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Early Edition (1996 - 2000)

Early Edition (1996 - 2000)





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A stockbroker is delivered the news a day in advance, giving him the chance to use this mysterious gift to help his friends and avert catastrophes. It's an intriguing premise that was used effectively on the big screen in 1944's `It Happened Tomorrow.'

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1999, CBS, 22 episodes

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1998, CBS, 23 episodes

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1997, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: With an affable Kyle Chandler saving the day, Early Edition elevates its syrupy concept with genuine heart.

1996, CBS, 23 episodes


Kyle Chandler
as Gary Hobson
Shanesia Davis
as Marissa Clark
Fisher Stevens
as Chuck Fishman
Ron Dean
as Det. Marion Crumb
James Deuter
as Boswell
Kristy Swanson
as Erica Paget
Miles Jeffrey
as Henry Paget
Billy Worley
as Patrick Quinn
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Miguel Diaz
Constance Marie
as Toni Brigatti
Tracy Kolis
as Francesca Preston
William Devane
as Bernie Hobson
as C-Roc
Tess Harper
as Lois Hobson
Michael Whaley
as Det. Armstrong
Ernest Borgnine
as Antonio Birelli
Tone Loc
as Derek
Larry Poindexter
as Arthur Preston
Red Buttons
as Walter Stites
Gary Basaraba
as Sam Cooper
Eric Matheny
as Leonard
Brian Reddy
as Frank Scanlon
Molly Hagan
as Carolyn Burns
Dawnn Lewis
as Gayle Cummings
Mimi Paley
as Dominique Preston
Elya Baskin
as Vadim Mintov
Ned Schmidtke
as Ralph Stites
Lauren Tom
as Amy Hunter
Kelli Nonnemacher
as Stephanie Clark
Joan McMurtrey
as Dr. Feinstein
Chris Borgnine
as Young Birelli
Rebekah Louise Smith
as Dr. Kavanaugh
Charles Durning
as Judge Romick
Adam Tanguay
as Nate Calvin
Talia Balsam
as Dr. English
Joscha Washington
as Chris Cummings
Michael Guido
as Saunders
Kimberly Davies
as Jade/Amber Lamonte
Suzanne Shaw
as Eleanor Bernardo
Kevin Fox
as Vernon
Conor O'Farrell
as Det. Savalas
Dan Smith
as Kelly
Dan Smith
as Kelly
Jon Polito
as Louie Defazio
Lorenzo Clemons
as Officer Davis
Robert Donner
as Lucius Snow
Tracy Letts
as Jonathan
Celeste Williams
as Danielle Jones
Brooks Almy
as Robin Fielding
Matt Malloy
as Mel Schwartz
Gary Houston
as Gregor Antonivich
George Takei
as Mr. Lee
Troy West
as Scientist
Davis Jaye
as Stage Manager
Don Gibb
as Stumpy
Tim Grimm
as Father Mark
Laura Stepp
as Debbie Frawley
Robert Jayne
as Raymond Pritchett
John Vickery
as Reggie Mambo
Joe Foust
as Buckaroo
Daniel Roebuck
as Michael Fielding
James Handy
as Uncle Bob
Kate Dmitriyva
as Pretty M.
Sephus Booker
as Bus Driver
Tom Keevers
as Detective
Andi Chapman
as Dr. Judy Sundlun
Andrew Ducote
as 11-Year-Old Gary
Hanna Dworkin
as Det. Gerson
Amy Landecker
as Susan Schwartz
Rolanda Brigham
as Police Assistant
Lisa Dodson
as Dr. Katzman
Andre Bordeaux
as Gas Station Attendant
Rick Aiello
as Knuckles
Butch Jerinic
as Policeman
Mara Martin
as Grandma
Tommy Dreamer
as Biker No. 1
Joe Krowka
as Baliff
Ralph Prindle
as Car Owner
Geryll Robinson
as Mrs. Keller
New Jack
as Biker No. 2
Mark Morettini
as Stan Zukrow
Quinn Yancy
as Nurse Anne
David Engel
as Mattress Man
Misha Kuznetsov
as Delivery Man
Kevin Fry
as Bugs Moran
Tom Kelly
as Frank
John Dalesandro
as Sal Kurasek
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Nurse Ashley
Paula Elser
as Mrs. Kurasek
John Kelly
as Officer Buckley
Kevin Michael Doyle
as Officer Harris
Allen Edge
as Cabbie
Andrew Micheli
as Paramedic
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 28, 1996
Genre: Drama
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