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Due South (1994 - 1998)

Due South (1994 - 1998)




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An upright Mountie cracks cases alongside a savvy Chicago detective in a wry cult series that playfully deconstructs American and Canadian stereotypes, while providing enough cast chemistry and plot surprises to make this one of the more fondly remembered '90s crime dramas.
Creator: Paul Haggis

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1997, CBS, 26 episodes

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1995, CBS, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: Predictable and sweet-natured, Due South goes down easy thanks to Paul Gross' gallant charm.

1994, CBS, 24 episodes


Paul Gross
as Constable Benton Fraser
David Marciano
as Det. Ray Vecchio
Beau Starr
as Capt. Welsh
Ramona Milano
as Francesca Vecchio
Catherine Bruhier
as Elaine Bresbriss
Camilla Scott
as Insp. Meg Thatcher
Callum Keith Rennie
as Det. Stanley Kowalski
Ken Pogue
as Gerard
Leslie Nielsen
as Sgt. Duncan `Buck' Frobisher
Alex Carter
as Agent Smith
Mark Melymick
as Agent Deeter
Tyrone Benskin
as Mr. Shawl
Hugh Thompson
as Torrance
August Schellenberg
as Gilbert Wallace
Stephen Shellen
as Eddie Beets
Bo Svenson
as Muldoon
Jack Nicholsen
as Caulfield
Rino Romano
as Ian MacDonald
David Calderisi
as Vecchio Sr. (Ghost)
Rummy Bishop
as Mr. Rubens
Shay Duffin
as Father Behan
Maury Chaykin
as Jasper Gutman
George Bloomfield
as Video Customer
Stacy Haiduk
as Janice DeLuca
Deborah Rennard
as Dr. Esther Pearson
Kaye Ballard
as Mrs. Vecchio
Robert Clothier
as Mr. Potter
Jared Wall
as Robbie
Al Cozlick
as Officer Cuthbert
Redge Green
as Hamish Carter
Salome Bey
as Momma Lolla
Andrew McLean
as Deron Martin
Art Hindle
as Robert Bedford
Bill MacDonald
as Kidnapper
Sam Moses
as Mr. Mustafi
George Buza
as George Welker
Marc Donato
as Little Boy
Sherry Miller
as Cmdr. Sherry O'Neill
Jim Bracchitta
as Frank Zuko
Clarice Taylor
as Mrs. Chaffey
Chris Collins
as Jamal Martin
Shawn Thompson
as Maxwell/Percy
David Esiner
as Dr. Howard
Al Waxman
as Leggett
Denise Virieux
as Michelle Duchamp
Alison Sealy-Smith
as Mrs. Cameron
Vlasta Vrana
as Henri Clouthier
Lisa Jakub
as Diplomat's Daughter
Beth Amos
as Mrs. McGuffin
Victor Ertmanis
as Staff Sgt. Meers
Michelle Wright
as Country Singer
Scott Hylands
as Gen. LaSalle
Angela Moore
as Head Nurse
Kevin Hicks
as Henderson
Chelsi Smith
as Wife No. 1
Bruce Weitz
as Huck Bogart
Ron White
as Kevin Spencer
Deborah Tennant
as Daphne Kelly
Mike Hodge
as Linus Prince
Leonard Roberts
as Basketball Player
Laurie Holden
as Jill Kennedy
Teri Polo
as Stephanie
Ken Foree
as Macon Lacroix
Richard Yearwood
as Special Agent Bush
Ardon Bess
as Mr. Porter
Kate Trotter
as Nurse Unger
Colm Feore
as Paroled Arsonist
Isiah Thomas
as Himself
Trevor Blumas
as Young Fraser
Karyn Dwyer
as Mary Ann
Aron Tager
as Nelson
Ho Chow
as Jimmy
Eric Christmas
as Chess Mate
Sam Coppola
as Cabrini
John Bourgeois
as Col. Shank
Matthew Bennett
as Special Agent Casey
Judah Katz
as Judge Sherman
Wendy Crewson
as Bounty Hunter
Yu Lu
as Chinatown restaurateur
Tracey Cook
as Charest
Shanna Moakler
as Wife No. 2
Rino Ramano
as Ian MacDonald
Wanda Cannon
as Olivia Murtagh
Ross Hull
as Keith
Charles Shamata
as Capt. Welsh
Roger Montgomery
as State Trooper
Maria Ricossa
as Furniture Mover
Allan Murley
as Bennett
Tracy Cook
as Dawn Charest
Susan Gibney
as Suzanne Chaplin
Lisa Engelman
as Exotic Dancer
Karl Pruner
as Landlord
Michele Scarabelli
as Sister Anne
Raye Birk
as The vengeful brother
Lisa Houle
as Madeline
Jason Blicker
as Special Agent Helms
Max Gail
as Welsh's brother
Marilyn Boyle
as Waitress
Michael Rhoades
as Officer Benedict
Rodney A. Grant
as Fraser's old friend
Lauren Holden
as Therapist
Andrew Jackson
as Duff Hogan
Djanet Sears
as Public Defender
Ron Lea
as Mr. Nichols
Robert Benson
as Mr. Porro
Tsai Chin
as Mrs. Lee
Graham McPherson
as Dr. Martins
Razie Brownstone
as Mrs. Klapp
David Eisner
as Dr. Howard
Reg Dreger
as Brendan
Gary Reineke
as Judge Brock
Richard E. Hardacre
as Mercedes Driver
Johnathan Banks
as Homeless Man
Milton Berle
as Shelley Litvak
Maria Bello
as Mackenzie King
Ellen Dubin
as Miss Sheldrake
Dayo Ade
as Trevor
Falconer Abraham
