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Doc McStuffins ( - 2020)

Doc McStuffins ( - 2020)





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Grandma presents Doc and her toys a wonderment by taking them to McStuffinsville; a township made up solely of toys. Doc now becomes the leader of the McStuffins Toy Hospital.

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2018, Disney Junior, 16 episodes

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2016, Disney Junior, 50 episodes

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2015, Disney Junior, 60 episodes

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2013, Disney Junior, 67 episodes

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2012, Disney Junior, 52 episodes


Laya DeLeon Hayes
as Doc McStuffins
David Copperfield
as Demitri the Dazzling
Carson Daly
as Speedy Speedboat
Camryn Manheim
as Rescue Ronda
Dot-Marie Jones
as Coach Kay
Dawnn Lewis
as Grandma McStuffins
Jason Marsden
as Teddy B.
Geena Davis
as Princess Persephone
Joanne Froggatt
as Florence Nightingale
Patton Oswalt
as Clarence
Parry Shen
as Shinji
Matt Milne
as Bernard
Jim Cummings
as Winnie the Pooh/Tigger
Nigel Harman
as Doodle Doo
Robert Bathurst
as Admiral Fiddlesticks
Bernardo De Paula
as Saltwater Serge
Oliver Bell
as Christopher Robin
Andre Robinson
as Donny McStuffins
Kimberly Brooks
as Mom McStuffins
Gary Anthony Williams
as Dad McStuffins
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TV Network: Disney Junior
Genre: Animation
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