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Glee (2009 - 2015)





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Musical comedy-drama about the misfits who make up a high-school glee club and teacher Will Schuester, the one-time glee-club star who leads them and must constantly protect "glee" from the malevolent schemes of diabolical cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester.

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Critics Consensus: The band plays on in a truncated final season that is a little daffier and overstuffed than where Glee began, but some disciplined storytelling and sweetly rendered character arcs harmonizes one grande finale that will hearten the New Directions' faithful.

2015, FOX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Glee finds beauty in tragedy during a season that cathartically addresses the untimely passing of star Cory Monteith, while finding some new grace notes among its expansive ensemble, but the series is still indulging in the soporific tropes and cheesy self-seriousness that some viewers have come to dread.

2013, FOX, 20 episodes

Critics Consensus: Glee may have lost a few of its major characters, but several strong storylines help to compensate, and the songs are as strong as ever.

2012, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Impending graduation and a race to the top provides this season some emotional power and stakes, but Glee will strain many viewers' credulity with a flurry of melodramatic developments that feel more cynically calculated than organic to characters who feel increasingly more like soundboards than people.

2011, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Glee loses some of its spark in this reprise, but the series still delights with its frothy musical numbers and sensitive engagement with pressing social issues.

2010, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Entertaining, snarky, and full of heart, Glee is an addictive, toe-tapping musical dramedy that hits all the right notes.

