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Highlander (1992 - 1998)

Highlander (1992 - 1998)






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Popular fantasy-action adventures of Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who battles evil forces in complicated tales mixing modern-day stories with flashbacks based on history. MacLeod was born in Scotland some 400 years ago, and faces the challenge of fending off other immortals, because `in the end, there can only be one,' and that one, the winner, takes the loser's power.

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1997, Syndicated, 13 episodes

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1996, Syndicated, 20 episodes

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1995, Syndicated, 20 episodes

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1994, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1993, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1992, Syndicated, 22 episodes


Adrian Paul
as Duncan MacLeod
Stan Kirsch
as Richie Ryan
Amanda Wyss
as Randi McFarland
Michel Modo
as Maurice
Jim Byrnes
as Joe Dawson
Philip Akin
as Charlie DeSalvo
Lisa Howard
as Dr. Anne Lindsey
Elizabeth Gracen
as Amanda Darieux
Peter Wingfield
as Methos/Adam Pierson
Jim Byrnes
as Joe Dawson
Roger Daltrey
as Immortal
Valentine Pelka
as Koren/Kronos
Eric Keenleyside
as Dallman Ross
Joe Byrnes
as Dawson
Roland Gift
as Immortal
Jesse Joe Walsh
as Jack Shapiro
Liliana Komorowska
as Mara Leonin
Tim Reid
as Sgt. Bennett
Matthew Walker
as Ian MacLeod
Robert Ito
as Johnny Leong
Mark Acheson
as Billy Ray
David Longworth
as Father Peter
Tracy Scoggins
as Cassandra
Robert Wisden
as FBI Agent Warner
Louise Vincent
as Alice Millet
Andrew Divoff
as Gang Leader
Vernon Dobtcheff
as Carlo Luchesi
Roman Podhora
as Kenny Dixon
Angeline Ball
as Beth Vaughn
Dave Cameron
as Todd Milchan
Sian Webber
as Christine
Jan Triska
as Breslaw
Jason Isaacs
as Zachary
Don S. Davis
as Palance
George Birt
as Don Salzer
Gerard Plunkett
as Roland Kantos
Luc Bernard
as Insp. Deon
Ron Halder
as Walter
Jim Crescenzo
as Mr. Luca
Eric McCormack
as Matthew McCormack
Danny Dyer
as Andrew Baines
Ian Richardson
as Max Leiner
Jack Ellis
as Bartholomew
Graham McTavish
as Charles Tarvise
Anita Dobson
as Molly Ivers
Duncan Fraser
as SWAT Commander
Roger Bret
as Brother Andre
Brent Stait
as Eddie Doyle
Kevin McNulty
as Harry Dawes
Doug Abrahams
as Benson's Deputy
Tom McBeath
as Coleman
John Novak
as Sheriff Howard Crowley
Myles Ferguson
as 10-year-old Immortal
Jay Brazeau
as Comm. Cominski
Christianne Hirt
as Angie Burke
Carmen Chaplin
as Maria Campolo
Valeria Cavalli
as Dominique
Romina Mondello
as Irena Galati
Patrick T. Gorman
as Sgt. Hickson
John Scarborough
as George Thomas
James Horan
as Grayson
Valerie Steffen
as Inspector Bardot
Vivian Wu
as May-Ling
Patrick Mille
as Jean-Philippe
Struan Rodger
as Bonnie Prince Charlie
Nathaniel DeVeaux
as Rev. Thomas Bell
Chris Humphreys
as Graham Ashe
Martin Evans
as Col. Stauffenberg
Bertie Cortez
as Ringmaster
Lochlyn Munro
as Tim Ramsey
Jeremy Beck
as Young Duncan MacLeod
Tom Russell
as Edouard Cervain
Ed Bishop
as Edward
Martin Kemp
as Advenging Angel
Frank Crudele
as Giuseppe
Tom Watson
as Eli Jarmel
Conrad Dunn
as Matthew
Chandra West
as Richie's Girlfriend
Claude Berthy
as Father Guillaume
Kevin Conway
as Alec Hill
Tim Henry
as Det. Dennis Tynan
Wendell Wright
as Sgt. Powell
Bill Croft
as Mancuso
Leslie Carlson
as Sam Thompson
Ken Camroux
as Mike Honniger
Leam Blackwood
as Tom McGee
Sherry Miller
as Sarah Carter
April Telek
as Roxanne
Marcia Strassman
as High-school Sweetheart
Chris William Martin
as Carter Wellan
Stephen Macht
as Alexi Voshin
Rort Collins
as Johnson
Nia Peeples
as Handmaiden
Shane Kelly
as Jonathan
Jonathan Firth
as Lord Byron
Walter Marsh
