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Designing Women (1986 - 1993)

Designing Women (1986 - 1993)





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Savvy single women run Sugarbakers, an Atlanta decorating business, in this saucy sitcom with feminist sensibilities, which also endured its share of tabloid notoriety (thanks in some measure to Delta Burke's fluctuating weight and her departure from the series in 1991). Created by Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the series garnered 11 Emmy nominations.

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1992, CBS, 24 episodes

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1991, CBS, 23 episodes

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1990, CBS, 24 episodes

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1989, CBS, 29 episodes

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1988, CBS, 22 episodes

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1987, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Although the jokes don't always stick the landing, the excellent actresses alone make Designing Women worth watching.

1986, CBS, 22 episodes


Delta Burke
as Suzanne Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter
as Julia Sugarbaker
Jean Smart
as Charlene Frazier Stillfield
Annie Potts
as Mary Jo Shively
Meshach Taylor
as Anthony Bouvier
Hal Holbrook
as Reese Watson
Alice Ghostley
as Bernice Clifton
Julia Duffy
as Allison Sugarbaker
Jan Hooks
as Carlene Frazier Dobber
Judith Ivey
as B.J. Poteet
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Etienne Toussant Bouvier
Douglas Barr
as Army Colonel
Olivia Brown
as Vanessa
Lois Foraker
as Annette
George Newbern
as Julia's Son
Gerald McRaney
as Dash Goff
Michael Ross
as Nashville Starmaker
Dona Hardy
as Mrs. Chesley
Tracey Walter
as Minister
Jack Bannon
as Sheffield
Robert Donovan
as Guy No. 1
Marilyn Coleman
as Aunt Louise
Jessie Jones
as Marshal
Jon Huffman
as Policeman
Bruce French
as Mr. Cohen
Dub Taylor
as Daddy Jones
Bill Cobbs
as Henry/Charles
Guy Boyd
as Shelby
Danny Thomason
as Reggie Mac
Brandis Kemp
as Mrs. Boeving
Kristoffer Tabori
as Mary Jo's Friend
Tony Goldwyn
as Kendall
Ivan Bonar
as Wilmont
Dierk Torsek
as Hard Hat No. 1
Barbara Beckley
as Mrs. Hoffman
Larry Cox
as Brian
Ed Levy
as Newsstand Guy
Robert Moran
as Soldier No. 1
Anne Haney
as Phoebe
Dolly Parton
as Charlene's Guardian Movie Star
James Karen
as Kearney
Beans Morocco
as Director
Lisa Peluso
as Young Lawyer
Gregg Henry
as Suzanne's Ex
Richard Cox
as Barringer
Ritch Shydner
as Designer
Kim Hamilton
as Annabelle
Denny Dillon
as Big Edie
Patrick Day
as Daughter's Boyfriend
Marji Martin
as Donna Jo
Sally Champlin
as Mrs. Turkle
Bruce Davison
as Rev. Eugene Chapman
Jay Bell
as Stewart
Connie Lew
as Orphan
Ted Leplat
as Hence Winchester
Rosalind Ingledew
as Terry Wilder
Frances E. Williams
as Anthony's Grandmother
Peter Crook
as Friendly Guy
Camilla Carr
as Mrs. Salinger
John Shearin
as Mr. No Fat Chicks
Ginna Carter
as Sugarbakers' Niece
Karen Kopins
as Former Beauty Queen
D. David Morin
as Charlene's Beau
Nick DeMauro
as Officer
Rika Hofmann
as Babysitter
Ann Walker
as Rosalind
Dayna Winston
as Savannah
Shavar Ross
as Anthony's Juvenile Charge
Tom Sullivan
as Blind Client
James Higdon
as Hastings
Constance Towers
as Client's Wife
P.R. Paul
as Purse Snatcher
Thomas Callaway
as Escaped Con
Bobby Ferguson
as Charlene's Old School Chum
Peter White
as Newscaster
Mary Dixie Marter
as Sugarbakers' Niece
Fabriana Udenio
as Exotic Dancer
Kim Zimmer
as Charlene's Cousin
Christina Rich
as Party Girl
William Utay
as Croupier
Jason Bernard
as Commissioner
Richard Bull
as TV Pitchman
Gregory Wurster
as Charlene's Brother
Newell Alexander
as Truck Driver
Leann Hunley
as Client's Mistress
Lyndsey Fields
as Miss Travis
James Naughton
as Orchestra Conductor
Marius Weyers
as Julia's Mentor
Gretchen Wyler
as Broadway Has-Been
Jennifer Rhodes
as Ms. Tauber
John Asher
as Dennis
Lisa Jane Persky
as Carlene's Groupie
Tiffany Terry
as Ticket Agent
Warren Burton
as Reynolds
Kerry Stein
as Podiatrist
Andrew Bloch
as Gorilla Man
Jackie Joseph
as Mary Jo's Mom
Shay Astar
as Tiffany
Amy Yasbeck
as Tiffany
Jack Stauffer
as Croupier
Kelly Korbel
as Flight Attendant
Paula Trickey
as Bikini Model
Jerry Lacy
as New York Financier
James Keane
as Wildman
Della Reese
as Etienne's Mom
Anne Carney
as Waitress
Pat Carroll
as Julia's Friend
Frank DiElsi
as Podiatrist
Marla Maples
as Herself
Tom Kindle
as Wildman
John Huffman
as Officer
Sherman Hemsley
as Etienne's Dad
Robert Cesario
as Ticket Agent
Clayton Landey
as Guy in See-Through Shirt
Scott Hoxby
as Officer
Ron Glass
as Punch
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1986
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Harry Thomason, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Norma Safford Vela
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