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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 - )

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 - )



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Four egocentric friends run a bar together in Philadelphia and love to revel in each other's misery.
Creator: Rob McElhenney

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2021, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: Always Sunny's provocative humor has lost some bite, but the patrons of Paddy's Pub ought to be pleased by the Gang's inability to cope with modernity -- and each other.

2019, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: It's Always Sunny's winning formula keeps the laughs rolling and the stomachs turning in a thirteenth season that's topical, triumphant, and toxic in the best way.

2018, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Twelve seasons in and It's Always Sunny still shines bright thanks to its willingness to trod into new comedic territory and push the limits of its already limitless characters.

2017, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Gang remains hopelessly toxic in an uproarious season filled with self-sabotage and routine recklessness, but viewers who love the series' craven humor probably wouldn't want them any other way.

2016, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Always Sunny shows no signs of dimming after a decade on the air, refusing to let its status as a television mainstay give it any sheen of respectability as the Gang continues to torment each other for viewers' enjoyment.

2015, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Dee hits rock bottom and Charlie gets smart in a consistently hilarious ninth season that proves the Gang doesn't need an award to be one of television's funniest ensembles.

2013, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Always Sunny's eighth season, holding no greater ambition than to just let the Gang humiliate themselves through a succession of depraved hijinks, excels at its goal with gut-busting results.

