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Everwood (2002 - 2006)

Everwood (2002 - 2006)





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The day his wife died, Dr. Andrew Brown's life changed. A renowned neurosurgeon whose career always overshadowed his parental duties, Andrew must now raise his two kids, 9-year-old Delia and 15-year-old Ephram, alone.

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2005, The WB, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2004, The WB, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2003, The WB, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Everwood is a life-affirming series that boasts some startlingly raw family dynamics, although some viewers may find the show's earnestness too syrupy.

2002, The WB, 23 episodes


Treat Williams
as Andrew Brown
Vivien Cardone
as Delia Brown
Gregory Smith
as Ephram Brown
John Beasley
as Irv Harper
Debra Mooney
as Edna Harper
Emily VanCamp
as Amy Abbott
Tom Amandes
as Harold Abbott
Chris Pratt
as Bright Abbott
Stephanie Niznik
as Nina Feeney
Brenda Strong
as Julia Brown
Nora Zehetner
as Laynie Hart
Merrilyn Gann
as Rose Abbot
Lee Garlington
as Brenda Baxworth
Jan Felt
as Louise
Scott Wolf
as Jake Hartman
Marcia Cross
as Linda Abbott
Steven R. McQueen
as Kyle Hunter
Michael Flynn
as James Hart
Michael Flynn
as James Hart
Nancy Everhard
as Sharon Hart
Sarah Drew
as Hannah Rogers
Mike Erwin
as Colin Hart
Anne Heche
as Amanda Hayes
Justin Baldoni
as Reid Bardem
Jason Beghe
as John Hayes
Sarah Lancaster
as Madison Kellner
Paul Wesley (II)
as Tommy Callahan
Grace Lee Whitney
as Brittany Clark
Ryan Armstrong
as Sam Feeney
Michael Flynn
as James Hart
Bret Loehr
as Magilla
Ben Hammond
as Sam Feeney
Steven Anderson
as Thurman Revere
Leslie Hope
as Laurie Fields
Gordon Johnson
as Mr. Jensen
Beau Bridges
as Daniel Sullivan
John Beasley
as Irv Harper
Tim DeKay
as Reverend Keyes
Ian Vogt
as Matthew
Scott Christopher
as The Do-Gooder
Ben Weber
as Chris Beels
Jeff Olson
as Davenport
James Earl Jones
as Will Cleveland
Freda Foh Shen
as Doctor Chao
Philip Baker Hall
as Dr. Donald Douglas
Cody McMains
as Wendell
Steve O'Neill
as Chief Murphy
Jane Krakowski
as Dr. Gretchen Trott
David Downs
as Mr. Ackerman
Adam Clinton
as Cashier
Luciana Carro
as Stephanie Meyer
Beth Grant
as Miss Violet
Haley McCormick
as Susie Clark
Jimmy Bennett
as Sam Feeney
Michelle Peterson
as Nurse No. 2
Mark Rydell
as Jacob Hoffman
Shane Haboucha
as Charlie Hayes
Jayne Brook
as Diane Rogers
Benjamin Hammond
as Sam Feeney
Susanne Sutchy
as Jessica Hunter
Charles Durning
as Eugene Brown
Tom Parker
as Brian Hartman
Jeremy Elliott
as Chaplain Roth
Matt Pohlson
as Dean Kelly
Bruce Newbold
as Male Board Member
Chris Egan
as Nick Bennett
Kirsten Nelson
as Ellie Beels
Philipp Karner
as Sr. Karner
Joyce Cohen
as Princeton Rep
Melinda Clarke
as Sally Keyes
Victoria Justice
as Thalia Thompson
Michelle Nolden
as Kathy Carmody
Vicki Davis
as Beth Jones
Paul Kiernan
as Dr. Mason Lewis
Jennifer Erekson
as Arnie's Mom
Roger Nelson
as Father Ivers
Matthew Pohlson
as Dean Kelly
Melinda Renee
as Concierge
Albie Selznick
as Dr. Albert Franco
Elisa Taylor
as Catherine Parson
Monnae Michaell
as Madeleine
Rhett Willman
as Mr. Perch
Carter Jenkins
as David Beck
Ryan Hurst
as Ed Carnahan
Simon Rex
as Cliff
Nancy Roth
as Female Examiner
Ilyse Mimoun
as Mrs. Wilkins
Brenden Whitney
as Leather Jacket Student
Kristen Bell
as Stacey Wilson
