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Critic Consensus: The complex relationship between Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes remains the heart of Elementary, with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller delivering solid performances each episode.


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In the sixth season of "Elementary," Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) discovers he has post-concussion syndrome. He keeps the information on the down-low, but Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) and Tommy Gregson (Aidan Quinn) find out anyway. Gregson benches Holmes from the 11th Precinct as a result. With his current health situation and after discovering the truth behind Mycroft's (Rhys Ifan) disappearance, Holmes takes comfort from Michael (Desmond Harrington), a new friend that Holmes met at one of his NA meetings. When a serial killer begins dropping women on the streets of New York, Holmes and Watson scramble to catch the culprit, not knowing that the culprit is someone close. "Elementary" also stars Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell. The show also features guest appearances by Ato Essandoh as Alfredo, Liza J. Bennett as Hannah Gregson, Rich Sommer as Harlan Emple, Freda Foh Shen as Mary Watson, and John Noble as Morland Holmes.


Jonny Lee Miller
as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu
as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn
as Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill
as Det. Marcus Bell
Nelsan Ellis
as Shinwell Johnson
Liza J. Bennett
as Hannah Gregson
Jordan Gelber
as ME Hawes
Parminder Nagra
as Special Agent Mallick
Nicole Shalhoub
as Dr. Selsky
Marissa Neitling
as Nina Hudgins/Skyler
John Noble
as Morland Holmes
Rosanny Zayas
as Valentina Duran
Tom Everett Scott
as Henry Baskerville
Almeria Campbell
as Officer Rossi
Victor Williams
as John Hoyt
Alimi Ballard
as Don Kohler
Ato Essandoh
as Alfredo Llamosa
Chasten Harmon
as Chantal Milner
Tony Plana
as General Howard Alvero
Jacob Fishel
as Graham Jenkins
Michele Selene Ang
as Kelsey Chapman
Suzy Nakamura
as Dr. Bridget Tanaka
Azita Ghanizada
as Sepi Chamanara
Christian Borle
as David Horowitz
Mike Doyle
as Chris Holland
James Urbaniak
as Dr. Leo Demopoulos
James Barbour
as Hunter Becket
Julian Sands
as Jasper Wells
Rich Sommer
as Harlan Emple
Thomas Keegan
as Dave Amberlin
Cody Kostro
as Kyle Spikowski
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Father Cantu
Lesli Margherita
as Sherry Lennox
Jayce Bartok
as Alden Lubbock
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Sophie Bush
Jamie Jackson
as Colm Frick
Chelcie Ross
as Dudley Becket
Jimmy Brooks
as Officer Myers
Elena Hurst
as Detective Scandrick
Katherine Sigismund
as Dr. Vit Parnthong
David Pittu
as William Bazemore
James Monroe Iglehart
as Detective Mason
Ian Hart
as Professor Baynes
Melissa DeSousa
as Luz Horowitz
Maulik Pancholy
as Alfonse Templeton
Erica Hernandez
as Lauren Wexler
Stephen Spinella
as Merrick Hausmann
Clarke Thorell
as Strider Lincoln
Briane Keane
as Walter Petty
Frank Harts
as Eddy Dunbridge
Michael Cerveris
as Councilman Vucelich
Kevin Cahoon
as Evan Kowalski
Wayne Wilcox
as Drew Bishop
Rosal Colon
as Paula Rodriguez
Nana Mensah
as Agent Kerner
Karin Ziemba
as Dr. Amelia Furing
Alok Tewari
as Rohan Giri
Douglas Hodge
as Sydney Place
Jolly Abraham
as Valerie Field
Tonya Pinkins
as Judge Marilyn Whitfield
Babak Tafti
as Jonathan Dawson
Dan Butler
as Denny Mulgrew
Alexandra Silber
as Chloe Giri
Reg E. Cathey
as Mr. Clay
Gerardo Rodríguez
as Jesus Rodriguez
Kate Levy
as Lawyer
Jimmie Saito
as Blaine Geary
Isabel Arraiza
as Lily Zavala
Edward James Hyland
as Curtis Jenkins
LisaGay Hamilton
as Lt. Colonel Robin Deakins
Jeb Brown
as Levi Salinger
Paul Collins
as King Wilhelm
Pete McElligott
as Donnie Mainzer
Margaret Odette
as Debora Garissi
Geoffrey Owens
as Vernon Fisk
Geno Segers
as Bodyguard
Ben Van Bergen
as Dr. Ziegler
Jenna Stern
as Angela Donnely
Mark Blum
as Irvin Langstrom
Danny Garcia
as Foreman
John Dossett
as Treadwell
Gia Crovatin
as Marcy Nix
Dylan Baker
as Armand Venetto
Shawn Cortel
as Bodyguard
James Saito
as Dr. Ken Fukata
Ned Eisenberg
as Marvin Hathaway
Trevor Van Uden
as Sammy Olivetti
John Hillner
as Milt Reed
Maurice Jones
as Major Joshua Beckham
Danny Garcia
as Foreman
Graham Winton
as Lance Pickering
Alex Hurt
as Richie
Sean Meehan
as Derek Clay
Joe Carroll
as Jeff Stanton
Carrie St. Louis
as Becca Mainzer
David Park
as Burly Man
Summer Sveinson
as Bethany Marshall
Irene Sofia Lucio
as Young Detective
Matthew Montelongo
as Armored Truck Driver
Julian Nicholas Elfer
as Lord St. Simon
as Marjorie
Steven Robertson
as Adam Braun
Alexis Suarez
as ESU Officer
Rona Figueroa
as Natalie Park
Josh Bonzie
as Attendant #1
Tyler Hanes
as Midnight Ranger
Anne L. Nathan
as Moira Baker
Michael Potts
as Dr. Peter Hanson
Leon Addison Brown
as Anthony Daniels
Lynne Winterstellar
as Victoria Garvey
Deborah S. Craig
as Bethany Ito
Adam Dannheisser
as Art Schultz
Ben Graney
as Rupert Hong
Olli Haaskivi
as Terry Weaver
Tony Manna
as Troy Roselli
Lukas Hassel
as The Dutchman
Gilbert Cruz
as Older Detective
Francisco Burgos
as Cerio Cristobal
Aditi Shah
as Sophia
Bob Walton
as Seth Dwyer
Jed Peterson
as Fake Cop #1
Nadia Gan
as Kezzy
Johnny Wu
as Gus Chipman
Arnie Burton
as Paul Chambers
Mathew Maher
as Hugo Irving
Johnny Wu
as Gus Chipman
Meredith Garretson
as Lydia Winchell
Jason Alan Carvell
as Detective Mori
Paloma Guzman
as Gwen Haeny
David Shih
as Detective #1
Will Blum
as Melville
Raul Aranas
as Hernan Cortes
Phillip James Brannon
as Phillip Bridwell
Jade Wu
as Elderly Woman
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Beauregard "Bud" Granville
Jorge Luna
as Cop #1
Cherelle Cargill
as Female Firefighter
Rashad Demond Edwards
as Security Guard
Susan Varon
as Bingo Host
Lisa Tharps
as Female Surgeon
Hubert Point-Du Jour
as Jaylen Thomas
Pawel Szajda
as Vanja Borozan
Michael Rispoli
as Sean O'Grady
Beth Fowler
as Anxious Woman
Ami Sheth
as Mrs. Holland
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Vikrant Jindal
Maurice McRae
as Elijah Robinson
Matthew Schechter
as Sophomore Boy
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[I]t's impressive that both stars can still come up with the goods in such a long-established series.

