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Great Performances (1972 - )

Great Performances (1972 - )





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PBS's signature performing-arts series showcases dance, drama, comedy and music ranging from orchestral and operatic to Broadway and the blues. The Lanford Wilson drama 'The Rimers of Eldritch' was its first presentation and 'Brideshead Revisited' was perhaps its most famous. There have been more than 600 'Great Performances' all told. Some might have been only 'reasonable performances' (as Robin Williams once quipped), but many others were distinguished, among them some 50 Emmy nominees.

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Josh Groban's Great Big Radio City Show
Great Performances: Season 49, Josh Groban's Great Big Radio City Show

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2021, PBS, 26 episodes

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2020, PBS, 19 episodes

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2019, PBS, 18 episodes

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Christine Brewer
as Sister Aloysius
Plácido Domingo
as Mario Cavaradossi
Kevin Kline
as Cyrano de Bergerac
Elaine Paige
as Grizabella
Tom Hiddleston
as Prince Hal
Alfred Molina
as Mark Rothko
Alan King
as Instructor
Sophie Okonedo
as Queen Margaret
Adriana Zabala
as Sister James
Natalie Dessay
as Nightingale
Jim Walton
as Bobby Child
Maggie Smith
as Mrs. Violet Venable
Yuan Yuan Tan
as Desdemona
Ian McKellen
as King Lear
Gillian Murphy
as Odette/Odile
Reba McEntire
as Ens. Nellie Forbush
Josh Groban
as Anatoly Sergievsky
Ramin Karimloo
as The Phantom
Christopher Plummer
as John Barrymore
Joyce Ebert
as Mrs. Holroyd
Michelle Pfeiffer
as Natica Jackson
Elliott Hanna
as Billy Elliot
Andrew McCarthy
as Martin Musgrove
Danielle de Niese
as Roxanne Coss
Bonnie Langford
as Dorothy Brock
Ken Watanabe
as The King
Yvonne Kenny
as Anna Glawari, the Merry Widow
Jay Hunter Morris
as Captain Ahab
Ben Whishaw
as Richard II
Andre Gregory
as Narrator
Eva Marton
as Turandot
Tom Yang
as Emperor
Hannah Vassallo
as Princess Aurora
Richard Burton
as The White Knight
Raul Esparza
as Bobby, Robert
Catherine Malfitano
as Floria Tosca
Chad Kimball
as Huey Calhoun
Brent Barrett
as Fred Graham
John Lennon
as Himself
Matthew Worth
as Father Flynn
Ken Page
as Old Deuteronomy
Colleen Dewhurst
as The Red Queen
John Mills
as Gus, the Theatre Cat
Denyce Graves
as Mrs. Miller
Nathan Lane
as The Dormouse
Patti LuPone
as Old Lady
Julian Ovenden
as Captain von Trapp
Kristine Nielsen
as Monica Reed
Kenny G
as Sax Soprano
Keeley Hawes
as Queen Elizabeth
Ruggero Raimondi
as Baron Scarpia
Katherine Kelley
as Baroness Schraeder
Cobie Smulders
as Joanna Lyppiatt
Tom Sturridge
as Henry VI
Richard Burton
as The White Knight
Jeongcheol Cha
as Katsumi Hosokawa
Michelle DeYoung
as Mezzo-soprano
Yvonne Kenny
as Anna Glawari
Rachel York
as Lilli Vanessi
Joseph McManners