as Team Leader
Ken Quinn
as Chili Cook
Craig Eldridge
as Criminalist
Jane Krakowski
as Bride-to-Be
Joan Heney
as Brenda
Norman Spencer
as Agent Shorren
Paulina B. Abarca
as Rosanna Torres
Geza Kovacs
as Marshak
Yu Kun Lu
as Henry Lee
Eric Fink
as Maitre D'
Louis Del Grande
as Chicken Breeder
Carl Gordon
as Herb Colling
Stewart Arnott
as FBI Agent Borland
Kevin Frank
as Animal Control Officer
Azura Bates
as 6-Year-Old
Dick Anthony Williams
as ATF Agent McFadden
Tony Rosato
as Clifford
Frances Hyland
as Benton's Grandmother
as Shoemaker
Frank Moore
as Johnstone
James Gallanders
as Mark Ordover
Roger Dunn
as Store Owner
Fab Filippo
as Pizza-delivery boy
Michael Rhodes
as Arnold Benedict
Frank McAnulty
as Frank Eddie
Edgar George
as Paramedic
Philip Williams
as Lloyd P. Nash
Dave Nichols
as Van Slyke
Robbie Rox
as Al Grosso
Nick Johne
as Turner
Paul Soles
as Creeve
Andy Marshall
as Resident
John Carroll
as Boat Captain
Kevin Ruston
as Undercover Cop
Lindsay Merrithew
as John Robinson
Aidan Devine
as Robert Kruger
Elena Kudaba
as Celeste
Tim Rykert
as Agent McTavish
Jackie Richardson
as Receptionist
Ben Gordon
as Oliver
Kirsten Kieferle
as Cameraman/Racine
Jefferson Mappin
as Gun Shop Owner
Vincent Marino
as Fiorentino
Johnie Chase
as Mr. Klein
Marium Carvell
as Asst. Bank Manager
Ernie Grunwald
as Morgue Attendant
Mark Lutz
as Off. Graham
Walker Boone
as Crew Chief
Karen Glave
as Darlene
Nicholas Rice
as Sinclair
Scott Wickware
as Terrorist/Albee
Dan MacDonald
as Craig Murphy
Adriana Galic
as Ms. Downing
Tony Ning
as Vincent Ho
Lloyd White
as Neighbor
Lloyd Adams
as Agent Phelps
Brian King
as Marshal #2
Joe Pingue
as Jimmy Roastbeef
Mark Taylor
as Punk #1
Ed Sahely
as Hamlin
Roy Lewis
as Manager
Ashley Brown
as 12 Year Old Agent #1
Don R. McManus
as Santa Claus
Bob Fisher
as Bonilla
Arthur Eng
as Waiter
Gil Rivera Blas
as Transvestite
Claire Cellucci
as Choir Singer
Branko Racki
as ATF Agent #2
Douglas O'Keefe
as Team Leader
Judith Scott
as Head Nurse
Joe Lisi
as Lennox
Darlene Mignacco
as Mrs. Garcia
James Allodi
as Asst. States Attorney
Catherine McNally
as Parole Officer
Benjamin Plener
as 12 Year Old Agent #2
Bruce McFee
as Tommy Moran
Neville Edwards
as Boot Carrier
Nahanni Johnstone
as Store Clerk
Kenneth Wickes
as Train Conductor
Sheldon Davis
as William Holmes
Jonathan Bates
as 12 Year Old Agent #3
Nicky Guadagni
as Judge Shore
Marlow Vella
as Anthony
James Collins
as Prison Guard
Michael Blake
as Solider #1
Neil Foster
as Computer Guy
Sandi Stahlbrand
as Pert Reporter
Mike Shara
as Soldier #2
Rina Polley
as Campaign Manager
Robert King
as Norm Petitt
Garfield Andrews
as Child Welfare Officer
Warren Sulatycky
as Child Welfare Agent
Genny Iannucci
as Female Guest
Robert Racki
as Goon #2
Aaron Ashmore
as Teenager
Glen Avigdor
as Rivera Owner
Terry Hart
as Bailiff
James Binkley
as Soldier #3
A. Frank Ruffo
as Café Owner
Marvin Ishmael
as C.M. Niffug
Alexe Duncan
as Homeless Woman
Daniel Enright
as Punch Bowl Boy
Jim Feather
as Hansom Cabbie
Andrew Scorer
as Lobby Transient #1
Rufus Crawford
as Museum Guard
Christopher Earle
as Rental Clerk
Jacques Mercier
as Train Engineer
David Talbot
as Scientist
Steve Behal
as Forensic Chief
Paul O'Sullivan
as Parking Attendant
Quancetia Hamilton
as Basement Clerk
Alisa Wiegers
as Specialist
Pedro Salvin
as Mexican Official
Robert Seale
as Tobacco Manager
Freddy Proia
as Bus Patron
Heidi Hatashita
as Press Reporter
Bernard Kay
as Juror #4
Michael Dwyer
as Singing Mountie #3
Ed Fielding
as City Council Transient
Tony Perri
as Waiter
Jerry Schaefer
as Council Clerk
Brent Titcomb
as Transient
Edward Jaunz
as Uniform Cop
John Kyle Grady
as Singing Mountie #5
Edward Jaunz
as Uniform Cop
Paul Thomas Gordon
as Well-Dressed Mark
Vince Marinelli
as Young Thug #1
Michael MacLennan
as Singing Mountie #7
Nora Sheehan
as Female Politician
Gary Fruchtman
as Middleaged Politician
Shawn Wright
as Singing Mountie #9
Stephen Sparks
as Singing Mountie #10
John S. Davies
as Older Politician
John Jarvis
as Suburban Man
Patrick McManus
as Singing Mountie #12
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Apr 23, 1994
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Paul Gross, Jeff King, R.B. Carney, Paul Haggis
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