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Grounded for Life (2001 - 2005)

Grounded for Life (2001 - 2005)





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A working-class Staten Island family of five is headed by a couple in their early 30s (parents since their late teens), who struggle to be cool, youthful and, most of all, responsible in dealing with their kids: Lily, who's dating; Jimmy, who's good in school; and the mischievous Henry.

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2004, FOX, 13 episodes

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2003, FOX, 28 episodes

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2002, FOX, 13 episodes

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2001, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Boosted by Donal Logue and Megan Price's chemistry, Grounded For Life puts a clever spin on a tired genre that's as charming as it is dysfunctional.

2001, FOX, 15 episodes


Donal Logue
as Sean Finnerty
Megyn Price
as Claudia Finnerty
Kevin Corrigan
as Eddie Finnerty
Lynsey Bartilson
as Lily Finnerty
Jake Burbage
as Henry Finnerty
Griffin Frazen
as Jimmy Finnerty
Richard Riehle
as Walt Finnerty
Bret Harrison
as Brad O'Keefe
Miriam Flynn
as Sister Helen
Gregory Jbara
as Dan O'Keefe
Chris Hogan
as Mr. Kersey
J.B. Gaynor
as Young Eddie
Dan Martin
as Pennix
John David Conti
as Tony the Barber
Sam Horrigan
as Scott Bianco
P.J. Marino
as Delivery Guy
Dave Foley
as Derek Purcell
Ryan Devlin
as Mocha Joey
Scott Thompson
as Dr. Kagan
Vic Polizos
as Dry Cleaner (Bobby)
Hal Ozsan
as Jerry
David DeLuise
as Father Tim
Vincent Pastore
as Uncle Sal
Jill Andre
as Aunt Marie
Jeff Austin
as Allergist
Eric Kushnick
as Ice Cream Guy
Octavia Spencer
as Admitting Nurse
David A. Kimball
as Professor Gendler
Wendie Jo Sperber
as Mrs. Robinson
Ed Gale
as Jesus
John Kassir
as Musgrove
Gina Gallegos
as Maricruz
Sabrina Bertaccini
as Mrs. Delvecchio
Steve Tancora
as Fire Chief
Tom Gibbs
as Chuck
Daniel Farber
as Mitchell
Tom Virtue
as Father Matthew
Loudon Wainwright III
as Dr. Weidlinger
Caryne Shea
as Saleswoman No. 1
Lisa Kushell
as Rebecca
David Grammer
as Tattoo Guy
Allan Trautman
as Prof. Gollin
Isabella Bonaduce
as Little Lily
Louisette Geiss
as Saleswoman No. 2
T.J. Thyne
as Waiter
Anne Betancourt
as Mrs. Cummings
Jessica Bern
as Pharmacist
Anne Johnson
as Mrs. Libby
Shannon Collis
as Becky Thatcher
Bruce French
as Amy's Father
Trace Germaine
as Saleswoman No. 3
Lily Knight
as Mrs. Gowan
Rusty Flood
as Young Walt
David Stenstrom
as Bitterman
Trevor Wright
as Guy No. 1
Lee Arenberg
as Hair Plugs
Geoff Stultz
as Room Service Guy
Jim O'Doherty
as Exterminator
Steve Tom
as Businessman
Eric Jungmann
as Ticket Clerk
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Lunch Lady
Van Epperson
as Dan Hagen
Stefan Umsted
as Security Guard
Edwin Hodge
as Guy No. 2
Frank Ertl
as Principal/Priest
Sean G. Griffin
as Father O'Connor
Nick Mize
as Concierge
Ryan Raddatz
as Michael
Ken Abraham
as Man No. 1
Alan Heitz
as Toll Booth Man
Bobby Brewer
as Held-Back 219 Kid
Michael Dean Jacobs
as Robber No. 1
Patricia Place
as Baby-sitter
Stacy Reed
as Melissa
Cutter Mitchell
as Robber No. 2
Alexander Gould
as Little Billy
Tom Kiesche
as Customer
Dennis Neal
as Mr. Di Mito
Edith Jefferson
as Older Woman
Edward James Gage
as Delivery Man
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Jan 10, 2001
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, David Israel, Bill Martin
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