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A long-running drama about a San Francisco detective who used a wheelchair. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was determined to continue working on the force. As special consultant to the police department, he headed a staff of three assistants, who helped him solve cases. The series earned accolades for portraying the character's disability in a realistic way while managing to keep him in on the action. The cast reunited in 1993 for a TV-movie, `The Return of Ironside.'


Raymond Burr
as Robert Ironside
Don Galloway
as Det. Sgt. Ed Brown
Don Mitchell
as Mark Sanger
Gene Lyons
as Commissioner Dennis Randall
Elizabeth Baur
as Fran Belding
Barbara Anderson
as Eve Whitfield
Scott Hylands
as Joe Grainger
Johnny Seven
as Lt. Carl Reese
Louise Latham
as Martha Gordon
Frank Aletter
as Frank Clawson
Tim Matheson
as Darryl Podell
Ned Romero
as Monsignor
Michael Callan
as William Eller
Bo Hopkins
as Gregg Hewitt
Anthony Zerbe
as Vincent Wiertel
George Takei
as Tsutomu Watari
Bernie Kopell
as George Packer
Kathleen Lloyd
as Diane Lombard
David Carradine
as Frank Carlson
Lloyd Kino
as Saburo Tokahisa
Jacqueline Scott
as Felice Evans
Ann Doran
as Harriet Miles
Robert Karnes
as Hugh O'Flynn
Michael Baseleon
as Gil Peters
Roger Perry
as Randy Keating
Pat Hingle
as Lou Karns
Frank Maxwell
as Haggerty
Nico Minardos
as Ken Griffin
Morgan Paull
as Pete Karns
Joey Forman
as Lennie Blake
Don 'Red' Barry
as Harry Wilke
Harry Townes
as Dr. Philip Perry
Burr De Benning
as Hank Logan
William Windom
as Judge Van Buren
Robert Sampson
as Father Dennis McMurtry
Brian Fong
as Inchull Kim
Tony Brande
as Perrone
Paul Koslo
as Donald Flood
Fred Lerner
as Officer
Barry Cahill
as Coroner
Than Wyenn
as Carl Proctor
Soon-Teck Oh
as Kwangsoo Yun
Donald Barry
as Harry Wilke
Anthony James
as Neighbor
Charles Bateman
as FBI Agent Bill Murray
Charlie Robinson
as Bernie Simmons
Jodie Foster
as Pip Barker
Rick Lenz
as Larry
Aldine King
as Peggy Alexander
Michael Lerner
as Joe Yarby
Van Williams
as Sgt. Artie Hawkins
Barbara Rush
as Mme. Jabez
Michael Bell
as Seamus Brennan
Beth Brickell
as Karen Muller
John Carradine
as Isiah Witt
Susan Stafford
as Joyce Manion
Robert Emhardt
as Williford
Richard Young
as Steve Winters
Peter Brocco
as Father Miles
M. Emmet Walsh
as Telegraph Clerk
Dane Clark
as Roy Lewis
Marilyn Erskine
as Mrs. Gordon
Clifford David
as Joe Julian
Bob Hastings
as Mort Green
Jackie Coogan
as Buster Logan
Dale Ishimoto
as Supervisor
Len Lesser
as Frank Bender
Myron Healey
as Mitch Carlin
George Murdock
as Jim Peters
Ricky Kelman
as Tony Savo
Robert Pratt
as Woody Hayes
Lynn Hamilton
as Nurse Clark
Mike Road
as Storey
Woodrow Parfrey
as Walter Dolan
Robert Shayne
as Father Adam Wendell
Jeff Davis
as Malcolm Hill
George N. Neise
as Alvin Kressner
Tom Hallick
as Billy Mathers
Ray Walston
as Walter Butler
John Zaremba
as Dr. Ward
Ross Elliott
as Samuel Cohen
Dana Elcar
as Markham
Lee Delano
as McCandle
Gary Crosby
as Steve Owen
Lee Paul
as Billy Mahan
James Douglas
as Frank Stilwell
Paul Stewart
as Hopkins
Fredd Wayne
as Arthur Greene
Russell Thorson
as Elderly Man
Mike Baseleon
as Gil Peters
Russ Conway
as Capt. Phil Edwards
Ford Rainey
as Chairman