Reiley McClendon
as Travis West
Jon Lindstrom
as Bill Schmicker
Andree O'Shea
as Mrs. Gibbons
Joanna Cassidy
as Evelyn Rauser
Diane Delano
as Mary McIntyre
Gary Neilson
as Science Man
Jamie Strohfeldt
as Technician
Jessica Tuck
as Bonnie Carter
Christopher Neiman
as Coach Lewis
Ernie Hudson
as Bill Hoover
David Eigenberg
as Chris Templeman
Denise Dowse
as Laura Hoover
Griffin Frazen
as Steven Lewis
Margo Watson
as Well-dressed Woman
Margo Watson
as Well-dressed Woman
Teri Cowan
as Insurance Woman
Joe Lookinland
as Dougie Wilson
Justin Kirk
as James Carmody
Reggie Austin
as Andre Harvey
Adam Huss
as Waiter
Olesya Rulin
as Drunk Girl
Brooke Nevin
as Ellie Newhoff
Luke Askew
as Judge Marvin Harrison
Bernie Diamond
as Charlie Katzenbach/Sinister Voice
Erinn Hayes
as Mindy Wheeler
Laura Regan
as Ruth Newhoff
Lisa Howard
as Leslie Hammen
Victor Z. Isaac
as Ethan Harcourt
Kirby Heyborne
as Mr. Perkins
Christian Jensen
as Army Recruiter
Aree Davis
as Thalia
Gina Ravera
as Stacey Chapin
Susan Mackin
as Gail Lewis
Chris Owen
as Slater
Paul McLean
as Coach Spitzer
Nia Long
as Cassie
Jim Pitts
as Simon
Tod Huntington
as Worker No. 1
Ron Sparks
as Tailor
Michael Coe
as New Lifeguard
Walter Olkewicz
as Mike O'Connell
Richard Blake
as Rick Walzak
Anna McKeown
as Mrs. Greeley
Joel Bishop
as Pharmacist
Kim Morgan Greene
as Mrs. Thompson
Scott Wilkinson
as Erin's Dad
Chris Penn
as Frank Sullivan
Susan Dolan
as Female Patient
Ryne Sanborn
as Young Colin
Kate Pappas
as Cute Girl
Curt Doussett
as Police Officer
Elaine Kagan
as Angela Bardem
Ann Bosler
as Susie's Mom
Annie O'Donnell
as Librarian
Joseph Bologna
as Max Berick
Tom Virtue
as Juilliard Administrator
Janice Knickrehm
as Church Woman
Taylor Hartley
as Anxious New Kid
Ray Demattis
as Thomas the Doorman
Brooke Bloom
as College Guide
Renée Taylor
as Betty Berick
Charlie Paddock
as Audience Member
Maggie Baird
as Mrs. Harcourt
McNally Sagal
as Adoption Agency Evaluator
Chris White
as Joe Crowell
Cody Stone
as The Jock
Nancy Peterson
as Elisa's Mom
Gina Hecht
as Gastroenterologist
Colleen Flynn
as Chief of Human Resources
Jeff Olsen
as Announcer
Rick Fitzgerald
as Rescue Worker
Todd Louiso
as Equipment Buyer
Erica Gimpel
as Dr. Gans
Phil Riesen
as Assisting Surgeon
Christy Summerhays
as Jenny Foster
Kelley Limp
as Jake's Pretty Young Thing
Robert Conder
as Commander Busto
A.C. Peterson
as Mr. Dennett
Debbie Ellis
as Secretary
Jerry Dixon
as Piano Player
Inara George
as Herself
Liz Edmiston
as Miss Rodionoff
Randy Kinyon
as Male Examiner
Ben Hammond
as Sam Feeney
Anne Sward
as Ms. Caleb
James Jamison
as Bypass Technician
Chris Kendrick
as Howard Foster
Maria Carr
as Patient
Amy Beaudine
as Girl No. 1
John Woodhouse
as Ponytail Guy
Michael Hatch
as Younger Charlie Hayes
Marissa Porritt
as Girl No. 2
Kiersten Pike
as Thessaly
Ward Wright
as The Burly Guy
Nate Bynum
as The Pot Man
Levi Larsen
as Student #2
Hawk Younkins
as Tim Quills
Jeanette Puhich
as The Pot Woman
Wayne Dalglish
as Bright Abbott giovane
Stephen Spinella
as Father Patrick
Rick Macy
as Dr. Ricketts
Amy Stewart
as Dr. Parsons
Yolanda Wood
as The Nurse
Stephen Rippey
as Officer #2
Luciana Carro
as Stephanie Meyer
Jumper Lark
as John Doyle
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Series Details

TV Network: The WB
Premiere Date: Sep 16, 2002
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Mickey Liddell, Greg Berlanti, Rina Mimoun
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