as The Little Prince
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Emile de Becque
Adam Pascal
as Freddie Trumper
Romola Garai
as Cordelia
Bo Skovhus
as Count Danilo Danilovitch
Edward Akrout
as Louis, the Dauphin
Rex Robbins
as Holroyd
Hugh Bonneville
as Gloucester
Tom Lister
as Julian Marsh
Kelli O'Hara
as Mrs. Anna
Anthony Dowell
as Drosselmeyer
Montego Glover
as Felicia Farrell
Bo Skovhus
as Count Danilo Danilovitch
Sierra Boggess
as Christine
James Earl Jones
as Hoke Colburn
Ruthie Henshall
as Mrs. Wilkinson
Kevin McNally
as Stuart Thorn
Natasha Richardson
as Catharine Holly
Roland Petit
as Himself
Kate Fleetwood
as Lady Macbeth
Stacey Logan
as Polly Baker
Rosemarie Ford
as Bombalurina
Alun Armstrong
as Northumberland
Nathan Lane
as The Dormouse
Vittorio Grigolo
as Il Duca di Mantova
Adrian Dunbar
as Richard of York
Julie Walters
as Mistress Quickly
James Fleet
as Peter Wentworth
Peter Bartlett
as Head Waiter
Jason Danieley
as Lt. Joseph Cable
Idina Menzel
as Florence Vassy
Daniel Sunjata
as Christian
Rob Lowe
as Dr. Cukrowicz
Miyako Yoshida
as The Sugar Plum Fairy
Jason Ninh Cao
as Bad General
Paul Groves
as Candide
Christopher Marney
as Count Lilac
James Purefoy
as Thomas Mowbray
Frank Converse
as Blackmore
Andrew Stenson
as Gen Watanabe
Sally Hawkins
as Duchess of Gloucester
Nancy Anderson
as Lois Lane
Georgina Parkinson
as Queen Mother
Alec Baldwin
as Luther Billis
Boyd Gaines
as Boolie Werthan
Zeljko Ivanek
as March Hare
George Rose
as Kolenkov
Hector Elizondo
as Morris King
Penny Downie
as Gertrude
De'Adre Aziza
as Edwina/Marianna/Sudabey
Peter Badger
as Edgar Degas
Jon Cryer
as David
Chris Botti
as Trumpet
Stephen Fry
as Humphrey Taylor
Penny Downie
as Gertrude
Ruthie Ann Miles
as Lady Thiang
Ioan Holender
as Alcindoro
Bruce Adler
as Bela Zangler
Sam Troughton
as Clarence
Davit Karapetyan
as Nutcracker Prince
Kaye Ballard
as The Duchess
Michelle Dockery
as Kate Percy
James Barron
as Bustopher Jones
Thomas Allen
as Narrator/Dr. Pangloss/Voltaire
Adam Maskell
as Carabosse/Caradoc
Holland Taylor
as Ernestine
Olga Kern
as Piano
Geoffrey Holder
as The Cheshire Cat
Lang Lang
as Piano
Giacomo Prestia
as Cesare Angelotti
Eisa Davis
as Mother
Jonathan Cope
as The Prince
Wendy Ferguson
as Carlotta Guidicelli
Maureen Lipman
as Aunt Eller
Willard White
as The King
Morgan Smith
as Starbuck
Colleen Dewhurst
as The Red Queen
Clarke Peters
as Walter de Courcy
Tim Roth
as Nick Finchley
Rafael Davila
as General Alfredo
Jeb Brown
as Lank Hawkins
Pavel Novak
as Mercutio
Michael Berresse
as Bill Calhoun
Barry Humphries
as Dame Edna Everage
Moira Redmond
as Mrs. Holly
David Weston
as Gentleman
Clare Halse
as Peggy Sawyer
Yvette Cason
as Miss Mary
Wang Zhi Gang
as Emperor's Asssitant
Gregory Turay
as Camille de Rosillon
Michael Gruber
as Munkustrap
Aeva May
as Demeter
Lucy Robinson
as Young Cecily
Ben Daniels
as Buckingham
Maxine Peake
as Doll Tearsheet
Ilka Chase
as The Stepmother
Edwin Ray
as King Benedict
Geoffrey Palmer