George D. Wallace
as Judge Amato
Leon Lontoc
as Chinese Grocer
Allan Ray
as Gas Station Attendant
Richard Anderson
as Rod Ballard
Felton Perry
as Mustafa
Shelly Novack
as Matt Newell
Kerwin Mathews
as Paul Arnstein
Phillip Pine
as Joe Rossi
Donald Woods
as Dr. Latham
Gloria Calomee
as Iris Maxon
Carole Shelyne
as Connie Richmond
Bob Okazaki
as Watanabe
John Schuck
as Archie Baldwin
Rick Kelman
as Tony Savo
Stephen R. Hudis
as Eddie Bosner
David Frank
as Danny Fremont
Elaine Giftos
as Stephie Parker
Warren Berlinger
as Joe Muller
Bryan Montgomery
as PFC Jerry Kovak
Karen Bouchard
as Kitty Ornell
Frank Hotchkiss
as John Oliver
Jeff Morris
as Frank Richards
Stuart Randall
as Jack Campbell
Jean Byron
as Saleslady
Lawrence P. Casey
as Ted Carlson
Kay Shimatsu
as Yamashita
Bill Katt
as Jimmy
Alex Sharp
as Justin
Harry Hickox
as Harry Arturburn
Pat Delany
as Sally Carlson
Pamela Jones
as Helen Potter
Renee Tetro
as Susie Bosner
as Dancer
John Barbour
as Moderator
Bill Fletcher
as Ellis Stark
Brett Parker
as Vic Hancock
Dennis Rucker
as PFC Jurzyck
Jason Wingreen
as Sgt. Dave Myers
Kevin Hagen
as Beecham
Brian Avery
as Sgt. Larry Carr
Jon Lormer
as Walter Cook
Robert Ito
as Sgt. Ikiski
Michael Fox
as Dr. Albert Gold
Paul Carr
as Gerald Barker
Hilly Hicks
as Otis Williams
Joyce Jameson
as Mrs. Akerman
Lew Brown
as 1st Officer
Peggy Rea
as Landlady
Richard Angarola
as Bernie Wilson
Michael Delano
as Public Defender Hubert
Norman Leavitt
as Peter Ferguson
Vic Tayback
as Henry Garrison
Val Avery
as Arnie Hummel
Don Ross
as Det. Baker
Ron Masak
as Michaels
John Lupton
as Eddie Rogers
Reginald Fenderson
as DA Demarest
Dennis McCarthy
as Ralph Tracy
Arthur Hanson
as Father Clausen
Young Buck
as 2nd Officer
James B. Sikking
as Voice Print Officer
Bobby Bass
as Mr. Gordon
Ken Renard
as Eagles
Len Wayland
as Sgt. Morrison
Cliff Emmich
as Jeff Barker
Tad Horino
as Wing Yee
Phil Kenneally
as Frankie Kellner
Virginia Gregg
as Miss Wilson
Max Gail
as Patrolman
Bruce Powers
as CID Man
Jerry Fogel
as Roger Jameson
Karen Carlson
as Gracie Atkins
James McCallion
as Bartender
Robert Osterloh
as Willard Park
Bill Zuckert
as John Porter Thompson
Arthur Space
as Austen Quill
Ralph Smiley
as Doorman
Gail Peters
as Doris Griffin
Arthur Balinger
as Walter Field
Arthur Tovey
as Professor
Alan Dexter
as Defense Attorney
David Huddleston
as Harris Davis
Phillip Clark
as Vince Atkins
Grace Albertson
as Angela Hunt
Fred Holliday
as FBI Agent Bob Hill
Robert Williams
as Tom McMurtry
Harrison Page
as Sid Potter
Karen Norris
as Judge Bell
John Cliff
as Johnson
Michael Grayson
as Detective
Linda Galloway
as Carol Palmer
Dick Poston
as Officer in Charge
Stuart Nisbet
as Technician
George Wyner
as 1st Clerk
John William Evans
as 1st Detective
Regis J. Cordic
as Archbishop
Jerry Katz
as Night Man
Guy Lee
as Roy Eng
Dean Smith
as Thaler
Charles Seel
as Sacristan
Glen Vernon
as Shipley
Thomas Pittman
as 2nd Detective
Barbara Sigel
as Photodrop Girl
Kermit Murdock
as Publisher
William 'Billy' Benedict
as Special Delivery Man
John Mitchum
as Photo Lab Foreman
Paul Bryar
as Building Manager
Gail Bonney
as Josephine McMurtry
Ned Wertimer
as Tourist
Dallas Mitchell
as Detective
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