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A rogue, 'Dirty Harry'-type detective enforces his own brand of tough justice ('works for me' was his catchphrase), and doesn't let red tape stand in the way. The son of a mobster, Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter is often paired with the no-nonsense Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall ('the brass cupcake') and often relies heavily on information from a savvy street hustler. After a successful 2002 TV-movie reunion, original stars Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer reprised their roles for several new 'Hunter' episodes.


Fred Dryer
as Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
Stepfanie Kramer
as Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall
Charles Hallahan
as Capt. Charles Devane
Rosemary Forsyth
as Dr. Paxton
Garrett Morris
as Arnold `Sporty' James
Perry Cook
as Barney Udall
Frances Lee McCain
as Sarah Devane
Felecia M. Bell
as Carol Winters
Erik Estrada
as Sgt. Brad Navarro
Arthur Rosenberg
as Commander Cain
Bruce Kirby
as Chief Edward Stanmore
Randy Brooks
as Off. Flood
Kate Zentall
as DA Esther Wyman
Brent Jennings
as Curtis Brown
Kasey Walker
as Dianna Cross
Vincent Baggetta
as Victor Michaels
Ed Wiley
as Sgt. Sam Beckman
Howie Seago
as Austin McCabe
Shelley Taylor Morgan
as Sgt. Kitty Hearn
Robert Reed
as Judge Warrick Unger
Richard Bakalyan
as Kenny Dunstin
Inez Pedroza
as Herself
Lezlie Deane
as Stacey Tyler
Margaret Gibson
as Claire Fredericks
Stanley Kamel
as Brad Wilkes
Tony Mockus Jr.
as Harry Caulfield
Frederick Coffin
as Lloyd Fredericks
Nestor Serrano
as Jessie Cruz
Tony Jay
as Father Michaels
Charles Champion
as Gordy Trent
E.R. Davies
as Dr. Greeley
Alexa Hamilton
as Rhonda Stack
Victor Campos
as Raphael Orozco
Darnell Williams
as Ellis Riley
Castulo Guerra
as Luis Guerrero
Rudy Ramos
as Reuben
Conrad Bachmann
as Cmdr. Jason Stone
Harris Laskawy
as Monty Golden
Gail Youngs
as Cathy Navarro
Harris Laskaway
as Monty Golden
Robert Colbert
as Chief Dryden
Arnold Turner
as Det. Nick Carter
Barry Jenner
as Lt. Larson
Christopher Allport
as Jack Prewitt
Gregory Sierra
as Councilman Elandro
Cindy Morgan
as Carol Benson
Michael Delano
as Johnny Martino
Mark Blankfield
as Simon Kruze
Deborah Pratt
as Sandra Browning
Frank Ashmore
as Carl Brandt
Jack Bannon
as Stevens
Richard Gilliland
as Ralph Ormond
Lynn Hamilton
as Thelma Washington
Leon Rippy
as Tolson
Hank Woessner
as Scar Face
Diana Lewis
as Herself (TV Reporter)
Gianni Russo
as Tony Rondino
Castula Guerra
as Luis Guerrero
Valerie Wildman
as Laura Ormond
Leslie Bevis
as Joyce Rogers
Bruce Economou
as Sgt. Mitchell
Beau Billingslea
as Neil Nowen
Brett Baxter Clark
as Jeffrey Bliss
Ann Bellamy
as Allegra's Mother
Tony Carreiro
as Brad Linquist
Robert Glaudini
as Marko Foley
Robert Glaudin
as Marko Foley
Dann Florek
as John Edleton
Ed Trotta
as Art Lemon
Alex Rocco
as Floyd Benson
David Balachier
as Todd Montgomery
Barbara Tarbuck
as Judge Ruth Loomis
Marge Redmond
as Jennifer Brasher
Henry Stolow
as Charlie Spain
Janet Hubert
as Vanessa Riley
Geno Silva
as Miguel Ortiz
Richard Kline
as Michael Edleton
Rod Gist
as Frenchy
Grand L. Bush
