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Dirt (2007 - 2008)

Dirt (2007 - 2008)





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A ruthless Hollywood tabloid editor uses threats and manipulation to track down dirt on stars, aided by a very resourceful (and very schizophrenic) paparazzo.

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Critics Consensus: Dirt gains some dimension in its second season by drawing from headline scandals, but the series' scorn still feels tedious.

2008, FX, 7 episodes

Critics Consensus: Distasteful and half-baked, Dirt lacks the showbiz authenticity to give its satire sting or the depth to make Courteney Cox's antihero a plausible character.

2007, FX, 13 episodes


Courteney Cox
as Lucy Spiller
Ian Hart
as Don Konkey
Josh Stewart
as Holt McLaren
Laura Allen
as Julia Mallory
Jeffrey Nordling
as Brent Barrow
Will McCormack
as Leo Spiller
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Willa McPherson
Rick Fox
as Prince Tyreese
Grant Show
as Jack Dawson
Paul Reubens
as Chuck Lafoon
Mariette Hartley
as Dorothy Spiller
Timothy Bottoms
as Gibson Horne
Vincent Gallo
as Sammy Winter
Paul Reubens
as Chuck Lafoon
Jennifer Aniston
as Tina Harrod
Ryan Eggold
as Farber Kauffman
Julie Claire
as Cheryl Steen
Richmond Arquette
as Collin DeQuisto
Ashley Johnson
as Sharlee Cates
Julian Acosta
as Adam Proteau
Owiso Odera
as Gareth DaSilva
Tom Arnold
as Jimmy Darby
Glen Badnya
as Elliott
Elisabeth Harnois
as Milan Carlton
Johann Urb
as Johnny Gage
Danny Comden
as Ted Coleman
Randy Oglesby
as Rev. Sweet
Billy Brown
as Tweety McDaniel
Glen Badyna
as Elliott
Lukas Haas
as Marqui Jackson
Stephanie Turner
as Maddie Sweet
Traber Burns
as Reginald
Channon Roe
as Jeff Stagliano
Mia Cottet
as Lynette Ogilvie
Bubba Lewis
as Chad Linn
Josh Clark
as Sam Greer
Nancy O'Dell
as Herself
Tony Potts
as Himself
Lyn Mahler
as Dr. Sandler
Jennifer Aniston
as Tina Harrod
Vincent Gallo
as Sammy Winter
Lauren Sanchez
as TV Anchor
Sharon Lawrence
as Cassie Hope
Larry Miller
as Bill Hope
Richard Karn
as Skip McLaren
Kymberly Newberry
as Annie Benson
Andrew Lukich
as ESPN Reporter
Kiersten Warren
as Martina Linn
Giuliana Ranic
as TV Anchor
Alex Weed
as Addict
Paul Howerton
as Paul Bristow
Perez Hilton
as Himself
Scott Klace
as DA Joss
Dru Mouser
as Laura Baum
Mario Locke
as Aundre G
Wayne Brady
as Anthony
Evan Peters
as Craig Hope
Jonathon Trent
as Tommy Spiro
Richard T. Jones
as `Bulldog' Derickson
Sean Anthony Moran
as Harvey Stone
Mark Vann
as Dr. Phil Kozar
Tim Peper
as Mitch Stanton
Camille Guaty
as Debbie Ann
Trabor Burns
as Reginald
Callum Blue
as Graham Duncan
Derek Magyar
as Roy Toy
James Gleason
as Minister
Adam Riancho
as Young Don
Cinda Adams
as Medical Examiner
Jasmine Lobe
as Genevieve
Morena Baccarin
as Claire Leland
Marty Ryan
as Dr. Frye
Joe Krowka
as Police Rep
Kate Linae
as Connie Chris
Rochelle Aytes
as Jasmine Ford
Anne L. Nathan
as Dr. Shalba
Bram Hoover
as Tyler Kurta
Judi Barton
as Friend of Dorothy
Ruben Garfias
as Groundskeeper
Tom Schmid
as ER Doctor
Victor Webster
as Trey Paulson
Stephen Heath
as Zack Bauer
Louise Bennett
as Reporter No. 1
Stewart Skelton
as Hart Hesselgrave
Gloria Votsis
as Brent's Date
Sean Squire
as Maurice
Rory Knox Johnston
as Adrian Lewis
Laura Kai Chen
as Paparazzo
Julie Nesbitt
as Maureen Mallory
Bernardo Badillo
as Curtis Landaw
Angela Martinez
as Reporter No. 3
Dominic Oliver
as Paparazzo
Tyson Chambers
as Goofy Young Guy
John Burke
as Ray Patterson
Kym Hoy
as Keiko
John J. Robinson
as Arnold Mallory
Brian Kirchoff
as Paparazzo
Mark Thompson
as TV Anchor
Johnny Drocco
as Paparazzo
James Luca McBride
as Porno Doctor
Bridget Grinenk
as Lucy as a 15-year-old
Victor Browne
as Malachi Brody
Hal Havins
as Frankie
Valerie Farr
as Gabrielle
Steve Kmetko
as PA Announcer
Jacqueline Levy
as Receptionist
Chantal Rae
as Porno Patient
John Heffron
as TV Host
Paris Barclay
as Director
Matt Bredel
as Security Guard
Peter Sprayt
as Night Man
Peter Martens
as Sad Cat Man
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Series Details

TV Network: FX
Premiere Date: Jan 2, 2007
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Matthew Carnahan, Joel Fields, Chris Long
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