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I Dream of Jeannie (1965 - 1970)

I Dream of Jeannie (1965 - 1970)






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Playful, popular sitcom about astronaut Tony Nelson and the sexy genie he releases from a bottle. In the blink of an eye, she claims him as her `master.' At first they lived together platonically (while Jeannie of course complicated his life), but the pair got married toward the end of the series' run. The network insisted that Barbara Eden's navel never be shown, despite an already fairly revealing harem costume. The show was created and executive produced by Sidney Sheldon.
Creator: Sidney Sheldon

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1969, NBC, 26 episodes

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1968, NBC, 26 episodes

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1967, NBC, 26 episodes

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1966, NBC, 31 episodes

Critics Consensus: I Dream of Jeannie wishes to replicate better shows with the same magical formula, but -- despite Barbara Eden's game performance -- it only proves that genuine charm can't be bottled.

1965, NBC, 30 episodes


Larry Hagman
as Capt./Maj. Tony Nelson
Barbara Eden
as Jeannie
Abraham Sofaer
as Chief of Genies
Bill Daily
as Capt./Maj. Roger Healy
Hayden Rorke
as Dr. Alfred Bellows
Barton MacLane
as Gen. Martin Peterson
Emmaline Henry
as Amanda Bellows
Vinton Haworth
as Gen. Winfield Schaeffer
Don Dubbins
as Lt. Pete Conway
Judy Carne
as Sheila
Jackie Coogan
as Sulieman
Don Mitchell
as Sergeant
Vinton Hayworth
as Gen. Winfield Schaeffer
Kevin Tate
as Keith Asher
Alan Hewitt
as Off. Don Anderson
Milton Berle
as Charlie
Richard X. Slattery
as Gen.Hamilton
Dave Barry
as Himself
Paul Lynde
as Allen Kerr
Bob Denver
as Harold
Jack Smith
as Congressman Widdicomb
Karen Sharpe
as Melissa
Howard Morton
as Beautician
Ted de Corsia
as Phillips
Jonathan Hole
as Van Weesen
Michael Ansara
as Blue Djinn
Hilary Thompson
as Girl in Store
Harry Harvey
as Gen. Powlett
Tom Palmer
as Melnick
Bill Quinn
as Minister
Jane Dulo
as Margaret
Ron Brown
as Orderly
Susan Howard
as Miss Temple
Harold Gould
as Mr. Winkler
Jerry Shane
as Air Man
Paul Reed
as Gen. Barkley
Avis Scott
as Mrs. Prescott
William Bakewell
as Col. Harris
Joe Flynn
as Dr. Corbett
Pamela Curran
as Princess Fatima
Edmon Ryan
as Col. Joe Fenton
C. Lindsay Workman
as Gen. Fletcher
Jean Marie
as Miss Gordon
Noah Keen
as Prof. Karr
Al Wyatt
as Captain Kidd
Herbie Faye
as Tout #1
Arte Johnson
as Himself
Tanya Lemani
as Sadelia
Willi Koopman
as Miss Galaxy
Bill Mumy
as Custer Jamison
Richard Mulligan
as Cmdr. Les Wingate
Norma Connolly
as Mrs. Ross
Dick Van Patten
as Grocery Store Clerk
Hazel Shermet
as Mrs. Wimple
Arthur Adams
as Campbell
Edward Andrews
as Professor
Lou Antonio
as Charley
Joan Tompkins
as Mrs. Winkler
Ed Stoddard
as Newscaster
Foster Brooks
as Englishman
Carl Byrd
as Jump Master
Brenda Benet
as Eleanor Junker
William Fawcett
as Gas Station Attendant
William Smith
as Turk Parker
William Bramley
as Policeman
Teddy Quinn
as "Tony Jr."
Elizabeth Lane
as Mrs. Wilson
Billy Mumy
as Custer
as Marie Antoinette
Mary Foran
as Mother
Richard Hale
as Old Man
Margie Hall
as Maternity Nurse
Linda Ho
as Princess
Herbert Anderson
