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Hell on Wheels (2011 - 2016)

Hell on Wheels (2011 - 2016)





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A former Confederate soldier helps construct and expand the first transcontinental railroad, a task taken on after initially seeking revenge on the Union troops who killed his wife.

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2015, AMC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2014, AMC, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Hell on Wheels' third outing teases an exciting new direction for its characters but unfortunately loses locomotion in the end, leaving its characters stuck in a stranded narrative boxcar.

2013, AMC, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: While it still feels like it's finding its legs, the second season of Hell on Wheels is more confident than the first and perfectly acceptable for those in need of a Western fix.

2012, AMC, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Its Old West setting and central revenge plot may be overly familiar, but Hell on Wheels holds just enough intrigue to keep things interesting.

2011, AMC, 10 episodes


Anson Mount
as Cullen Bohannon
as Elam Ferguson
Colm Meaney
as Thomas "Doc" Durant
Jennifer Ferrin
as Louise Ellison
Phil Burke (II)
as Mickey McGinnes
Philip Burke
as Mickey McGinnes
Tim Guinee
as Collis Potter Huntington
Chelah Horsdal
as Maggie Palmer
Jake Weber
as John Campbell
Reg Rogers
as James Strobridge
Tzi Ma
as Tao
Tayden Marks
as Ezra Dutson
Mackenzie Porter
as Naomi Hatch
Ben Esler
as Sean McGinnes
Eddie Spears
as Joseph Black Moon
David Wilson Barnes
as Martin Delaney
James Shanklin
as Aaron Hatch
Kalem John Vaughan
as Baby William
Peter Benson
as Marshal Jessup
Michael Tiernan
as Treasurer Atwood
Kevin Blatch
as Judge Webber
Jonathan Scarfe
as Sidney Snow
Sara Canning
as Charlotte
Kirsten Robek
as Mrs. Hatch
Roger LeBlanc
as Wallace Beers
Aaron Edelstein
as Mr. Adler
Wes Studi
as Chief Many Horses
Ted Levine
as Daniel Johnson
Tom Noonan
as Rev Nathaniel Cole
Kevin Davey
as Paddy Quinn
Mo Brings Plenty
as White Feather
Gregg Henry
as Brigham Young
Gerald Auger
as Pawnee Killer
Virginia Madsen
as Hannah Durant
Duval Lang
as Elder Moss
John Lacy
as Virgil Farnsworth
Sean Hoy
as Joseph Dutson, Louise Ellison
Wayne Duvall
as Senator Metcalf
Caitlin Jade Little Child
as Arapaho Slave #1
Haysam Kadri
as Dutch Dufray
Cherie Shot Both Sides
as Arapaho Slave #2
Siobhan Williams
as Naomi Hatch
Gia Crovatin
as Abby Delaney
Hal Kerbes
as Westy Parker
Jason Cermak
as McGuire
Collin Sutton
as George Van Dorn
James Fraser
as Deputy #2
Jann Arden
as Madam Pauline
Terri Stevens
as Missy Redwood (Female Impersonator)
Cole Vandale
as Sentry on the Wall
Victor Slezak
as General Grant
Brent Briscoe
as Jimmy Two Squaws
Michael Horse
as Old Porcupine
John De Santis
as Irish Worker
John DeSantis
as Irish Worker
Michele Thrush
as Smiling Crow
Daniel McDougal
as Conductor
Samuel Marty
as Comanche Boy
Quillan Lowry
as Greasy Soldier
Aaron Zeffer
as Ronald Foster
Michael Shepard
as Bystander One
Rod Lurie
as Bystander Two
Cam Sutherland
as Bald Soldier
T.J. Anderson
as Whore #2
Aidan Hamilton
as Young Boy
Brent Gill
as Drunk #2
Zak Santiago
as Marcos Fuentes
Blair Young
as Otis Spong
Jim Finkbeiner
as Mousy Soldier
Michelle Haug
as Bystander Three
Edwin Perez
as Juan Fuentes
Shane Pollitt
as Wiry Soldier
Amy Burks
as Ester Hatch
Greg Spielman
as Man in Crowd
Andrew Legge
as Charlie Unger
Conrad Pla
as Jose Spano
Denton Edge
as Jumpy Soldier
Aimee Beaudoin
as Mary Hatch
Juan Pablo
as Mexican Posse #1
Kyle Thomson
as Tall Soldier
Gia Corvatin
as Abby Delaney
Jeff Randhawa
as Mexican Posse #2
Eugene Braverock
as Stunt Brave #1
Tim Bruised
as Stunt Brave #2
Tefari Thompson
as Enoch Buell
Benjamin Morgan
as Eugene Kellogg
Wekamot Oneka
as Julius Hankey
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Series Details

TV Network: AMC
Premiere Date: Nov 6, 2011
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: John Wirth, Paul Kurta, Michael Rosenberg, Jeremy Gold, Joe Gayton, Tony Gayton
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