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Good Times (1974 - 1979)

Good Times (1974 - 1979)






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The 'Maude' spin-off about a black family living in a Chicago housing project mined poverty, racism, inner-city woes and single-parent homes for humor, with varying degrees of success. J.J.'s enthusiastic 'dyn-o-mite!' became the show's catchphrase, and the series, created under Norman Lear's guidance, was a popular destination for viewers in the 1970s.

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1978, CBS, 21 episodes

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1977, CBS, 22 episodes

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1976, CBS, 24 episodes

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1975, CBS, 24 episodes

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1974, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Good Times' glamorization of poverty undercuts its achievement of centering a Black ensemble on network television, but Esther Rolle and John Amos' joyful chemistry brings irresistible warmth to this sitcom family.

1974, CBS, 13 episodes


Esther Rolle
as Florida Evans
John Amos
as James Evans
Jimmie "J.J." Walker
as James `J.J.' Evans Jr.
Ja'Net DuBois
as Willona Woods
Ralph Carter
as Michael Evans
BernNadette Stanis
as Thelma Evans Anderson
Moses Gunn
as Carl Dixon
Johnny Brown
as Nathan Bookman
Janet Jackson
as Penny Gordon Woods
Ben Powers
as Keith Anderson
Teddy Wilson
as Sweet Daddy
Debbi Morgan
as Samantha
Chip Fields
as Mrs. Gordon
Dean Norton
as Mr. Lawrence
Jane Connell
as Miss Flicker
DeForest Covan
as Rev. Beasley
Bill Henderson
as Nightclub Owner
Bhetty Waldron
as The Princess
Douglas Grant
as Sweet Pen
Calvin Lockhart
as Cousin Raymond
Larry Robinson
as Damon Stevenson
Nick LaTour
as Reverend Gordon
F. William Parker
as Mad Trucker
Hope Clarke
as Brenda Gordon
James Spinks
as First Hood
Bob Delegall
as Dr. Blake
Bill Cobbs
as Mr. Gillard
Dave Turner
as Off. Wigmore
Richard Ward
as Henry Evans
Oscar DeGruy
as Mad Dog
Johnny Sekka
as Ibe Wubila
Rod Perry
as Jeffrey
Ron Glass
as Pearson
Richard Libertini
as First Painter
Bebe Drake
as Savannah
Cal Wilson
as Loan Shark
Macintyre Dixon
as Second Painter
Paula Kelly
as Dr. Brown
Mel Carter
as Slick Dude
Kathleen Doyle
as Mrs. Carpenter
Helen Verbit
as Saleswoman
Dorothy Butts
as Mrs. Gillard
John Witherspoon
as Officer Lawson
Larry Greene
as Hood #2
F. William Parker
as Detective #2
Daryl Roach
as Joe Stennet
Rosanne Katon
as Clarissa
Tina Andrews
as J.J.'s Girlfriend
Richard Stahl
as Judge Daniels
Betty Bridges
as Charlene
Percy Rodrigues
as Florida's Cousin
Dick Gjonola
as Jack Simmons
Richard B. Shull
as Stonehurst
Rana Ford
as Marcia
Al White
as Sampson
Ernie Barnes
as Hoodlum #1
Eileen Saki
as Waitress
Mary Alice
as Loretta
Richard Wood
as James' Father
John Dewey Carter
as Detective #1
Jack Baker
as Cleatus
Arnold Johnson
as Homeless Man
Bebe Hooks
as Savannah
Sharon Brown
as Fun Girl
Lloyd Hollard
as Duane Poole
Takayo Doran
as Hostess
Alma Beltran
as Mrs. Lopez
Ann Weldon
as Mrs. Robinson
Cal Gibson
as Vagrant
Lee Weaver
as Man #2
as Edna
Jimmy Spinks
as First Hood
Edwetta Little
as Living Cable #1
Stack Pierce
as Police Officer
Joe Coffey
as Otis Johnson
Juan DeCarlos
as Second Hood
Santiago González
as Mr. Robinson
David Moses
as Salesman
as Old Lady
Charlotte Rae
as Ms. Rogers
Bill Walker
as Mr. Carter
Judy Pace
as Gloria Jackson
Hank Rolike
as Dunbar Sr.
Norma Donaldson
as Mrs. Baker
Fay Hauser
as Barbara
Barbara Isaacs
as Living Cable #3
Hilda Haynes
as Mrs. Andrews
Conchata Ferrell
as Miss Johnson
Charles Siebert
as Rutherford
Dick O'Neill
as Mr. Bridges
Eric Monte
as Runner
Ernest Morrison
as Messenger
Kay Dingle
as Secretary
Don Marshall
as FBI Agent
Sorrell Booke
as Galbraith
Woodrow Parfrey
as Interviewer
Morris Buchanan
as Mr. Dawson
Stan Haze
as Prisoner
Fred Daniel Scott
as Mr. Coggins
Sylvia Soares
as Bernadine
Marguerite Ray
as Millie Wilson
Kathryn Jackson
as Mrs. Jenkins
Philip Baker Hall
as Motel Owner
Gammy Burdett
as Mrs. Dunbar
Betty Cole
as Mrs. Hines
Randy Harris
as Bartender
Lester Wilson
as Mr. Gage
Jay Leno
as Young Man
Nedra Volz
as Old Lady
Simeon Holloway
as Mr. Johnson
Ronny Cox
as Bobby Jenkins
Lil Henderson
as Woman on Bench
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Feb 8, 1974
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Norman Lear
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