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Gideon's Crossing (2000 - 2001)

Gideon's Crossing (2000 - 2001)




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A failed but provocative medical drama about a fiercely principled chief of experimental medicine at Boston's Metropolitan General, a prestigious teaching hospital. Intelligently written and with a superb lead performance by Andre Braugher (sandwiched between his roles on `Homicide: Life on the Street' and `Hack'), the series deserved far better than a one-season run.

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Critics Consensus: Despite Andre Braughter's killer performance as the titular doctor, Gideon's Crossing is riddled with lackluster supporting roles and weak storylines that keep it from ever waking up from its coma.

2000, ABC, 20 episodes


Andre Braugher
as Dr. Benjamin Gideon
Ruben Blades
as Dr. Max Cabranes
Russell Hornsby
as Dr. Aaron Boies
Hamish Linklater
as Dr. Bruce Cherry
Eric Dane
as Dr. Wyatt Cooper
Rhona Mitra
as Dr. Alejandra Klein
Ravi Kapoor
as Dr. Siddartha Shandor
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Dr. Michael Pirandello
Brian Wiltshire
as Charlie Gideon
Meagan Gregory
as Rose Gideon
Rachel Wilson
as Joanne Cooper
Hedy Burress
as Money Raspberry Dupree
Polly Draper
as Helen Hoffman
Billy Dee Williams
as Clark Boies
Graham Beckel
as Dr. Steve Califano
Christine Healy
as Mrs. Porter
Bill O'Brien
as Connor McGrath
Riley Smith
as Derek Fitzhugh
Jonathan Hall Kovacs
as John Capriano
Bobbin Bergstrom
as Technician
Michael Nouri
as Dr. Edward Ajami
Deborah May
as Dr. Patricia Floyd
Camryn Manheim
as Ellenor Frutt
Christian Leffler
as Apartment Hunter
Timothy Bottoms
as Rev. Chuck
Richard Edson
as Eddie Santucci
Michael Badalucco
as Jimmy Berlutti
Azura Skye
as Haley Linhart
Tzi Ma
as Dr. Michael To
John Rubinstein
as Larry Palmer
Jonathan Scarfe
as Chester Nolan
Lesley Fera
as Janet Beckman
Abdoulaye N'Gom
as Bazelais Lucien
Harvey J. Alperin
as Dr. Richard Fleck
Elizabeth Dennehy
as Maura Fitzhugh
Peter Mackenzie
as David Porter
Lee Garlington
as Barbara Palmer
Elizabeth Dennehey
as Maura Fitzhugh
Mary Mara
as Dr. Jane Lefkowitz
Ellis E. Williams
as Selwyn Hines
Rita Renee
as Hobby Linhart
Leslie Silva
as Caitlin Reese
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as James Tooley
Becki Leigh Barney
as Charlotte Warren
Heidi Swedberg
as Jenna Cabochon
Manny Kleinmuntz
as Rabbi Kligman
Nicholas Cascone
as Boyd Robinson
Mark Valley
as Mark Epperson
Lily Knight
as Lucinda Culman
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Thomas Kagan
Elizabeth Wilson
as Camellia Kellog
Andrew Sandler
as Jake Cabochon
Marlee Matlin
as Lindsay Warren
James Hong
as Mr. Chin
Stephen Macht
as Claude Cicotte
Bruce McGill
as Kirk Bales
Tracy Middendorf
as Becky Lasker
Robert Joy
as Andy Alter
Rena Owen
as Dr. Tara McPherson
M. Emmet Walsh
as Dr. William Matthews
Charlotte Cornwell
as Dr. Theresa Margolis
Mia Cottet
as Darla Billings Cocotte
Kathy Baker
as Jane Kuhn
Larry Bazzell
as Howard Warren
John Billingsley
as Sonny Green
John Apicella
as Narducci
Brooks Almy
as Doris Freers
Caroline Aaron
as Nancy Bales
James Handy
as David Kennedy
Sara Rivas
as Altagracias Melendez
Chopper Bernet
as Crew Chief
Lucinda Jenney
as Teddy Green
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Christy Fallon
Roma Maffia
as Valerie Tomlinson
Matthew Eason
as James Ferguson
Christine Avila
as Maria Melendez
Dick Stilwell
as Ulasewicz
Constance Zimmer
as Jessica Kuhn
Brent Briscoe
as Michael Freers
Mark Harrier
as Steven Culman
Michael Bacall
as Howie Ferruzza
Fred Koehler
as Truman Rainey
Alice Dodd
as Nurse No. 1
Will Gill Jr.
as Schuster
Wade Williams
as Dr. Mark LaRoux
Curtis C.
as Nurse No. 2
Ray Hanis
as Hector Nunez
Nan Martin
as Mrs. Champion
Nicolas Coster
as Jed Raines
Scott Waara
as Rob Majors
Sara Tanaka
as Linda Kim
Amy Aquino
as Dr. Katie Fieldstone
Scott Nabb
as Skip Remington
Ed Begley Jr.
as Bill Linhart
Susan Ruttan
as Dr. Grace Tarpon
Connor Trinneer
as Steve Tedesco
Jon Polito
as Lou Peda
Steve Larson
as Carl Hostettler
Jack Axelrod
as Elderly Man
Ron Perkins
as Medical Examiner
Michael Yama
as Mr. Kim
Rosalind Chao
as Claire Hines
William Lucking
as Police Captain
Matt Roe
as Nurse
Michael Miranda
as Technician
Meera Simhan
as Deepa Singh
Walter Kim
as Peter Yoo
Owen Bush
as Willy
Noelle Maremont
as Instructor
Geoffrey Rivas
as Rudy Ortega
Sage Allen
as Mrs. Tooley
Shiva Rose McDermott
as Female Reporter
Lawrence Sacco
as Detective
Benjamin Mouton
as RichardHill
Peter Jacobson
as Josh Steinman
Irene Roseen
as Mrs. Grey
Julie Remala
as Mrs. Barcinelle
Julie Pearl
as Mrs. Tedesco
Stephanie Brass
as Charmaine
Ric Serabia
as Homeless Man
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Oct 10, 2000
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Katie Jacobs, Paul Attanasio
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