2012, FX (seasons 1-8), FXX, 9 episodes


Charlie Day
as Charlie
Kaitlin Olson
as Sweet Dee
Danny DeVito
as Frank Reynolds
David Hornsby
as Rickety Cricket
Sandy Martin
as Mrs. Mac
Lance Barber
as Bill Ponderosa
Brian Unger
as Attorney
Travis Schuldt
as Ben, the Soldier
Catherine Reitman
as Maureen Ponderosa
Jimmi Simpson
as Liam McPoyle
Nate Mooney
as Ryan McPoyle
Wade Boggs
as Himself
Dave Foley
as Principal MacIntyre
Andrew Friedman
as Uncle Jack
John Ponzio
as Manager
Richard Ruccolo
as Corporate Guy
Richard R. Ruccolo
as Corporate Guy
Thesy Surface
as Margaret McPoyle
Sasha Roiz
as Adriano Calvanese
Ray Auxais
as Tyrone
Ray Auxais
as Tyrone
Judy Greer
as Ingrid Nelson (Fatty Magoo)
Jason Kelce
as Jason Kelce
Rick Zahn
as Det. Tanner
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Gail the Snail
Pablo Schreiber
as Ricky Falcone
Heather Donahue
as Stacy Corvelli
Cormac Bluestone
as Jimmy Doyle
Ryan Michelle Bathe
as Office Worker
Merrill Reese
as Announcer
Gary Kraus
as Angry Dad
Rene Auberjonois
as Dr. Larry Meyers
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
as Queen of Thrones
Sean Combs
as Dr. Jinx
Tom Bower
as Pop-Pop
Frank Harts
as Man on Street
Lex Medlin
as Assistant Director
Regan Burns
as Swim Club Manager
Kerri Kenney
as Therapist
Kristoffer Polaha
as Male Employee
Eddie Mekka
as `Beautiful' Bobby Thunderson
Elaine Loh
as Attorney's Assistant
Noah Bean
as Art Sloan
Seth Morris
as Ted Sally
Joel Murray
as Andrew Kane
Josh Groban
as Himself
Keegan-Michael Key
as Grant Anderson
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Captain Garcia
Ara Anton
as Police Officer
Cleo King
as Nurse Wendy
Tom Sizemore
as Trucker
David Marciano
as Det. Larson
Jimmy O. Yang
as Tang-See
Dolph Lundgren
as John Thundergun
Mike Beaver
as Office Worker
Derek Waters
as Toy-Store Clerk
Ian Reed Kesler
as Tim Murphy
Kyle Davis
as 'Lil Kevin
Natasha Leggero
as Stripper No. 1
Jack Axelrod
as Father O'Grady
Josh Stamberg
as Ari Frankel
Jason Stuart
as Event Director
Nora Dunn
as Donna
Susan Leslie
as Mrs. Baines
Gerald Downey
as Bill Larkin
Peter Asle Holden
as Union Delegate
Richard Grieco
as Richard Grieco
Dakota Buchanan
as Bobby Ponderosa
Carla Alapont
as Cute Girl No. 1
Patrick Hallahan
as AA Director
Ryan Howard
as Himself
Naturi Naughton
as Shadynasty
Jessica Collins
as Jackie Denardo
David Aranovich
as Travis, the Ticket Usher
Wil Garret
as Old Man
Jessie Ward
as Brianna
Patrick Thomas O'Brian
as Associate/Gary
Shannon McKain
as Hitchhiker
Josh Casaubon
as Trevor Taft
Aisha Hinds
as Welfare Case Worker
Preston Bailey
as Young Mac
Maxie J. Santillan Jr.
as Grizzled Busman
Charlie Carter
as Young Dennis
Katie Kreisler
as Shady Woman
Cody Kasch
as Cheesefoot
Dennis Hogan
as Fan No. 1
as Catfish
Jack Guzman
as Young Veteran
Sara Erikson
as Stripper No. 2
Gina Morelli
as Hispanic Woman
Ravi Patel
as Lawyer
Nasim Pedrad
as Lucy (Bridal Store Employee)
David Ury
as Spa Worker
Kat Purgal
as Danielle
James Moses Black
as Male Executive
Natasha Alam
as Tatiana
Roddy Piper
as Da' Maniac
John Yuan
as Pizaza Delivery Guy
Chase Utley
as Himself
Sabrina Machado
as Cute Girl No. 2
Tony Rivard
as Handless Guy
Elena Diaz
as Spanish Weather Woman
Kristin Carey
as Rich Housewife
Graham Harley
as Young Dee
Robbie Tucker
as Young Charlie
Jason Van Over
as Rough Dude
Tracy Toth
as Deborah
Derek Basco
as Store Manager
Denell Johnson
as Police Officer
Dona Hardy
as Old Woman
John F. Beach
as Rude Man
Steve Tom
as Jameson Taft
Tom Virtue
as Rink Official
Jim Ortlieb
as Belka Maier
Tiffany Haddish
as Stripper No. 3
Eve Mauro
as Hot Girl
Dennis Hart
as Fan. No. 2
Matt Corboy
as Airport Security
Kylie Kim
as Daughter
Laura Niemi
as Second Executive
Timothy Goodwin
as Christmas Dad
Donovan Scott
as Mall Santa
Audra Griffis
as Hot Girl
Adam Harrington
as Gym Manager
Natalie Cohen
as Penelope, the Flight Attendant
Clara Golidy-Holmes
as Old Shadynasty
Paul Bartholomew
as Psychic John
Jess Rowland
as Bank Teller
Matthew J. Evans
as Boy in ICU
Don Ponce
as Marco
Kelley Birney Reischauer
as Woman with Baby
Marisa Dorchock
as College Student No. 1
Barry Livingston
as Third Executive
Calvin Tran
as Flip-Flop Kid
Cheryl Texiera
as Jane Ponderosa
Justin Dray
as Allen (Bartender)
Lauren Mary Kim
as Stuntwoman
Symba Smith
as Vanessa
Sloane Avery
as Christina
Elle Evans
as Katarina
Karly Rothenberg
as Another Mom
Marc Samuel
as Raisin No. 1
Price Carson
as Carney Boss
Jamie Sorrentini
as Slutty Woman
Andrew Alexander
as Portrait Artist
Aneliese Roettger
as Beautiful Woman
Morgan Vukovic
as Cute Girl No. 3
Sean Twomey
as Bookmaker
Mike Ivy
as Old Reggie
Katie Gill
as College Student No. 2
Brad Lee Wind
as Angry Dad
Candace Kita
as Charnese
Marc Fajardo
as Steward
Ron Bush
as Casino Dealer
Juanita Guzman
as Receptionist
Gary Anthony Williams
as Snowman/Raisin
Nicholas Grad
as Clubgoer
as Homeless Guy
Susan Moses
as Schmitty's Mom
Stacy Stas
as Peacock Woman
Gil Zuniga
as Middle Aged Man
Chad Jamian
as Copy Boy
KJ Smith
as Sequoia
Marcus Harris
as Pepper Jack
Barnaby Barrilla
as Hallway Student
Emily French
as Daughter
Reginald VelJohnson
as Judge Melvoy
Harvey Shield
as Crazy Legs
Harold Chin
as Poker Player
Pam Trotter
as Backup Singer No. 1
Henry Monfries
as Hallway Student
Sean Whalen
as Lion McPoyle
Kim Yarbrough
as Backup Singer No. 2
Caleb Followill
as Man at Bar
Guillermo del Toro
as Pappy McPoyle
Jared Followill
as Bartender
Ben Kronen
as Mr. Craig
Stacy Hall
as Orderly
José Yenque
as Ernesto
Judith Drake
as Kevin's Mom
Shasi Wells
as Another Girl
Eoin O'Shea
as Security Guard
Sam Witwer
as Muscular Guy
Nick Toren
as Salesman
Bob Rusch
as Doyle McPoyle
Danny Hill.
as Tanning Clerk
Danny Hill
as Tanning Clerk
Cy Carter
as Blond Guy
Dawn Alden
as Martina Navratilova
Isaac Gabaeff
as Mountain the Hippie
Geoffrey Owens
as McNabb Imposter
Jonathan Spencer
as Morgue Attendant
Kate Mulligan
as Brenda (Baby Agent)
Tyler Labine
as Shawn Dumont
Kaidy Kuna
as Chinese Butcher
Kate Comer
as Amanda
Philip Newby
as Nebbishy Guy
Jerry Hauck
as Boss Hogg
Jay Linzy
as Employee
Treisa Gary
as Teacher
Aaron Ikeda
as Salesman
Jordana Capra
as Film Society Woman
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