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Felicity (1998 - 2002)

Felicity (1998 - 2002)






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A smart (when it wasn't soapy) series about an idealistic student getting lessons in life and love at a Manhattan university after following her high-school crush east from California. Throughout most of the series' run, she was emotionally torn between somber Ben (the home-town guy) and sensitive Noel (her resident advisor). A doctor's daughter, she also struggled to decide if she should follow in his footsteps or pursue her first love, art.

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2001, Warner Brothers, 22 episodes

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2000, Warner Brothers, 17 episodes

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1999, Warner Brothers, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: Felicity elevates the sudsier elements of relationship dramas with its keen insight into burgeoning adulthood and the college experience, with a captivating Keri Russell shepherding viewers along the journey.

1998, Warner Brothers, 22 episodes


Keri Russell
as Felicity Porter
Scott Speedman
as Ben Covington
Scott Foley
as Noel Crane
Amy Jo Johnson
as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller
as Elena Tyler
Ian Gomez
as Javier Frantata
Henri Lubatti
as David Sherman
Eve Gordon
as Barbara Porter
Stephen Berra
as Todd Mulcahy
Erich Anderson
as Peter Porter
Teri Polo
as Maggie Sherwood
Sally Kirkland
as Prof. Sherman
Chris Sarandon
as Dr. McGrath
Amy Aquino
as Toni Pavone
Ron Canada
as Dean Allison
Harold Gould
as Dr. Garibay
Eddie McClintock
as Ryan Crane
Jane Kaczmarek
as Carole Anderson
Tammy Townsend
as Tara Owens
William Monaghan
as George Rogalsky
John Ritter
as John Covington
Darnell Williams
as Joe Papaleo
Jim Ortlieb
as Prof. Hodges
Alexandra Wentworth
as Abby Binswanger
David Proval
as Mr. Keeney
Riley Weston
as Story Zimmer
Kenan Thompson
as DeForrest
Ali Landry
as Natalie
Anne De Salvo
as Alma Beecher
Christopher Allport
as Dominic Webb
Michael Peña
as Brian Burke
Elaine Kagan
as Professor Morton
Adam Rodriguez
as Erik Velez
Rick Worthy
as Jeremy Cavallo
Jim Jansen
as Dr. Leonard
Ayo Adeyemi
as Taxi Driver
Ben Carnahan
as Customer
Cynthia Ettinger
as Janice King
David Starzyk
as Charlie Sherwood
Thomas Wagner
as Mr. Lezak
Christian Aubert
as Professor Middleton
Teri Garr
as Dr. Edna Zwick
Bruce Nozick
as Larry Seidman
Nancy Lenehan
as Fay Rotundi
Alan Blumenfeld
as Manny Blumberg
Norma Maldonado
as Principal
Gregory Cooke
as Ghostly Man
Ron Perkins
as Dr. Newman
Monica Arnold
as Sarah Robinson
Brian Howe
as Eric Scott
Kurt Fuller
as Paul Korsakoff
Miguel Nájera
as Professor Elliott
Nick Toth
as Professor Boydon
Kristen Cloke
as Rabbi Levin
Jean St. James
as Maria Covington
Tracy Scoggins
as Kelly Green
Joyce Brothers
as Pageant Judge
Johnny Cocktails
as Johnny Blumberg
Sonya Eddy
as Desk Sergeant
Alex Carter
as Frank Fenton
Dee Wallace
as Allison Covington
Randee Heller
as Dr. Rosen
Sarah Caplan
as Dr. Caplan
Jesse James
as Steve Fenton
John Prosky
as Dr. Stern
Judith Drake
as Minister
Leila Kenzle
as Angela Foreman
Susan Barnes
as Nurse Gregory
Kala Savage
as Lila Rotundi
Scott Alan Smith
as Anesthesiologist
Richard Masur
as Dr. Auerbach
Ed Redlich
as El Duque
Joel West
as Rocco
Adria Dawn
as Pauline
Thomas Bankowski
as Delivery Man
Louis Mustillo
as Dirk Fleming
Bob Clendenin
as Mr. Norman
Jane Lynch
as Professor Carnes
T.J. Hall
as Oscar
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Series Details

TV Network: Warner Brothers
Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1998
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, Tony Krantz, John Eisendrath, Ron Howard, Ed Redlich, Brian Grazer, Laurie McCarthy, Jennifer Levin
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