
as Mitch Cooper
Jared Martin
as Dusty Farlow
Dack Rambo
as Jack Ewing
Jack Scalia
as Nicholas Pearce
Tyler Banks
as John Ross Ewing III
Omri Katz
as John Ross Ewing III
Howard Keel
as Clayton Farlow
Joan Van Ark
as Valene Ewing
Mary Crosby
as Kristin Shepard
Andrew Stevens
as Casey Denault
Sheree J. Wilson
as April Stevens
Leigh Taylor-Young
as Kimberly Cryder
George Kennedy
as Carter McKay
Lesley-Anne Down
as Stephanie Rogers
Barbara Eden
as LeeAnn De La Vega
Audrey Landers
as Afton Cooper
Morgan Brittany
as Katherine Wentworth
John Beck
as Mark Graison
Susan Lucci
as Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor
Joshua Harris
as Christopher Ewing
Sasha Mitchell
as James Richard Beaumont
Don Starr
as Jordan Lee
Kimberly Foster
as Michelle Stevens
Christopher Atkins
as Peter Richards
Lois Chiles
as Holly Harwood
Barbara Carrera
as Angelica Nero
Fern Fitzgerald
as Marilee Stone
William Smithers
as Jeremy Wendell
George Petrie
as Smithfield
Monte Markham
as Clint Ogden
Alexis Smith
as Jessica
Jim McMullan
as Senator
Ian McShane
as Lockwood
Jeff Cooper
as Dr. Ellby
John Anderson
as Dr. Styles
Ben Piazza
as Walt Driscoll
Barbara Stock
as Liz Adams
Irena Ferris
as Tammy Kent
Buck Taylor
as Det. Bussey
Barry Corbin
as Sheriff Washburn
Martha Scott
as Mrs. Shepard
Morgan Woodward
as Punk Anderson
Barbara Babcock
as Liz Craig
E.J. Andre
as Eugene
Harold Gould
as Dr. Wexler
Denver Pyle
as Blackie
Michael Bell
as Les Crowley
Karen Carlson
as Mrs. Scottfield
Joel Fabiani
as Alex Ward
Art Hindle
as Jeff Farraday
Ellen Geer
as Dr. Krane
Stephen Elliott
as Scotty Demarest
Laura Johnson
as Betty Lou
Nicolas Coster
as Joe Morris
Arlen Dean Snyder
as George Hicks
Nicholas Hammond
as Bill Johnson
Newell Alexander
as Sen. Hunsacker
Gretchen Wyler
as Dr. Conrad
Tony Miller
as Dr. Kessler
Fred Beir
as Ben Maxwell
Claude Earl Jones
as Wally Hampton
Michael Alldredge
as Detective Horton
Barry Jenner
as Kenderson
Warren Vanders
as Harry Owens
Bruce French
as Jerry Macon
Alan Weeks
as Judge Thomas
Don Porter
as Devlin
John Zaremba
as Dr. Danvers
Mark Wheeler
as Kit Mainwaring
Anne Francis
as Arliss Cooper
Peter White
as Breslin
Sheila Larken
as Priscilla Duncan
Dale Robertson
as Frank Crutcher
James Cromwell
as Gerald Kane
Deborah Tucker
as Debra Lynn
Kate Reid
as Aunt Lil
William Windom
as Amos Krebbs
Christopher Stone
as David Stratton
David Healy
as Chick Harvard
Lee de Broux
as Bouleris
Peter Donat
as Dr. Miles Pearson
Paul Eiding
as Father Mallory
Jack Rader
as Reuther
Craig Stevens
as Craig Stewart
Jerry Hardin
as Judge Loeb
Ken Swofford
as Burnside
Tony Rizzoli
as Schmidt
Randolph Mantooth
as Joe Don Ford
William H. Bassett
as Dr. Holliston
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Gordon
Derek McGrath
as Valentine
Elaine Wilkes
as Mary Lou
Stephen Bradley
as Dr. Feffer
Kirk Scott
as Spangler
Joshua Bryant
as Peter Carson
Stephen Davies
as Will Hart
Ed Kenney
as Senator Newbury
Robert J. Wilke
as Tom Owens
Brad Pitt
as Randy
Joseph Malone
as J.J. Carter
E.H Andre
as Eugene Bullock
Marty Schiff
as Del Greco
John Harkins
as Control
Ramy Zada
as Dancer
John Hoge
as Ratagan
Jocelyn Brando
as Mrs. Reeves
Clyde Kusatsu
as Dr. Matsuda
Chelcie Ross
as Dr. Wykoff
Charles Bateman
as Sen. Garrity
Richard Herd
as John Mackey
Bill Morey
as Leo Wakefield
Gerald Gordon
as Dr. Carter
Richard Beymer
as Jeff Larkin
John Ingle
as Minister
Jean Claudio
as Inspector
Allen Case
as Martin Cole
Paul Koslo
as Al Parker
Melinda O. Fee
as Cathy Baker
Michael Griswold
as Charles Deanery
William Watson
as Hutch McKinney
Robert O'Reilly
as Patrick O'Riley
Stefan Gierasch
as Ben Masters
Lesley Woods
as Amanda Ewing
Allan Miller
as Hoskins
George Coe
as Gen. Fritz Longley
Michael Currie
as Sam Reynolds
Jim Haynie
as Garrett
Ron Canada
as Wallace
J. Jay Saunders
as Middleton
Robin Clarke
as Ed Haynes
David Gale
as Gerhardt
Ed Nelson
as Jeb Ames
Robin Strand
as John Baxter
Martin E. Brooks
as Edgar Randolph
James Ray
as Bekins
Andrew Prine
as Harrison Van Buren III
Fred Holliday
as Atherton
Bruce Gray
as David Stanley
James Whitmore Jr.
as Buzz Connors
Joanna Cassidy
as Sally Bullock
Barry Nelson
as Arthur Elrod
Donald Moffat
as Brooks Oliver
Sharon Wyatt
as Marvel Reed
Thomas Callaway
as Dan Owens
Mel Ferrer
as Harrison Page
Ron Hayes
as Hank Johnson
Jay Gerber
as Rosemont
Med Flory
as McBride
Bill McIntyre
as Billy Joe
Edward Call
as Sam Gurney
Kay E. Kuter
as Andy Sampson
Jeffrey Byron
as Roger Hurley
Greg Evigan
as Willie Guest
Alan Fudge
as Dr. Langtry
Alan McRae
as `J.R.'
John Petlock
as Dan Marsh
John McIntire
as Sam Culver
John Lehne
as Kyle Bennett
Crystal Carson
as `Sue Ellen'
Steve Forestt
as Parmalee
Colleen Camp
as Kristin
Joel Grey
as Angel
Don Hood
as Vaughn
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TV Network: CBS
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Lee Rich, Philip Capice, Larry Hagman, Leonard Katzman
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