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Dexter (2006 - 2013)



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A forensic expert lives a double life as a vigilante-serial killer who murders wrongdoers who've escaped justice.

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2021, Showtime, 1 episodes

Critics Consensus: The darkly dreaming Dexter lays to rest once and for all in a bitterly disappointing final season that is so hesitant to punish its anti-hero for his misdeeds, it opts to punish its audience instead.

2013, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Season seven represents a return to form for Dexter, characterized by a riveting storyline and a willingness to take some risks.

2012, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Heavy-handed symbolism, an unimpressive villain, and a redundant arc for America's favorite serial killer all conspire to make Dexter's sixth season its worst yet.

2011, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Michael C. Hall's remarkable performance invites viewers into Dexter's heart of darkness in a sorrowful fifth season that explores whether a hollow man can become a real boy.

2010, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: The inherent comedy of Miami's favorite psychopath contending with domestic bliss and the unspeakable horror of John Lithgow's Trinity killer coalesce into one of Dexter's most sensational seasons.

2009, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: America's most amiable serial killer has lost some of his dramatic edge, but this third outing continues Dexter's streak of delivering deliriously twisted entertainment.

2008, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Bay Harbor Butcher secures his nefarious spot among the great television anti-heroes in a taut second season that is both painfully suspenseful and darkly hilarious.