as Off. Myer
Jon Cypher
as Alan Shadwell
James McEachin
as Frank Garriman
Logan Ramsey
as Adrian Latimer
Brant von Hoffman
as Travis Becker
Ian Abercrombie
as George Cooper
Virgil Frye
as Sheriff
Edward Wiley
as Sam Beckman
Donna Mitchell
as Meg Seabert
Shaun Toub
as Phillip DePaul/Stephen Avak
Mick Blue
as Off. Campbell
Mark Blackfield
as Simon Kruze
Louisa Abernathy
as Harriet Layton
Bill Walker
as Sporty's Grandfather
Lawrence Tierney
as Det. Doyle
John Finnegan
as Bill Peterson
Alexandra Kenworthy
as Desert Flower
Frances Bay
as Emma Parsons
Tony Carreico
as Brad Lindquist
Tony Abatemarco
as Sgt. Stanowski
Michael Bandoni
as Jose Rivera
Clare Nono
as Rose Chin
Barbar Tarbuck
as Judge Loomis
John Carter
as Capt. McBride
Don Dubbins
as John Doe
Kenneth Tobey
as Father Cusack
Ken Letner
as Marty Greenwald
Dennis Bailey
as Steve Kardokus
Patrick O'Connell
as Michael Hyland
Skip O'Brien
as Bodyguard
Kevin Best
as Bobby Garriman
John Standing
as George Franklin
Marland Proctor
as Uniformed Officer
Anthony Pena
as Salazar
Raye Birk
as Lt. Mike Pfeiffer
René Assa
as Paco Reyes
Steve Kramer
as Duty Officer
Troy Evans
as Apartment Manager
John O'Connell
as David Edleton
Jessica Nelson
as The Black Orchid
Walter Addison
as George Cole
Alan Toy
as George Hanes
Victor Warren
as Young Professional
James Terry
as Gas Jockey
Greg Finley
as Ackerman
Mike Moroff
as Paco Rivera
Carolyn Ann Clark
as Elaine/Denise
Macon McCalman
as Wallace Latimer
Robert Frank Telfer
as George Eddleton
Don Edmonds
as Sgt. Bob Roswell
Ben Kronen
as Immigrant
Freddye Chapman
as Montero School Administrator
Kellie Overbey
as Donna Williams
Fred Asparagus
as Max Santiago
Sue Cash
as Lisa Cartwright
Brion James
as Wadsworth
Barbara Lord
as Devane's Secretary
Tasia Valenza
as Lupe Ortiz
Dirk Blocker
as Randall Fane
Jim Boeke
as Repairman
Paul Mendoza
as Ambulance Attendant
Duane Tucker
as Sgt. Clark
Madelyn Cates
as Landlady
Pepe Serna
as Sanchez
Warren Stanhope
as George Talbert
Richard Adams
as Desk Clerk
David Krus
as Trevor
Budge Threlkeld
as Uniform Cop
Tiiu Leek
as Pamela
Micheal Ray Richardson
as Uniformed Officer
Bob McLean
as Shag Russell
Kevin McBride
as Off. Yale
Jim Winburn
as Garth Mead
Kavi Raz
as Surgeon
Fred Lerner
as Dale Winston
Stafford Morgan
as Chester Scofield
Ann Walker
as Receptionist
David Beecroft
as Officer Parker
Dave Morick
as Photographer
Robert Vogel
as Attorney
Robin Sims
as Young Woman
Karyn Parsons
as Elizabeth Childs
Monique Gabrielle
as Policewoman
Nora Gaye
as Hooker
Gilbert De la Pena
as Chico Gomez
Art Bradford
as Cab Driver
Blackie Dammett
as Middleman
Stephanie Cushna
as Receptionist
Tony Perez
as Montoya
Richard Garrison
as Male Secretary
Irene Tedrow
as Elderly Woman
Ivars Mikelson
as Judd Ross
Peg Shirley
as Neighbor
Charles Knapp
as Neighbor
Tom Lahm
as Waiter
Elias Jacob
as Bus Driver
Jack Ong
as Minister
Bess Meisler
as Unger's Maid
Tommy Highcastle
as Walter Auteese
Leslie K. Nelson
as Guerrero's Girlfriend
Homeselle Joy
as Bus Driver
Danil Torppe
as Sgt. Bill Denley
Carel Struycken
as Occult Store Owner
Richard Hoyt-Miller
as Truck Driver
Barbara Treutelaar
as Ann Mapleton
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