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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993 - 1998)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993 - 1998)






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Frontier medicine with a feminist slant (but plenty of family values) in a Western drama that follows a female doctor, Michaela `Mike' Quinn, after her move from Boston to the Colorado Territory in the late 1860s. When one of her patients dies, Mike adopts the woman's three children and moves with them to a homestead owned by Sully, with whom she eventually develops a relationship.
Creator: Beth Sullivan

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1997, CBS, 22 episodes

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1996, CBS, 26 episodes

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1995, CBS, 28 episodes

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1994, CBS, 28 episodes

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1993, CBS, 27 episodes

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1993, CBS, 18 episodes


Jane Seymour
as Michaela `Mike' Quinn
Joe Lando
as Byron Sully
Orson Bean
as Loren Bray
Chad Allen
as Matthew Cooper
Erika Flores
as Colleen Cooper
Jessica Bowman
as Colleen Cooper
Shawn Toovey
as Brian Cooper
Jim Knobeloch
as Jake Slicker
Geoffrey Lower
as Timothy Johnson
Brandon Douglas
as Dr. Andrew Cook
Frank Collison
as Horace Bing
Larry Sellers
as Cloud Dancing
William Shockley
as Hank Lawson
Helene Udy
as Myra Bing
Barbara Babcock
as Dorothy Jennings
Gail Strickland
as Olive Davis
Guy Boyd
as Loren Bray (pilot only)
Michelle C. Bonilla
as Theresa Morales [1996-1997]
Alex Meneses
as Theresa Morales [1997-1998]
John Schneider
as Daniel Simon
David Beecroft
as Sgt. McKay
Jason Leland Adams
as Gen. Custer
Alley Mills
as Saloon Woman
Nick Ramus
as Black Kettle
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Sgt. O'Connor
Georgann Johnson
as Elizabeth Quinn
Tantoo Cardinal
as Snow Bird
David Tom
as Lewis
George Furth
as Jebediah Bancroft
Alan Brooks
as Wellend Smith
Johnny Cash
as Kid Cole
Darren Dalton
as Gen. George Armstrong Custer
Jane Wyman
as Elizabeth Quinn
Kenny Rogers
as Daniel Watkins
Don Stroud
as Tate Rankin
Jerry Hardin
as Dr. Cassidy
Zahn McClarnon
as Walks on Cloud
Andrew Prine
as Thaddeus Birch
Rosemary Murphy
as Mrs. Bing
Denny Miller
as Noah McBride
Jeff O'Haco
as One Eye
Kevin Cooney
as Judge Barton
Victoria Racimo
as Walks Alone
Stacy Keach Sr.
as Judge Webster
Paul Haber
as William Prenderly
Richard Moll
as Disfigured Man
Mary Rings
as Gloria
Robert Culp
as Medicine Show Man
Gregory Cruz
as Black Moon
Yumi Iwama
as Wu Jing Yang
Susanna Thompson
as Mrs. Sheehan
Jennifer Starr
as Suzanne James
Pato Hoffman
as Franklin
Jason Adams
as Gen Custer
Michelle Joyner
as Mrs. Norris
Janet Rotblatt
as Judith Logan
Donnie Jeffcoat
as Jim Younger
Ron Yuan
as Mr. Zhou
Nick Tate
as Martin Von Hoffman
Bonnie Morgan
as Rosemary Hart
Donald Moffat
as Walt Whitman
Rod Britt
as Dr. Liberti
Michael Rothhaar
as Collier's Reporter
Julian Neil
as Sterrett
Lucy Lin
as Mrs. Zhou
David Ogden Stiers
as Uncle Theodore
Stuart Nisbet
as Harry B. Smith
Gary Grubbs
as Clyde Hawkins
Jeremy Brown
as Louie the Kid
Max Gail
as Mr. James
Clu Gulager
as McKendrick
Carmen Zapata
as Dona Verano
Nancy Gilmour
as Becky's Mother
Melissa Clayton
as Belle Starr
Tom Kelly Moore
as Construction Foreman
Anthony Lee
as Curtis Roper
Steven Culp
as Peter Doyle
Leilani Murakami
as Zou Lo-Chiang
John Fountain
as Barbershop Patron
Jack Verbois
as Cowboy #1
Endre Hules
as Immigrant
Donn Berdahl
as Soldier
Bob Swain
as Mr. Avery
Ian Bohen
as Cole Younger
Will Egan
as Sergeant
John Valentine
as Denver Post Reporter
Cathy Worthington
as Mrs. Eckland
Joe Sikorra
as Guard #2
Jeff Ramsey
as Emily's Husband
Barbara Mandrell
as Gilda St. Clair
Jack Bannon
as Dr. Porter
John Doman
as Mr. Riggs
Jason Leland
as Preston
Gayle Hunter
as Patricia
Jerry Giles
as Mr. Myers
John Sexton
as Immigrant Photographer
Paul Francis
as Ben Hart
Kaz Garas
as Bill Baynes
Lisa Rieffel
as Atlantis
S.J. Rio
as Guillermo
Michael Greyeyes
as Walks in the Night
Steve Blackwood
as Dandy John
Stephen Rowe
as Jason Hart
Don Dowe
as Wilbur
Larry Dirk
as George
Billy DayDodge
as Arapahoe Elder
Ross Malinger
as Steven Myers
Eric Balfour
as Benjamin Avery
Lyndsey Fields
as Mrs. Avery
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Jan 1, 1993
Genre: Western
Executive Producers: Carl Binder, Sara Davidson, Timothy Johnson, Chris Abbott, Beth Sullivan
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