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Diff'rent Strokes (1978 - 1986)

Diff'rent Strokes (1978 - 1986)





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A long-running sitcom about Park Avenue millionaire who adopts two Harlem orphans after the death of their housekeeper mother.

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1985, NBC, 21 episodes

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1984, NBC, 24 episodes

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1983, NBC, 24 episodes

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1982, NBC, 24 episodes

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1981, NBC, 26 episodes

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1980, NBC, 22 episodes

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1979, NBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Gary Coleman impresses with his exuberant comedic timing, but Diff'rent Strokes is a misfire with groan-inducing quips and a concept that's more condescending than inspiring.

1978, NBC, 24 episodes


Conrad Bain
as Philip Drummond
Gary Coleman
as Arnold Jackson
Todd Bridges
as Willis Jackson
Dana Plato
as Kimberly Drummond
Charlotte Rae
as Mrs. Edna Garrett
Nedra Volz
as Adelaide Brubaker
Janet Jackson
as Charlene Duprey
Dody Goodman
as Aunt Sophia
Shavar Ross
as Dudley Ramsey
Mary Jo Catlett
as Pearl Gallagher
Rosalind Chao
as Miss Chung
Steven Mond
as Robbie Jason
Nikki Swasey
as Lisa Hayes
Danny Cooksey
as Sam McKinney
Dixie Carter
as Maggie McKinney
Mary Ann Mobley
as Maggie McKinney
Jason Hervey
as Charlie
McLean Stevenson
as Larry Alder
Robert Rockwell
as Tom Bishop
Kim Fields
as Tootie
Tyren Perry
as Jennifer
Robert Ginty
as Connolly
Le Tari
as Mr. Ramsey
Hoyt Axton
as Wes McKinney
Whitman Mayo
as Jethro L. Simpson
Paul Kent
as Judge
Lee Chamberlin
as Dr. Tucker
Jack Knight
as Coach Stockwood
Gordon Jump
as Mr. Horton
Ron Feinberg
as Detective
Andrew Dice Clay
as Crazy Larry
Andre Fox
as Angela
Kip King
as Dr. Padnick
Bruce Mahler
as Captain Jack
Leon Askin
as Doshenko
Peter Hobbs
as Sid Franklin
Regi Green
as Stuart
Robin LaValley
as Mrs. Walters
Sal Lopez
as Roberto
Dabney Coleman
as Fred Tanner
Toy Newkirk
as Beverly
Milton Berle
as Rabbi Morris
Ian Fried
as Freddie
as Richie
Emily Yancy
as Mrs. Hayes
Frank Farmer
as Policeman
Nobu McCarthy
as Hi-Sook Chun
David Wallace
as Jeff Stewart
Bob Dubac
as David
Edward Andrews
as Mr. Sloan
Garrett Morris
as Santa/Mr. Jones
Terry Kiser
as Burglar
Helen Page Camp
as Mrs. Gordon
Bob Rockwell
as Tom Bishop
Dorothy Meyers
as Mrs. Keith
Maureen McNamara
as Miss Armstrong
Huntz Hall
as Derelict
David Paymer
as Wallace
Howard Morton
as Headmaster
Grant Wilson
as Roger Morehouse
Greg Mullavey
as Slattery
Rhoda Gemignani
as Dr. Roberts
Brad English
as Mr. Moore
Wendy Fulton
as Rebecca Saunders
John McCook
as Tom Wallace
Brad Trumbull
as Detective Simpson
Roger C. Carmel
as Choreographer
Soleil Moon Frye
as Terry Harris
Erik Moss
as Oscar
Monika Furness
as Suzie Moore
Audrey Meadows
as Mrs. Martinson
Jayne Kennedy
as Mrs. Jenkins
Ellen Travolta
as Ms. Ainsly
Joanna Gleason
as Morgan Winslow
Angela Newell
as Cynthia Needleman
Keone Young
as David Chun
Ray Bolger
as Clarence Markwell
Jack Riley
as Charles Sutton
Enid Kent
as Mrs. Martino
Curtis Wong
as Karate Assistant
John Starr
as Messenger
Jane Dulo
as Lillian
Joel Brooks
as Pearlberg
Elinor Donahue
as Diane Slone
James Cromwell
as Father O'Brien
Reggie Jackson
as Larry Moore
David Sheehan
as Reporter
Louise Sorel
as Robin Saunders
Ken Olfson
as Cribbs
Don Dolan
as Carlson
Dana Kimmell
as Michelle
Marla Pennington
as Nurse Fleming
Muhammad Ali
as Himself
Carol White
as Valerie
Joan Welles
as Mrs. Gibson
Mindy Cohn
as Natalie
Brad Kesten
as Bobby Garth
Mr. T
as Himself
Krista Errickson
as Diane Alder
Bob Ari
as Milos Dubrovsky
William Pierson
as Bartender
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Nov 3, 1978
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Bob Brunner
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