2009, FOX, 22 episodes


Matthew Morrison
as Will Schuester
Jayma Mays
as Emma Pillsbury
Amber Riley
as Mercedes
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Terri Schuester
Jane Lynch
as Sue Sylvester
Iqbal Theba
as Principal Figgins
Naya Rivera
as Santana Lopez
Mike O'Malley
as Burt Hummel
Harry Shum Jr.
as Mike Chang
Vanessa Lengies
as Sugar Motta
Kate Hudson
as Cassandra July
Josh Sussman
as Jacob Ben Israel
Dot-Marie Jones
as Shannon Beiste
Darren Criss
as Blaine Anderson
Melissa Benoist
as Marley Rose
Dean Geyer
as Brody Weston
Igbal Theba
as Principal Figgins
Jacob Artist
as Jake Puckerman
Blake Jenner
as Ryder Lynn
Alex Newell
as Wade "Unique" Adams
Sarah Jessica Parker
as Isabelle Wright
Lauren Potter
as Becky, Becky Jacson
Laura Dreyfuss
as Madison McCarthy
Damian Joseph McGinty
as Rory Flanagan
Billy Lewis Jr.
as Mason McCarthy
Noah Guthrie
as Roderick
NeNe Leakes
as Roz Washington
as Wade Adams
as Grace Hitchens
Samuel Larsen
as Joe Hart
Josh Groban
as Himself
Gregg Henry
as Quinn's Dad
Dijon Talton
as Matt Rutherford
Ashley Fink
as Lauren Zizes
Max Adler
as Dave Karofsky
Damian McGinty
as Rory Flanagan
Jonathan Groff
as Jessie St. James
Bill A. Jones
as Rod Remington
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Sandy Ryerson
Charlotte Ross
as Quinn's Mom
Earlene Davis
as Andrea Carmichael
John Stamos
as Dr. Carl Howell
Kristin Chenoweth
as April Rhodes
Adam Lambert
as Elliot "Starchild" Gilbert
Whoopi Goldberg
as Carmen Tibideaux
Gwyneth Paltrow
as Holly Holliday
Grant Gustin
as Sebastian
Charlotte Ross
as Judy Fabray, Quinn's Mom
Jennifer Aspen
as Kendra Giardi
Charice Pempengco
as Sunshine Corazon
Molly Shannon
as Brenda Castle
Robin Trocki
as Jean Sylvester
Valerie Mahaffey
as Rose Pillsbury
Don Most
as Rusty Pillsbury
as Grace Hitchens
Shirley MacLaine
as June Dolloway
Ken Choi
as Doctor
Josh Groban
as Himself
Jeff Goldblum
as Hiram Berry
Cheyenne Jackson
as Dustin Goolsby
Ryan Heinke
as Stoner Brett
Keong Sim
as Mike Chang Sr.
Kent Avenido
as Howard Bamboo
Phoebe Strole
as Penny Owen
Pamela Chan
as Dottie Kazatori
Barry Bostwick
as Tim Stanwick
Eric Bruskotter
as Cooter Menkins
Michael Hyatt
as Joan Martin
Brad Ellis
as Brad the Piano Player
Gina Gershon
as Pam Anderson
Ioan Gruffudd
as Paolo San Pablo
Mary Jo Catlett
as Mrs. Carlisle
Gregg Henry
as Quinn's Dad, Russell Fabray
Jennifer Coolidge
as Whitney S. Pierce/Pierce Pierce
Ian Brennan
as Narrator
Victor Garber
as Will's Father
Katey Sagal
as Nancy Abrams
Gina Hecht
as Puck's Mom
Sarah Drew
as Suzy Pepper
Ricky Martin
as David Martinez
Chuck Spitler
as Randy Cusperberg
Patti LuPone
as Herself
Telisha Shaw
as Arcadia
Amy Hill
as Dr. Chin
Anna Camp
as Candace Dykstra
Jessica Sanchez
as Frida Romero
Kristen Schaal
as Mary Halloran
Kathy Griffin
as Tammy Jean Albertson
J.R. Nutt
as Edgar Newdle
Bill A. James
as Rod Remington
Meat Loaf
as Barry Jeffries
Trisha Rae Stahl
as Millie Rose
Jeff Lewis
as Manager
Patricia Forte
as Donna Landries
Carol Burnett
as Doris Sylvester
Peter Facinelli
as Rupert Campion
Matt Bomer
as Cooper Anderson
Aidan Friedman
as Giardi Triplet
Skylar Astin
as Jean-Baptiste
Tonya Kay
as Cheerios Dancer
John Schneider
as Dwight Evans
Rizwan Manji
as Dr.Gidwani
Ben Friedman
as Giardi Triplet
Nick Drago
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Ethan Friedman
as Giardi Triplet
Chace Crawford
as Biff McIntosh
Tamlyn Tomita
as Julia Chang
Thomasina Gross
as Perfect Engleberger
Katie Couric
as Herself
Thomas Calabro
as Mr. Puckerman
Jan Hoag
as Roberta, the Cashier
Mary Gillis
as Mrs. Hagberg
Josh Brodis
as Student
Kari Coleman
as Donna Jackson
Chris Delfosse
as Tattoo Artist
Rock Anthony
as Rick the Stick
June Squibb
as Maggie Banks
Billy Dee Williams
as Andy Collins
Tim Conway
as Marty Rogers
Gary Dourdan
as D'Shawn
Cody Carrera
as Waterboy, Student
Tyra Banks
as Bichette
Beau Garrett
as Charlie Darling
Melinda McGraw
as Clara Banks
Andi Chapman
as Arwyyd Johnson
Jim Rash
as Lee Paulblatt
Max Emerson
as Male Model
Richard Kind
as Mr. Rifkin
Tommy Bechtold
as Assistant
Genson Blimline
as Man on Crutches
Nathan Keyes
as Andrew Cosgrove
Manos Gavras
as Dimitri
Jeff Pierre
as Male Fan
Wendle Josepher
as Barbara Brownfield
Mia Barron
as Mother
Ric Stoneback
as Angry New Yorker
Bob Glouberman
as Mitzvah University President
Philip Pavel
as TV Producer
Mason McNulty
as Young Sam
Geri Jewell
as TV Producer
Michael Hitchcock
as Dalton Rumba
Ilia Volok
as Cab Driver
Christopher Cousins
as Superintendent Bob Harris
Mary Czerwinski
as 80s Dancer
Luke Zimmerman
as Male Student
Amy Novondo
as Pedestrian
Marc Abbink
as Career Vendor
Jeff Odachowski
as Paparazzo
Phil Foster
as Specialty Skater
Amy Aquino
as Funny Girl Producer
Steve Ferrarie
as Couple on Boardwalk
Evlin Lake
as Dancer
Bob Bancroft
as Dr. Donald Langdon
Jack Plotnick
as Dr. Leonard Halpman
Aaron Fotheringham
as Artie's Wheel Chair Double
Colleen Craig
as Animal Head Dancer
Mark Kanemura
as Brittany's Backup Dancer
Hayley Holmes
as Liz Schneider
Sean Lew
as Dancer
Dustin Ingram
as Pizza Guy
Ethan Josh Lee
as Summer Camp Boy
Michael Benjamin Washington
as Tracy Pendergrass
Paul Vogt
as Herb Duncan
Molly McCook
as Sophmore Singer
Ethan Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #1
Wendy Worthington
as Woman Auditioning
Aidan Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #2
Ben Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #3
Marty Dew
as Dancer
Mickey Faerch
as Lunch Lady
Rob Crites
as Stilt World/Cheerleader #2
Trey Knight
as Stilt World/Cheerleader #4
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: May 19, 2009
Executive Producers: Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Dante di Loreto, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Bradley Buecker
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