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Fame (1982 - 1987)

Fame (1982 - 1987)




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A popular version of the hit film musical about New York's High School of the Performing Arts ran for two seasons on NBC before flying high in first-run syndication for four more years.

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1986, NBC, 24 episodes

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1985, NBC, 24 episodes

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1984, NBC, 25 episodes

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1983, NBC, 24 episodes

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1982, NBC, 22 episodes

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1982, NBC, 16 episodes


Debbie Allen
as Lydia Grant
Erica Gimpel
as Coco Hernandez
Carlo Imperato
as Danny Amatullo
Lee Curreri
as Bruno Martelli
Valerie Landsburg
as Doris Schwartz
Gene Anthony Ray
as Leroy Johnson
Albert Hague
as Prof. Benjamin Shorofsky
P.R. Paul
as Montgomery MacNeil
Michael Thoma
as Mr. Crandall
Lori Singer
as Julie Miller
Judy Farrell
as Charlotte Miller
Carmine Caridi
as Angelo Martelli
Morgan Stevens
as David Reardon
Carol Mayo Jenkins
as Elizabeth Sherwood
Ken Swofford
as Quentin Morloch
Cynthia Gibb
as Holly Laird
Billy Hufsey
as Christopher Donlon
Janet Jackson
as Cleo Hewitt
Nia Peeples
as Nicole Chapman
Jesse Borrego
as Jesse Valesquez
Dick Miller
as Lou Mackie
Ann Nelson
as Gertrude Berg
Graham Jarvis
as Bob Dyrenforth
Carolyn J. Silas
as Laura Mackie
Carrie Hamilton
as Reggie Higgins
Elisa Heinsohn
as Jillian Beckett
Eric Pierpoint
as Paul Seeger
Robert Romanus
as Miltie Horowitz
Madlyn Rhue
as Mrs. Schwartz
Sam Slovick
as Cassidy
Donna McKechnie
as Suzi Laird
Anthony Newley
as Shakespearean actor
Gerrit Graham
as Mr. Wacky
Betty Karlen
as Mrs. Amatullo
Louis Giambalvo
as Mr. Amatullo
Caryn Ward
as Leroy's Niece
Jennifer Rhodes
as Mrs. Chapman
Randee Heller
as Peggy Persky
Betty White
as Catherine
David Westor
as Michael Green
Russ Tamblyn
as Choreographer
Will Bledsoe
as Joe Douglas
Ted Sorel
as Chapman
Rob Morrow
as Laurenzano
Richard Romanus
as Joe Garver
Loretta Tyler
as Dusty Tyler
Mike Preston
as Mr. Ware
Alison La Placa
as Audrey Fleming
Barry Jenner
as Jim Laird
Carolyn Mignini
as Miss Elliot
Glynn Turman
as Benn Pettit
Randy Shields
as Keach Howard
Victor French
as Mr. Donlon
Tuesday Knight
as Suzi Detroit
Bill Applebaum
as Christopher's Cousin
William Ward
as Producer
Tom McGreevey
as Tom Reardon
Rick Podell
as Coach Jordan
Duncan Ross
as Brian McKay
Mills Watson
as Mendenhall
Andy Romano
as Mr. Amatullo
Chris Beaumont
as Interviewer
Jesse Welles
as Ann Strong
Paul Bartel
as Hunsicker
Takayo Fischer
as Liu Ching
Frances Bay
as Grandma George
Diane Civita
as Miss Maguire
Traci Lin
as Joanna
Gary Wood
as Grover
Lola Mason
as Mrs. Amatullo
Jim McKrell
as Mr. Miller
Jack Slovick
as Cassidy
John Carradine
as Danny Amatullo
Deborah Wakeham
as Teacher's ex-wife
Jack Carter
as Beckerman
Elden Henson
as Matthew
Diane Barton
as Shelley
Ric Mancini
as Mr. Amatullo
Julie Carmen
as Diane Petit
Fred Willard
as Wintergreen
Wynn Irwin
as Dippy Dave
Willard E. Pugh
as Mike Lifton
Richard Simmons
as Lydia's boss
Bruce Solomon
as Dr. Lindstrom
Don Cheadle
as Henry Lee
Jim Piddock
as Producer
Lew Gallo
as Ritzik
Mariclare Costello
as Mrs. Mendenhall
Leo Garcia
as Rafael
Thom Fox
as Julio
Todd Jeffries
as Sean Beckett
Michael Bell
as Hoskins
Rico Elias
as Popeye
Robert Donner
as Exalted Muskrat
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Jan 7, 1982
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Gerald I. Isenberg, William Blinn, Donald Reiker, Frank Fischer, Renee Longstreet, Harry S. Longstreet, Patricia Jones
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