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From the Earth to the Moon (1998 - 1998)

From the Earth to the Moon (1998 - 1998)






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Tom Hanks was executive producer for this Emmy-winning 12-part drama on the U.S. space program. Spanning 1961 to '72, the series has all the right stuff---impressive scripts, elaborate special effects and solid performances by a large cast. Part 1 (which Hanks also directed) melds those elements into re-creations of two major missions: the exhilarating 1965 spacewalk by Ed White, and a 1966 flight that tested the skill and courage of Neil Armstrong.

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1998, HBO, 12 episodes


Tony Goldwyn
as Neil Armstrong
David Andrews
as Frank Borman
Bryan Cranston
as Buzz Aldrin
Chris Isaak
as Edward White
Tim Daly
as Jim Lovell
Dan Lauria
as James Webb
Al Franken
as Jerome Weisner
Stephen Root
as Chris Kraft
Steve Zahn
as Elliott See
Joe Spano
as George Mueller
Cary Elwes
as Michael Collins
Ted Levine
as Alan Shepard
Brett Cullen
as Dave Scott
Peter Scolari
as Pete Conrad
Nick Searcy
as Deke Slayton
Lane Smith
as Emmett Seaborn
Mark Rolston
as Gus Grissom
Mason Adams
as Clinton Anderson
Ronny Cox
as Lee Atwood
Dakin Matthews
as Dr. Floyd Thompson
Kevin Pollak
as Joseph Shea
Ben Marley
as Roger Chaffee
Ruth Reid
as Grissom,Betty
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Gene Cernan
Dann Florek
as Robert Seamans
John Slattery
as Sen. Walter Mondale
Rhoda Griffis
as Martha Chaffee
Ann Cusack
as Jan Armstrong
Jo Anderson
as Pat White
James Rebhorn
as Harrison Storms
David Clennon
as Lee Silver
Matt Craven
as Tom Kelly
Mark Harmon
as Schirra
Gary Cole
as Mitchell
Fredric Lane
as Walt Cunningham
Tom Verica
as Gordon
Kieran Mulroney
as Schweickart
Tom Amandes
as Schmitt
John Mese
as Donn Eisele
Janet Peterson
as Mrs. Swigart
Max Wright
as Gunter
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Series Details

TV Network: HBO
Premiere Date: Apr 5, 1998
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Tom Hanks, Tony To
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