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Happy Days (1974 - 1984)

Happy Days (1974 - 1984)





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A sitcom about life in the 1950s revolving around the squeaky-clean Cunningham family and their relationship with Fonzie, a motorcycle-riding Casanova.

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1983, ABC, 22 episodes

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1982, ABC, 22 episodes

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1981, ABC, 22 episodes

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1980, ABC, 22 episodes

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1979, ABC, 25 episodes

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1978, ABC, 27 episodes

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1977, ABC, 27 episodes

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1976, ABC, 25 episodes


Ron Howard
as Richie Cunningham
Henry Winkler
as Arthur `Fonzie' Fonzarelli
Tom Bosley
as Howard Cunningham
Marion Ross
as Marion Cunningham
Anson Williams
as Warren `Potsie' Weber
Don Most
as Ralph Malph
Erin Moran
as Joanie Cunningham
Gavan O'Herlihy
as Chuck Cunningham
Randolph Roberts
as Chuck Cunningham
Roz Kelly
as Pinky Tuscadero
Neil J. Schwartz
as Bag Zombroski
Beatrice Colen
as Marsha Simms
Linda Purl
as Gloria/Ashley Pfister
Tita Bell
as Trudy
Al Molinaro
as Alfred Delvecchio
Scott Baio
as Charles `Chachi' Arcola
Lynda Goodfriend
as Lori Beth Allen Cunningham
Denis Mandel
as Eugene Belvin
Cathy Silvers
as Jenny Piccalo
Ted McGinley
as Roger Phillips
Billy Warlock
as Flip Phillips
Crystal Bernard
as K.C. Cunningham
Heather O'Rourke
as Heather Pfister
Ed Peck
as Off. Kirk
Dave Ketchum
as Binicky
Ruth Cox
as Thunder
Cliff Emmich
as Candyman
Suzi Quatro
as Leather
Jason Evers
as Blackie
Lyle Waggoner
as Bobby Burns
Jack Dodson
as Dr. Malph
Michael Pataki
as Count Mallachi
John Moskal Jr.
as T-Man Peterson
Ceil Cabot
as Teacher
Ellen Travolta
as Mrs. Arcola
Ray Girardin
as Sergeant Ryan
Linda Kaye Henning
as Lieut. Quinlan
Dick Patterson
as Skip Oliver
nancy steen
as Mrs. Friedman
Dave Madden
as Jack Whippett
John Hart
as Lone Ranger
Peter Scolari
as Fonzie's Pal
Elinor Donahue
as Mrs. Broderick
Eileen Dietz
as Rebecca
Wil Albert
as Bellgoodie
Al Fann
as Henry
Udana Power
as Beatnik
Jack Baker
as Sticks
Tony Brafa
as Uncle Bobo
Frances Bay
as Grandma Nussbaum
Teri Landrum
as Stephanie
Ivor Francis
as Psychiatrist
Erin Blunt
as Wilbur
James Daughton
as California Kid
Suzy Quatro
as Leather
Phillip Pine
as Holloway
Jeremy Lawrence
as Dr. Crane
Laurette Spang
as Fonzie's Girl
Jack Smith
as Himself
Greg Forrest
as Russell
Sam Freed
as Millard
Ben Davidson
as Oaktree
Allan Rich
as Prof. Thomas
Raymond Goulding
as Bernie Cross
Sam Edwards
as Dr. Abner
Teddi Siddal
as Lucille
Bill Morey
as Captain
Lee Anthony
as Milton Broderick
Kenneth Osmond
as Freddie Bascomb
Phil Leeds
as Silver
Deborah Pratt
as Kat Mandu
Pat Lenz
as Emily
Reb Brown
as Rebel
Seemah Wilder
as Meter Maid
Bob Millard
as Danny Cotter
Gary Grubbs
as Sheriff
Marta Kober
as Student
Herb Edelman
as Burglar
Betty Kean
as Nurse Millie
Gail Edwards
as Loretta
Robert Elliott
as Gil Cross
Beth Schaffel
as Courtney
Edward Hartes
as Joanie's Student
Sherry Hursey
as Businessman's Daughter
Garry Epp
as Bubba
Susan Cotton
as Miss Radcliff
Fred Fox Jr.
as Band Leader
Anson Downes
as William
Marla Adams
as Millicent
Cheryl Ladd
as Starlet
Paulette Breen
as Poster Girl
Marcia Lewis
as Mother Dunbar
Lew Horn
as Bellhop
Charles Hallahan
as Truant Officer
Nancy New
as Dee Dee
Liz Keifer
as Noreen
Phil Silvers
as Jenny's Dad
Teris Wyss
as Christy
Al Alu
as Becket
Amazing Randi
as Escape Artist
Tom Hanks
as Fonzie's Nemesis
Joseph Nipote
as Leo Epps
Bill Idelson
as Psychiatrist
Henry Beckman
as Prof. Garrity
John A. Waldron
as Fatherless Boy
Woody Eney
as Chairman
Michael Morgan
as Boyfriend
Ed Begley Jr.
as Koranski
Ralph Wilcox
as Defendant
Leon Askin
as Himmel
Jerry Paris
as Charlie
Robin Bach
as Maitre d'
Paul Linke
as Bruiser
Ray Underwood
as Quarterback
Chris Milton
as Towering Student
Pamela Dunlap
as Doris Charles
Michael Leon
as Student
Rita Wilson
as Barbara
Janis Paige
as Waitress
Doug Dowd
as Morty
Dick Gautier
as Mad Doctor
Zooey Hall
as Herbie
Jim Begg
as Bellhop
Wendy Schall
as Roger's Girlfriend
Jim Knaub
as Mechanic
Robin Dearden
as Roger's Girlfriend
Ann Bosley
as Howard's Bowling Buddy
Jenny Sullivan
as Photographer
Tim Dial
as Joanie's Boyfriend
Conrad Janis
as Kendall
Eddie Mekka
as Carmine
D.D. Howard
as Lifeguard
Gary Epp
as Bullfrog
Nancy Walker
as Howard's Cousin
Ken Olfson
as Simpson
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Jan 15, 1974
Genre: Comedy
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