as The Lord Chief Justice
David Morrissey
as Northumberland
Tony Timberlake
as Asparagus
Philip Bertioli
as Billy Lawlor
Ian McNeice
as Potiphar
Colman Domingo
as Mr. Franklin/Joop/Mr. Venus
Nino Surguladze
as Maddalena
Carlo Hartmann
as Baron Mirko Zeta
David Ackroyd
as Broderick
Mal Evans
as Magician
Lillias White
as Bloody Mary
Geoffrey Holder
as The Cheshire Cat
Kerry Ellis
as Svetlana Sergievsky
Richard E. Grant
as George Holly
Giorgio Gatti
as Sacristan
Mariah Gale
as Ophelia
Scott Handy
as Malcolm
Gregory Turay
as Camille de Rosillon
Vicki Simon
as Ado Annie
John Hurt
as The Chorus
Eve Arden
as The Queen of Hearts
William Burden
as Rubén Iglesias
Sandy Edgerton
as Irene Roth
Carlo Hartmann
as Baron Mirko Zeta
Barry James
as Monsieur Firmin
Teddy Kemper
as First Man
Tom Georgeson
as Bardolph
Phoebe Fox
as Lady Anne
Tom Brooke
as Corporal Nym
Jonathan Hyde
as Earl of Kent
Gwendolyn Jones
as Alma March
Ivan Putrov
as Hans-Peter, the Nutcracker
Isaac Stappas
as Von Rothbart
Kerry Biggin
as Queen Eleanor
James Coco
as The King of Hearts
Gillian Raine
as Miss Foxhill
Mauro Buffoli
as Spoletta
Chad Goodridge
as Terry/Christophe/Hugo
Jan Svab
as Capulet
Curtis Sullivan
as Vicomte Cascada
Jessie Robins
as Aunt Jessie
David Suchet
as Duke of York
Stella Gonet
as Marigold
John Patridge
as Rum Tum Tugger
Joan Collins
as Potiphar's Wife
Tome Randle
as The Snake
Conrad John Schuck
as Capt. George Brackett
Marti Pellow
as Arbiter
Michael McGrath
as Mr. Simmons
Gareth Snook
as Monsieur André
Jack Chissick
as Second Man
Jimmy Johnston
as Will Parker
Ben Miles
as Somerset
Fred Rose
as David
James Laurenson
as Westmoreland
Alice Ghostley
as Stepsister Joy
Timothy Robinson
as The Lamplighter
David Hayman
as Worcester
Donald O'Connor
as The Mock Turtle
Demi Lee
as Debbie
Ian Bannen
as Hubert Stout
Jacques Imbrailo
as Joachim Messner
Rosaleen Linehan
as Sister Felicity
Mia Price
as Patsy
Jonathan Boyd
as Raoul de St. Brioche
Laurent Naouri
as Chamberlain
Sylvester McCoy
as Lear's Fool
Jonathan Boyd
as Raoul de St. Brioche
Stanford Olsen
as Vanderdendur/Ragotski
Daisy May Kemp
as Miss Maddox
Robert Torti
as Pharaoh
Daniel Belcher
as John Brooke
Marcelo Gómez
as Von Rothbart
Dylan Baker
as Cdr. William Harbison
Richard Bremmer
as Abbot of Westminster
Maureen Stapleton
as The White Queen
David Bedella
as Alexander Molokov
Suzanne Burden
as Lady Macduff
Rebecca Naomi Jones
as Sherry/Renata/Desi
Liz Robertson
as Madame Giry
Derek Royle
as Jolly Jimmy Johnson
Richard Coxon
as The Vain Man
Sam Alexander
as Rosencrantz/Second Gravedigger
James Maddalena
as Gideon March
Sydney Livingstone
as Andrew Carnes
Mandy Weet
as Wendy Winters
Edie Adams
as Fairy Godmother
Richard Clothier
as Earl of Salisbury
Rebecca Parker
as Cassandra
Lill Roughley
as Mrs. Stout
Samuel West
as Bishop of Winchester
Austin Pendleton
as The White Rabbit
Daniel Lipnik
as Friar Lawrence
Curtis Sullivan
as Vicomte Cascada
Wynne Evans
as Ubaldo Piangi
Geoffrey Garrat
as Shimbleshanks