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Grace Under Fire (1993 - 1998)

Grace Under Fire (1993 - 1998)






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A popular blue-collar sitcom about a Southern-fried, divorced mother of three trying to jump-start a new life despite limited job prospects, her children's growing pains and an intrusive ex-husband.

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1997, ABC, 14 episodes

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1996, ABC, 25 episodes

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1995, ABC, 25 episodes

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1994, ABC, 26 episodes

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1993, ABC, 22 episodes


Brett Butler
as Grace Kelly
Jon Paul Steuer
as Quentin Kelly
Sam Horrigan
as Quentin Kelly
Kaitlin Cullum
as Elizabeth Louise `Libby' Kelly
Dylan Sprouse
as Patrick Kelly
Cole Sprouse
as Patrick Kelly
Dave Thomas
as Russell Norton
Julie White
as Nadine Swoboda
Casey Sander
as Wade Swoboda
Geoffrey Pierson
as Jimmy Kelly
Charles Hallahan
as Bill Davis
Valri Bromfield
as Faith Burdette
William Fichtner
as Ryan Sparks
Paul Dooley
as John Shirley
Alan Autry
as Rick Bradshaw
Tom Poston
as Floyd Norton
Peggy Rea
as Jean Kelly
Julia Duffy
as Bev Henderson
Nancy Lenehan
as Mrs. Sheffield
Drew Pillsbury
as Coach Fletcher
Clifton Davis
as Dr. Swanson
Peter Crombie
as Counterman
Diane Ladd
as Louise
Paul Le Mat
as Stranger
Dan Castellaneta
as Mr. Rudder
Mike Hagerty
as Mr. Ricky
Barry Bostwick
as Jack Drayson
Danny Zuker
as Police Officer
Alison Martin
as Mrs. Strauman
David Brisbin
as Dr. Denton
Jean Speegle Howard
as Mrs. Boudreau
Mike Starr
as Engborg
Carl Banks
as Derrick
Richard Herd
as Captain
Paul Gleason
as Mr. Wallace
Peggy Roeder
as Bernice
Pat McCormick
as Barry Leeds
Patrika Darbo
as Waitress
April Winchell
as Ms. Salem
Matthew Schultz
as Alaska Contestant
Stephen Lee
as Arnold H. Humphrey
Loren Freeman
as DeForest
Jim Turner
as Professor Meadows
Chris Kattan
as Carnival Barker
Irene Teegardin
as Receptionist
Sandy Faison
as Kimberly
Richard Roat
as Samuels
Penny Fuller
as Judge Hawkins
Ron Canada
as Judge Brodax
China Kantner
as Waitress
David Dundara
as Italian Man
Burke Byrnes
as Justice of the Peace
J.C. Alexander
as Carnival Kid
Dennis Dun
as Jackie Lee
Robert Michael Adler
as Contest Liaison
Larry Thomas
as Ticket Agent
L. Scott Caldwell
as Mrs. Briscoe
Barry Steiger
as DeForest
Ron Moseley
as Student
Beverly Archer
as Mrs. Dailey
Tim Maculan
as Tee Dub
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1993
Executive Producers: Jeff Abugov, Brett Butler, Marc Flanagan, Chuck Lorre
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