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A rogue, 'Dirty Harry'-type detective enforces his own brand of tough justice ('works for me' was his catchphrase), and doesn't let red tape stand in the way. The son of a mobster, Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter is often paired with the no-nonsense Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall ('the brass cupcake') and often relies heavily on information from a savvy street hustler. After a successful 2002 TV-movie reunion, original stars Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer reprised their roles for several new 'Hunter' episodes.


Fred Dryer
as Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
Stepfanie Kramer
as Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall
Charles Hallahan
as Capt. Charles Devane
Garrett Morris
as Sporty James
Lydia Cornell
as Nicki Rains/Rena Farrell
Cesare Danova
as Roger Duquesne
Tracy Vaccaro
as Stacey Collins
Theresa Saldana
as Jennifer Hartman
Perry Cook
as Barney Udall
Jack Bannon
as Michael Stevens
Joseph Mascolo
as Mick Shaughnessy
Stephanie Kramer
as Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall
Tyra Ferrell
as Marguerite Montero
Byrne Piven
as Dr. Shapiro
John Beck
as Neil Jordan
Grand L. Bush
as Off. Meyer
Dana Lee
as Dr. Lee
David Froman
as Lt. Richfield
Shelley Taylor Morgan
as Kitty O'Hearn
Don Edmonds
as Don Raymond
Robert Firth
as Riley Causland
Jared Martin
as Ringerman
Tim Thomerson
as Sgt. Traynor
William Brian Curran
as David Kephardt
Andy Wood
as Ralph Flager
J.E. Freeman
as Wally Grimes
Ray Wise
as Alex Parker
Ethan Phillips
as Bureaucrat
Laura Johnson
as Sgt. Valerie Foster
Owen Bush
as Mr. Donald
Fern Fitzgerald
as Shelly Kurtz
Susan Peretz
as Myra Darran
Kate Zentall
as ADA Esther Wyman
Chip Heller
as Toochie
Budge Threlkeld
as Booking Sergeant
Larry Drake
as Kirkland
Peter White
as Dr. Panghurst
Kristoffer Tabori
as Dennis Stone
Raymond St. Jacques
as Judge Clancy
Philece Sampler
as Casey Hendricks
Peter Haskell
as Hennesey
Cesare Denova
as Roger Duquesne
Norbert Weisser
as Craig Borson
George Deloy
as Carlos Mariano
Lauren Tewes
as Sheila Burke
Robert Miano
as Karl Walker
Charles Lane
as Mr. Cooper
Dan Ziskie
as Dr. Allen Ahlberg
Michael Wren
as Raul Marcado
George Clooney
as Matthew Winfield
Mimi Coutellier
as Jacqueline Duvac
Stanley Kamel
as Brad Wilkes
Richard Bakalyan
as Kenny Dunstan
William Bronder
as Mike Harrison
Richard Cox
as Carl Remick
Eloy Casados
as Capt. Perez
Tony Peck
as Driver
John Allen Nelson
as Dr. Tim Donaldson
Arnold Turner
as Det. Nick Carter
Brynn Thayer
as Janice Winslow
Ismael 'East' Carlo
as Colonel Ramirez
Mimi Coutelier
as Jacqueline Duboc
Tyra Farrell
as Marguerite
John Hancock
as Sam Pruitt
Lar Park Lincoln
as Angie Hobarts
Alex Courtney
as Driscoll
Candy Clark
as Jody Stone
Granville Ames
as Dean Ford
Mark Withers
as David Hendricks
Barbara Townsend
as Mrs. Kamovsky
Carmen Argenziano
as Dr. Schneider
Leigh Christian
as Terri Barnes
Hector Mercado
as Victor Santoro
Paul Lieber
as Rodney Allister Moody
Inez Pedroza
as Herself
Tom McCleister
as Jim Gleary
Steven Apostlee Peck
as Anthony Scarlett
Al Israel
as Corona
Gloria Le Roy
as Mrs. Postin
Martin Speer
as Conductor
Shonda Whipple
as Stacy Stone
Melvin Belli
as Himself
Eda Reiss Merin
as Mrs. Mickelski
Clabe Hartley
as Jed Wilcox
Shawn Elliott
as Jake Barruzo
Dana Kimmell
as Jill Tyler
Jack Stryker
as Dwayne Hatch
Jaff Kaake
as David Lawrence
Will Curran
as David Kophardt
Adam Gregor
as Walachevski
Jorge Gil
as Mexican Cop
Kelly Andrus
as Suzie G
Harold Surratt
as Male Nurse
Mike Hanks
as Border Guard
Joseph Chapman
as Peter Erickson
Art Hindle
as Harold
Wayne Grace
as Dan Winslow
Leslie Hope
as Julie Lawrence
Sal Lopez
as Melendez
Juanita Jennings
as Dr. Lena Sims
Danil Torppe
as Sgt. Bill Denley
Chaka Khan
as Miss Gina B
Harriet Medin
as Edith Hatch
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Ridley
Daniel Ziskie
as DA Ahlberg
Nick Savage
as Zack Sherman
Randy Kovitz
as Beverly Hills Cop
Mick Blue
as Paramedic
Eric Lawrence
as Uniform Officer
Harold Ayer
as Stewart
Martin Azarow
as Bartholomew
Moosie Drier
as Philip Ingram
Kim Lankford
as Charlene
Bob Delegall
as Lt. Webber
Franc Luz
as Sgt. Steve McCall
Marie Cheatham
as Cynthia Jane Bartlett
Joe Bonny
as Hank Margolis
Rhoda Gemignani
as Mrs. Palevski
Anne Curry
as Jennifer
Conroy Gedeon
as Brad Wagner
Doug Dale
as Attendant
Lillian Adams
as Grandma Lakowski
Bee-Be Smith
as 3nd Nurse
Elizabeth Coulter
as Ticket Agent
John DeMita
as Young Agent
Jack Kehler
as Scooter
John Durbin
as Kirschbaum
Bruce Davison
as Deputy Chief Wyler
Wayne Heffley
as Presiding Officer
Liz Torres
as Maria Fuentes
John J. York
as Robert Kephardt
Vince Viverito Sr.
as New York Cop
Tony Brafa
as Store Owner
Tony Epper
as Truck Driver
Barbara Beckley
as Dr. Spinell
Derek Partridge
as Maitre D'
Larry Carroll
as Anchorman
Ben Mittleman
as Reporter
Erwin Fuller
as Burt Sorenson
Tim Neil
as Photo Assistant
Myra Turley
as 2nd Nurse
Vance Valencia
as Off. Garcia
Bill Feeney
as Bartender
Carmen Zapata
as Edna Walker
Gil Serna
as Hector Sandoval
Rick Garcia
as Bartender
Sonia Curtis
as Rhonda Burke
Lonnie Burr
as Bartender
Dino Paskas
as Bartender
Corinne Michaels
as Sister Nora
Bill Walker
as Grandfather
Jerry Tullos
as Maitre D'
Dante D'Andre
as Maitre D'
Joe Lala
as Sound Mixer
Hardy Rawls
as Assistant Director
Mika Ishikawa
as Oriental Woman
John Hostetter
as Passenger
Jerold Pearson
as Photo Technician
Allen Keller
as Nick Roncoe
Viola Kates Stimpson
as Woman Neighbor
Marilyn Coleman
as Hotel Clerk
Eileen Seeley
as Jane Doe
Paul Sanchez
as Fake Bogota
Michael Scott
as Hotel Clerk
Charles Meshack
as Security Guard
Ed Corbett
as Bartender
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