as Mr. Stubbs
Traci Lords
as Fortuneteller
Vince Metcalf
as Tarendash
Jill Teed
as Kaayla Brooks
Joan Jett
as Immortal
Bruce Myers
as Paul Warren
Peter Firth
as Security Advisor
Chris Larkin
as Immortal
Mitch Davies
as Capt. Greenwell
Sandra Hess
as Immortal
Alexandra Stewart
as Catherine Legris
Christoph M. Ohrt
as Walter Reinhardt
Andrew Jackson
as Pallin Wolf
Alison Moir
as Reporter
Geza Kovacs
as Watcher
Johnathan Banks
as Bounty Hunter
Richard Lynch
as Religious Leader
Ian Tracey
as Assassin
Dee Dee Bridgewater
as Opera Singer
Sheena Easton
as Irish Terrorist
Michelle Thrush
as Native American
Bruce Weitz
as Boxing Manager
Andrew Woodall
as Hate Group Leader
Tony Rosato
as Immortal
Ron Perlman
as Immortal
Wes Studi
as Sheriff Benson
Santino Buda
as Gang Lord
Barry Pepper
as Immortal
Ricco Ross
as Bodyguard
Byron Chief-Moon
as Medicine Man
Eli Gabay
as Devereux
Michael Siberry
as Martin Hyde
Gillian Carfra
as Young Linda
Wren Roberts
as Fighter
Mary Woronov
as Watcher
J.E. Freeman
as Joe Scanlon
John Dennis Johnston
as Carl the Hermit
J.G. Hertzler
as Marcus Karolus
Rachel Palmieri
as Cynthia Hampton
Avery Hoskins
as Ed Lauter
Michel Mido
as Maurice
Ken Pogue
as Gangster
Ed Lauter
as Avery Hoskins
Roddy Piper
as Immortal
Geraldine Cotte
as Prostitute
Ann Turkel
as Seductress
Darcy Laurie
as Criminal
Veena Sood
as Shandra
Tom Butler
as Andrew Ballin
Denis Lill
as Baines
Jong Tierney
as Older Father Morton
Réal Andrews
as Immortal
Adrian Holmes
as Street Kid
Earl Pastko
as Victor Paulus
Tamsin Kelsey
as Mrs. Gustavson
Moira Walley
as Natalie Ward
Fay Masterson
as Jenny Harris
Pierre Gérard
as Henry Lamartine
Jerry di Giacomo
as Victor Benedetti
John Tierney
as Old Father Morton
Byron Lucas
as Joshua Cole
Stephen E. Miller
as Sgt. Herrald
Mapi Galán
as Renee de Tassigny
Ken Kramer
as Dr. Kramer
Paudge Behan
as Immortal
Victor A. Young
as Lucas Desiree
Andrea Roth
as Suzanne Honniger
James Smilie
as John Bowers
Claudia Ferri
as Devereux's Woman
Carolyn Dunn
as Nora Fontaine
Dwight McFee
as Ray Holstrom
Alan Robertson
as Judge Marvin Singer
Diana Barrington
as Anne Wheeler
Don MacKay
as Stanley
Dee McCafferty
as The Scalper
Wren Robertz
as George Belcher
Rick Poltaruk
as Big John
A.C. Peterson
as Bartender
Brad Loree
as Belson
Todd Duckworth
as Deputy Struthers
Fulvio Cecere
as Tony Graffini
Clément Harari
as Scientist
André Oumansky
as President Chescu
Jerome Keen
as Anthony
Deejay Jackson
as Off. Warren
Christopher Gaze
as Martin Sorrel
Michael Hofland
as Bavarian Officer
Godfrey James
as Charles Browning
David Petersen
as Det. Taylor
Jerzy Rogulski
as Vice President
Jack Galloway
as Peter Wells
Ron Chartier
as M.E. Assistant
Kelli Fox
as Police Woman
Denys Fouqueray
as Det. Malle
Gary Chalk
as Lemoyne
Paul Stafford
as Officer #1
Johnna Wright
as Margaret
Bruno Raffaelli
as Police Driver
Joseph Rezwin
as Paul Millet
Pierre Lacan
as Henri Martin
Lisa Bunting
as Woman Hostage
Kendall Cross
as Michelle
Charles Payne
as Thunder Rodriguez
Ian Alden
as Young Father Morton
Judith Maxie
as Surgeon
Aurelio DiNunzio
as Security Guard
Garry Davey
as Soviet Major
Warren Clarke
as Heinrich
Daniel Breton
as Bodyguard
Patrick Stevenson
as Street Punk
Jason Michas
as Confederate Guard
Mary Ann McDonald
as Old Peasant
Thierry de Carbonnieres
as Francois Bertrand
Manuel Bonnet
as Cavalry Captain
Bill Dow
as Harry
Claire Keim
as Waitress
Michel Feller
as Gentleman
Alan Brandon
as Retailer
France Anglade
as Shop Owner
William Cagnard
as Marc Cluny
Guy Dhers
as Hooded Man
Robert Hewett
as Operator #1
Beverley Elliott
as Supervisor
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Series Details

TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Oct 3, 1992
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: William N. Panzer
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