April 22, 2020 | Full Review…

The heart of the show is the way the characters riff off each other, throwing around ideas and running down clues.

August 29, 2019 | Full Review…

It's encouraging to see that Elementary has been able to solve 'the Moriarty problem' - with a seventh season on the way, it's a great position for the show to be in.

January 30, 2019 | Full Review…

Elementary becomes not just the story of a brilliant man solving convoluted crimes, but, more importantly, one about the day-by-day process of recovery.

January 9, 2019 | Full Review…

It's a nice change of pace.

September 18, 2018 | Full Review…

There's still plenty here to solve.

August 28, 2018 | Full Review…

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Sherlock Holmes comes up against one of the most sinister and villainous criminals of his career in Season 6 of Elementary. After being asked to look into a missing persons case for a fellow narcotics anonymous member named Michael, Sherlock discovers that Michael is the killer and is committing murders to test Sherlock's wits. Meanwhile, Watson works toward become an adoptive parent and Det. Bell begins qualifying for the marshal service. Desmond Harrington joins the cast as a recurring character and does a good job at playing Sherlock's nemesis. And a few other interesting guest stars also stop by. A couple of story threads from previous seasons are touched on, such as Sherlock's father's takeover of Moriarty's organization, but for the most part the season keeps to self-contained cases-of-the-week. Yet the season finale delivers one of the most far-reaching, show altering twist endings of the series. Elementary's sixth season is remarkably entertaining and is full of intriguing mysteries.


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