2007, Showtime, 12 episodes


Michael C. Hall
as Dexter Morgan
Julie Benz
as Rita Bennett
Jennifer Carpenter
as Debra Morgan
Yvonne Strahovski
as Hannah McKay
C.S. Lee
as Vince Masuka
Luna Lauren Vélez
as Maria LaGuerta
David Zayas
as Angel Batista
James Remar
as Harry Morgan
Erik King
as Sgt. Doakes
Geoffrey Pierson
as Capt. Matthews
Devon Graye
as Teenage Dexter
Dominic Janes
as Young Dexter
Cristos Pappas
as Norberto Cervantes
Rudolf Martin
as Carlos Guerrero
Scott William Winters
as Det. McNamara
Jaime Murray
as Lila Tournay
Keith Carradine
as Special Agent Frank Lundy
Jimmy Smits
as Miguel Prado
David Ramsey
as Anton Briggs
John Lithgow
as Arthur Mitchell
Yasiin Bey
as Brother Sam
Edward James Olmos
as Prof. James Gellar
Colin Hanks
as Travis Marshall
Charlotte Rampling
as Dr. Evelyn Vogel
Aimee Garcia
as Jamie Batista
Dana L. Wilson
as Det. Angie Miller
Bruce Holman
as Det. Michael Soderquist
Jadon Wells
as Harrison
Maxwell Huckabee
as Little Dexter
Sam Underwood
as Zach Hamilton
Billy Brown
as Mike Anderson
Andrew Kirsanov
as Jurg Yeliashkevych
Dora Madison
as Niki Walters
Francisco Viana
as Det. Jake Simms
Darri Ingolfsson
as Oliver Saxon
Josh Cooke
as Louis Greene
Dave Baez
as Gabriel
Dana Wilson
as Angie Miller
A.J. Castro
as First Deputy
Tasia Sherel
as Female Clerk
Daniel Buran
as Wayne Randal
Kenny Johnson
as U.S. Marshall Cooper
Matthew Willig
as Little Chino
Mike Erwin
as Freebo
Mark L. Young
as Jeremy Downs
Angela Alvarado
as Nina Batista
Evan Kruntchev
as Harrison Morgan
Don R. McManus
as Roger Hicks
Gary Kraus
as Sheriff Burns
as Norberto Cervantes
Susie Taylor
as Det. Sue
Luke Kruntchev
as Harrison Morgan
Aaron McCusker
as A.J. Yates
Marc Macaulay
as Detective
Roger Hewlett
as Mr. Pryce
Sage Kirkpatrick
as Laura Moser
Nicole LaLiberte
as Arlene Schram
Justin Kane
as Off. Simon
Matt Gerald
as Ray Speltzer
Neeona Neal
as Jane Saunders
Neeona Neel
as Jane Saunders
Alex Schemmer
as Alexander Pryce
Valerie Cruz
as Sylvia Prado
Joel Weiss
as Cal Rooney
Gina Comparetto
as Hot Blonde
Jeanne Tidwell
as Mrs. Donovan
Kristin Dattilo
as Barbara Gianna
Bruce Weitz
as Lenny Asher
Paul Lieber
as Bartender
Joe Ordaz
as Biggest Columbian
Valerie Dillman
as Valerie Castillo
Anne Ramsay
as Ellen Wolf
Lauren C. Mayhew
as Melanie Garrett
Brett Rickaby
as Inspector Phil Bosso
Claude Shires
as Annoying Man
Pablo Soriano
as Det. Ramos
Eddie Kehler
as Droning Man
Ryan K. Smith
as Police Officer
Mario Z
as Elderly Man
Ron Rogge
as Blue-Collar Guy
Bryce Robinson
as Kid No. 1
Roy Rutland
as Desk Sergeant
Kaleigh Kennedy
as Kid No. 2
Dakin Matthews
as Dr. Pitman
Craig Patton
as Customs Officer
Shawn Hatosy
as Boyd Fowler
Barbara Tarbuck
as Sussman's Mother
Scott Grimes
as Alex Tilden
Angela Bettis
as Emily Birch
Julia Vera
as Old Cuban Woman
Julian Sands
as Miles Castner
Max Gail
as Tour-Boat Guide
Amy Pietz
as Dr. Cooper
Eric Ladin
as Dr. Turner
Julie Warner
as Lori Randall/Lori Kirkwood
David Chisum
as Kevin Wyman
Kurt Caceres
as Officer Martinez
Beth Grant
as Donna Randall
Jennifer Christopher
as Fort Lauderdale Police Officer
Devereau Chumrau
as Coffee Shop Waitress
Nestor Serrano
as Hector Estrada
Jack Guzman
as Quinones
Adrian Neil
as Attorney
Marc Gomes
as Dr. Willis
Bubba Lewis
as Tyler Barnes
Jim Beaver
as Clint McKay
Suzanne Whang
as Anchor Woman
Britt George
as Beaten Man
Donnell Turner
as Off Duty Cop
Miguel Nájera
as Medical Examiner
Monique Barajas
as Sofia Fuentes
Amber Hay
as Foxhole dancer
Laura Patalano
as Housekeeper
Gina Hecht
as Mrs. Tucci
Eric Lee Huffman
as Uniformed Cop
Sherman Augustus
as Benjamin Caffrey
Ashli Haynes
as Waitress
Karl Herlinger
as Oleg Mickic
Erin Daniels
as Rita's Neighbor
Stewart Skelton
as Matthew Braun
Ludwig Manukian
as Alex Dubrozny
José Zúñiga
as Jorge Castillo
Bart Braverman
as Marina Master
Natalina Maggio
as Sexy Bartender
Skye P. Marshall
as Receptionist
Mike Foy
as Jensen
Nick Jaine
as Lead Forensic Tech
Burl Moseley
as Lab Tech
Alexandra Hoover
as Female Uni
Wayne Lopez
as Juan Alonso
Clifford Morts
as Board Commissioner
Coco d'Este
as Amanda Garrett
Roger Rignack
as Strip Club Customer
Suzanne Lanza
as Vanessa Gayle
Jenny Phagan
as Female Witness
David Russell Batiste
as Computer Analyst
Hunter King
as Teenage Debra
Mary-Bonner Baker
as Nurse Jansen
Jerry Ying
as Paramedic #1
Lucas Adams
as 17 Year Old Harrison
Carlease Burke
as Assistant
Rolando Millet
as Court Official
Brandon Killham
as Little Brian
Denise Crosby
as Nurse Mary
Laura Soares
as Strip Club Cashier
Brent Chase
as Bouncer
Brian Oblak
as TSA Agent #1
Lee Christian
as Kissing Gay Bar Patron
Kathrin Middleton
as Doris Morgan
Tom Schanley
as Paul's Debt Collector
Colton James
as Metalhead
Amanda Wyss
as Social Worker
Kiya Roberts
as Exotic Dancer
Josh Wingate
as Paramedic
Josh Daugherty
as Morgue Attendant
P.J. Marino
as Truck Driver
Jenny Lin
as Stripper
Jayden Lund
as Supervisor
K.C. Ramsey
as Reporter
Amanda Tepe
as Young Lab Tech
René Ashton
as Meghan Dowd
Erica Luttrell
as Library Aide
Ky Mahone
as George's Friend
Darcy Fowers
as Captive Prostitute
John C. McDonnell
as Dock Manager
Mary Chris Wall
as Carolyn Jillian
Jonathan Khan
as Officer Wong
Carmen Olivares
as Attractive Woman #1
Camila Banus
as Girl Swimming
Taso Papadakis
as Cop Friend
Diane Mizota
as Karen Yee
Wing Armstrong
as Medical Examiner Munoz
Chris Muto
as Police Officer
Jason Bartley
as Crime Scene Officer
Demetrius Grosse
as Morgue Attendant
Mike Cochrane
as Sasquatch
Tom Nowicki
as Knife Vendor
Rob Goodman
as Dead Victim
Ben Hausbach
as Witness
Eric Shackelford
as Man On Cellphone
Jadin Gould
as Young Debra
Nicholas Simmons
as Murdered Drug Dealer
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