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Farscape (1999 - 2003)

Farscape (1999 - 2003)





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Cult favorite about an astronaut stranded light years from Earth in an alien war zone and his adventures with a group of extraterrestrial fugitives on the lam from an evil collective. A handsome production design, complex characters and imaginative plot twists characterized this gem throughout its run, which ended with a jaw-dropping finale that brought the tortured romance of Crichton and crewmate Aeryn to a (seemingly) shattering end.

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2002, SyFy, 22 episodes

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2001, SyFy, 22 episodes

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2000, SyFy, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Filled with humor and heart, Farscape effortlessly blends sci-fi set pieces and Jim Henson creations to create a space epic as thoughtful as it is thrilling.

1999, SyFy, 22 episodes


Ben Browder
as Cdr. John Crichton
Claudia Black
as Off. Aeryn Sun
Anthony Simcoe
as Gen. Ka D'Argo
Virginia Hey
as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Jonathan Hardy
as Rygel XVI
Wayne Pygram
as Scorpius/Harvey
John Eccleston
as Rygel XVI
Jonathan Hardy
as Voice of Dominar Rygel XVI
Lani John Tupu
as Voice of Pilot
Kent McCord
as Maj. Jack Crichton
David Franklin
as Lt. Braca
Alyssa-Jane Cook
as Gilina (PK Technician)
Sarah Burns
as Kornata
Duncan Young
as Staleek
Aaron Cash
as Pa'u Bitaal
Kate Raison
as Tahleen
Darlene Vogel
as Alexandra/Lorana
John O'Brien
as Kato-Re
Tina Bursill
as Empress Novia
Mary Mara
as Lyneea
Felicity Price
as Princess Katralla
Derek Amer
as Teurac
Jodie Dry
as Kyona
Felix Williamson
as Prince Clavor
John Adam
as Bekhesh
Bruce Spence
as Prefect Falaak
Mark Shaw
as Alien Soldier #1
Tai Scrivener
as PK Commando #3
Dominic Bianco
as Alien Hunter #1
Selina Muller
as D'Argo's Girlfriend
Sara Enright
as Olivia Crichton
Brian Carbee
as Lastren
Chris Truswell
as Voice of Evran
Anthony Kierann
as Lt. Heskon
Anna Lise Phillips
as Young Nilaam
Joshua Anderson
as Bobby Coleman
Steve Jacobs
as Ja Rhumann
Danny Adcock
as T'raltixx
Zoe Coyle
as Hassan
Mark Mitchell
as Mu-Quillus
Robert Bruning
as Pralanoth
Lucy Bell
as Nurse Kelsa
Susan Lyons
as Sierjna
Ivar Kants
as Gaashah
Selina Shirin Müller
as D'Argo's Girlfriend
Nick Tate
as R. Wilson Monroe
Blair Venn
as Macton Tal
Basia Ahern
as Cyntrina
Frankie Davidson
as Newsstand Guy
Jamie Croft
as Younger Crichton
Carmen Duncan
as Leslie Crichton
Jessica Fallico
as Alien Girl
Nicholas McKay
as Voice of Tak
David Lucas
as Cryoman
Sacha Horler
as Morrock
Colin Borgonon
as PK Weapons Officer
Marshall Napier
as General Grynes
Noel Hodda
as Charrid Leader 2
Dan Spielman
as Sub-Officer Dacon
Rel Hunt
as Karohm
Lawrence Woodward
as PK Guard #2
Patrick Ward
as Ralnaht
Terry Serio
as Colonel Lennok
Tyler Coppin
as Sheriff
John Bach
as Einstein
Stephen Leeder
as Cmdr. Javio
Wadih Dona
as Tauvo Crais
Peter Fenton
as Negotiator
Vic Rooney
as Adm. Josbek
Alan Cinis
as Officer Tarn
Nadia Townsend
as Kim Kupperstein
Emma Louise Fox
as Mrs. Dot Levy
Erica Heynatz
as Caroline Wallace
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TV Network: SyFy
Premiere Date: Mar 18, 1999
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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