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Father Knows Best (1954 - 1960)

Father Knows Best (1954 - 1960)





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Perhaps the quintessentially comforting '50s sitcom, about the Anderson family---rock-steady Jim, sensible wife Margaret, and their kids Betty, Bud and Kathy---in the Midwestern town of Springfield. The series was adapted from a radio program, also starring Robert Young, that began in 1949. When CBS canceled the show in 1955, fan protests led to NBC picking it up and nurturing it into a hit. In fact, repeats aired in prime time for three years after the production of its last original episode.

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1959, CBS/NBC, 33 episodes

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1958, CBS/NBC, 38 episodes

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1957, CBS/NBC, 33 episodes

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1956, CBS/NBC, 37 episodes

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1955, CBS/NBC, 37 episodes

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1954, CBS/NBC, 26 episodes


Robert Young
as Jim Anderson
Jane Wyatt
as Margaret Anderson
Elinor Donahue
as Betty Anderson
Billy Gray
as James Anderson Jr.
Lauren Chapin
as Kathy Anderson
Sarah Selby
as Miss Thomas
Robert Foulk
as Ed Davis
Vivi Janiss
as Myrtle Davis
Yvonne Lime
as Dotty Snow
Paul Wallace
as Kippy Watkins
Roberta Shore
as Joyce Kendall
Jimmy Bates
as Claude Messner
Roger Smith
as Doyle Hobbs
Robert Chapman
as Ralph Little
Sue George
as April Adams
Jymme (Roberta) Shore
as Joyce Kendall
Linda Lowell
as Alicia May
Hal Taggert
as Mr. Stagg
Jack H. Harris
as Mr. Glover
Diana Millay
as Nelda Freemont
Dabbs Greer
as Mrs. Collins
Robert Lynn
as Reverend
Sylvia Field
as Grandma
Ethel May Halls
as Mrs. Brian
Nelson Leigh
as Griffin
Richard Eyer
as Burgess
William Joyce
as Bill Joyce
Franz Roehn
as Kroegman
Mary Hennessy
as Eloise Sanford
Claudia Bryar
as Miss Woodruff
Gloria Henry
as Mildred
Don Beddoe
as Mr. Lydom
Anne Helm
as Carol
Florida Friebus
as Mrs. Ellis
Wright King
as Beckman
Gail Land
as Marion
Philip Bourneuf
as Dr. Melton
Hampton Fancher
as Rudy Kissler
Lloyd Nolan
as Coach Harper
Stuart Erwin
as Mr. Henslee
Lester Vail
as Mr. Thorne
Don Keefer
as Mel Buford
Parker Fennelly
as Mr. Everett
Peter Walker
as Charles
John Bryant
as Skipper
George Selk
as Photographer
Frank Albertson
as Mr. Wickett
Constance Ford
as Dr. Brown
Dick York
as Tom Wentworth
Carleton Carpenter
as George Frazer
John Daly
as Mr. Ebert
Tommy Ivo
as Sandy
Paul Harvey
as Gribble
Ann Baker
as Barbara
Basil Ruysdale
as Mr. Emery
Greer Garson
as Herself
Joseph Sweeney
as Mr. Boomhauer
Jason Johnson
as Mr. Grouseman
Wendell Holmes
as Dr. Runeberg
Sylvia Stone
as Mrs. Yeager
Roxane Berard
as French Teacher
James Franciscus
as Gas-Station Owner
Ralph Faulkner
as Fencing Instructor
Tom Mann
as Beanie
Don Garner
as Bob Tyler
Nancy Evans
as Mrs. Blair
Royal Dano
as Woodcutter
Ned Wever
as Mayor
Jim Bates
as Claude
Cornel Wilde
as Himself
Mary Adams
as Mrs. Lydom
Jean Owens
as Mrs. Orkin
Ted Stanhope
as Mr. McClure
Ernest Truex
as Grandpa
Jack Davis
as Mr. Kimbrough
Philip Tonge
as Manager
Ed Prentiss
as Messner
Dave Thursby
as Mr. Gillespie
Nelson Welch
as Dean Ramsey
Robert Vaughn
as Mr. Beekman
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TV Network: CBS/NBC
Premiere Date: Oct 3, 1954
Genre: Comedy
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