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Endeavour (2013 - 2020)

Endeavour (2013 - 2020)



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The "Inspector Morse" prequel finds a young Endeavour Morse investigating cases in 1960s-era Oxford and the surrounding area.

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2021, PBS, 1 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2020, PBS, 3 episodes

Critics Consensus: Endeavour remains a handsomely rendered, expertly performed period piece with enough twists and turns to keep viewers guessing six seasons in.

2019, PBS, 4 episodes

Critics Consensus: Shaun Evans' Detective Morse remains the integral ingredient to this Endeavour, bringing an addictive charisma to a fifth season that will continue to entertain viewers who prefer tact over violence in their murder mysteries.

2018, PBS, 6 episodes

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2017, PBS, 4 episodes

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2016, PBS, 4 episodes

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2014, PBS, 4 episodes

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2013, PBS, 4 episodes


Roger Allam
as DI Fred Thursday
Shaun Evans
as DC Endeavour Morse
Anton Lesser
as Chief Superintendent Bright
Jack Laskey
as DS Peter Jakes
Sean Rigby
as PC Jim Strange
Caroline O'Neill
as Win Thursday
Sara Vickers
as Joan Thursday
Abigail Thaw
as Dorothea Frazil
James Merry
as Percy Malleson
Rosalind Halstead
as Estella Broom
Paul Venables
as Prof Alistair Coke Norris
Lewis Peek
as DC George Fancy
Harrison Simon
as DCI Ronnie Box
Carol Royle
as Mrs. Bright
Jack Roth (IV)
as Lenny Frost
James Northcote
as Johnny Broom
Craig Parkinson
as Reg Tracepurcel
Jamie Glover
as Dr. Ian Kern
Greg Austin
as Kit Hutchens
Greg Bennett
as Police Constable
Poppy Miller
as Millicent Coke Norris
Darwin Shaw
as Crown Prince Nabil
Colin Dexter
as Don on Bench at College
Sam Clemmett
as Rackway
Joe Bone
as Michael Murphy
Richard Riddell
as DS Alan Jago
Mark Asante
as Lloyd Collins
Oliver Farnworth
as PC Rich Potter
Aston McAuley
as Stanley Clemence
Alison Newman
as Viv Wall
Joanna Cassidy
as Brenda Grice
Thomas Coombes
as DS Patrick Dawson
Jason Merrells
as Martin Gorman
David Jonsson
as Cromwell Ames
Sophie Stanton
as Letty Clamp
Jenny Seagrove
as Nora Broom
Nicola Millbank
as Anita Crawford
Naomi Battrick
as Dr. Naomi Benford
Harki Bhambra
as Bobby Singh
Nick Davison
as Mourner
William Brand
as Dr. Werner Volk
Kelly Adams
as Cynthia Riley
Ed Coleman
as Wizard
Olivia Chenery
as Isla Fairford
Lucy Briers
as Mrs. Blish
Ben Lamb
as Rupert Creswell
Holli Dempsey
as Jenny Tate
Clive Wood
as Vic Kasper
Jack Bannon
as Sam Thursday
Fiona Skinner
as Karen Kirby
Nick Court
as Vince Kasper
Khali Best
as Mick Haynes
Edwin Thomas
as Noel Porter
Craige Els
as Factory Worker
Sam Marks
as Justin Farridge
Colin Tierney
as Assistant Chief Constable Bottoms
Lynda Rooke
as Gwen Morse
Sia Alipour
as Dr. Farook Sardar
Dominic Thorburn
as Dr. Rex Laidlaw
Ellie Beaven
as Marigold Proctor
Sonya Cassidy
as Joyce Morse
Jack Hawkins
as Murray Creswell
Benjamin Wainwright
as Professor Adam Drake
Hector Bateman-Harden
as Steven McLean
Reece Ritchie
as Dr. Jeremy Kreitsek
Alan Williams
as Cyril Morse
Oliver Chris
as Dr. Elliot Wingqvist
Katharine Bubbear
as Maggie Skynner
Hugh O'brien
as Recital Guest
Edmund Kingsley
as Mark Carlisle
Richard Durden
as Prof Alexander Richmond
Angus Wright
as Professor Blish
Anson Boon
as Brett Nero
Sargon Yelda
as Dr. Larry Humbolt
Simon Hepworth
as Mr. Tingwell
Tom Canton
as Alfie Skynner
Marilyn O'Brien
as Prue Carter
Sophie Winkleman
as Isobel Humbolt
John Hollingworth
as Taxi Driver
Ian Bartholomew
as Albert Mullion
Roger May
as Dr. Lester Sheridan
Oliver Boot
as Tony Jakobssen
Phil Daniels
as Charlie Thursday
Beverley Klein
as Mrs. Carlin
Andrew Paul
as Joe Dozier
Matthew Cottle
as Jeff Slayton
Ty Hurley
as Coroner
Alexandra Doyle
as Georgina Bannard
Robert Hands
as Eric Gidby
Nico Rogner
as Dr. Gerhardt Schneider
Terenia Edwards
as Marilyn Gidby
Susan Legg
as Opera Singer
Alice Orr-Ewing
as Natalie Wingqvist
Luke Steele
as John Ivory
Paul Ready
as Sebastian Fenix
Adam De Ville
as Gilbert Sipkin
Emma Cunniffe
as Rosemary Prince
Raj Awasti
as Mr. Arif
Lindsey Campbell
as Rhapsody Dickenson
Charlotte Bradley
as Mrs. Trellis
Laura Payne-Gabriel
as Matthew Humbolt
Blake Ritson
as Gabriel Van Horne
Tanya Fear
as Jasmine Grenouille
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