as Cmdr. Davis
E.J. Andre
as Pierre Milley
Fred Clark
as Vanderhaven
Lisa Gaye
as Daisy Lou
Gary Owens
as Himself
Lew Brown
as Master Sergeant
David Brian
as Ferguson
David McLean
as Huberts
Lincoln Demyan
as Uncle Jeff
Elaine Devry
as Lady Nelson
Corinne Camacho
as 1st Nurse
Jan-Michael Sherman
as Spanish Girl
Richard Erdman
as Store Manager
Francine York
as Girl at Party
Richard Reeves
as Garbage Man #1
Tony Anthony
as Crew Member
Herb Voland
as Jamison
Jorja Curtright
as Mme. Zolta
Carol Wayne
as Bootsie
Ray Teal
as Tugwell
Alice Dudley
as Aunt Sue
Jonathan Hale
as Van Wesson
Aram Katcher
as Napoleon
Judy Pace
as Receptionist
Sal Ponti
as Interviewer
Mark Miller
as Barrows
Eric Boles
as Young Tony
Ned Glass
as Beamish
Stafford Repp
as Lt. Morgan
Pearl Shear
as Woman Shopper
Grace Albertson
as Mrs. Jamison
Owen Cunningham
as American Man
Julio Medina
as Stranger
Mike Road
as Millionaire
Richard Allen Davis
as Mr. Walsingham
Dick Sargent
as Cashman
Judith Baldwin
as Girl at Party
Jimmy Cross
as Fatheringay
Bill McKinney
as 1st Crewman
William Wintersole
as Provost Marshal Ross
Sandra Gould
as Mrs. Flaherty
Richard Gilden
as Maj. Posnovsky
Bernard Fox
as Abdul the Magician
Virginia Ann Ford
as Miss Universe
Herb Jeffries
as Copter Pilot
David Soul
as Orderly
Debbie Wong
as Harem Girl
Mel Gallagher
as Man at Rally
Janis Hansen
as Patricia
Baynes Barron
as Commander
Yvonne White
as Woman Shopper #1
Tim Herbert
as Croupier
Willy Koopman
as Miss Galaxy
Reta Shaw
as Finch
Jim Begg
as Lieutenant
June Jocelyn
as Tony's Mother
Fran Ryan
as Switchboard Operator
Robert Gros
as 2nd Crewman
Sue Taylor
as Mother
Ann Morgan Guilbert
as Thelma Crawford
Tony Giorgio
as Torpedo
Sharon Farrell
as Nina Ferguson
Jack Davis
as Hastings
Chester Hayes
as Specialty Act
Donald Briscoe
as 1st Officer
James Daris
as Realtor
Bob Denver
as Harold
Ed Peck
as Merkle
Arthur Malet
as Vasmire
John Beck
as Sergeant
Jack Collins
as Gen. Hadley
Alice Reinheart
as American Woman
Buddy Lewis
as Blackjack Dealer
Jerry Barber
as Golf Pro
Henry Beckman
as Policeman
Sid Melton
as Reynolds
Barbara Bostock
as Sue Ellen
Damian London
as 1st Reporter
Ruth McDevitt
as Mrs. Horlick
Robert Hogan
as Wingate
Paul Hahn
as Pit Boss
Bing Russell
as Lincoln
Stephen Roberts
as Gen. Gorman
David Azar
as Russian Attache
Lincoln Tate
as 2nd Officer
Geoff Edwards
as Bank Teller
Jan Arvan
as Auctioneer
Robert F. Lyons
as Corp. Sam
John McGiver
as Wilfred
Frank Gordon
as Night Club Patron #2
Ivor Francis
as Ormandy
Hal Taggart
as Tony's Father
Noam Pitlik
as Gregorian
Jewell Lain
as Woman Shopper #2
Peter Leeds
as Big Charlie
Groucho Marx
as Himself
Valerie Hawkins
as Stewardess
Kay E. Kuter
as Edger Crawford
Ned Wertimer
as Montjoy
Guy de Vestel
as Gen. Jacques
Bruce Kirby
as Passenger
Syl Lamont
as 3rd Reporter
Mittie Lawrence
as Woman Shopper #3
Steve Ihnat
as Roberts
Harvey Fisher
as 1st Photographer
Jeno Mate
as Bidder
Joe Brooks
as Crane Driver
Elsie Baker
as Woman at Phone Booth
Cliff Norton
as Henshaw
Harry De Vere
as Airline Pilot
Reginald Fenderson
as 2nd Photographer
Victoria Carroll
as Young Woman
Joe Higgins
as Garbage Man #2
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 18, 1965
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Sidney Sheldon
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