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Justified (2010 - 2015)

Justified (2010 - 2015)





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A maverick U.S marshal enforces the law his way in his Kentucky hometown.
Creator: Graham Yost

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Critics Consensus: Justified returns to form for its endgame, rebounding with crisp storytelling and colorful characters who never take themselves too seriously.

2015, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Justified continues to bring the shock value with clever storylines and a potent blend of comedy and drama.

2014, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Bolstered by witty, efficient dialogue and confident storytelling, Justified makes a strong case for consideration among cable television's top dramas.

2013, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Justified continues to dispense its brand of spare dialogue and sudden violence, culminating in a very satisfying finale.

2012, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Justified finds its footing in its second season with an expanded cast of characters that enriches its seedy world.

2011, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: A coolly violent drama, Justified benefits from a seductive look and a note-perfect Timothy Olyphant performance.

2010, FX, 13 episodes


Timothy Olyphant
as Raylan Givens
Walton Goggins
as Boyd Crowder
Nick Searcy
as Art Mullen
Jacob Pitts
as Tim Gutterson
Erica Tazel
as Rachel Brooks
Joelle Carter
as Ava Crowder
Jere Burns
as Wynn Duffy
Raymond J. Barry
as Arlo Givens
Natalie Zea
as Winona Hawkins
Margo Martindale
as Mags Bennett
Jim Beaver
as Colt Rhodes
David Meunier
as Johnny Crowder
Jeremy Davies
as Dickie Bennett
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Doyle Bennett
Abbey Miller
as Ellen May
Brad William Henke
as Coover Bennett
Mike O'Malley
as Nicky Augustine
Patton Oswalt
as Bob Sweeney
Kaitlyn Dever
as Loretta McCready
Mykelti Williamson
as Ellstin Limehouse
Neal McDonough
as Robert Quarles
Sam Elliott
as Avery Markham
Michael Rapaport
as Darryl Crowe Jr.
Edi Gathegi
as Jean Baptiste
Alicia Witt
as Wendy Crowe
A.J. Buckley
as Danny Crowe
Damon Herriman
as Dewey Crowe
Ron Eldard
as Colton Rhodes
William Ragsdale
as Gary Hawkins
Rick Gomez
as Vasquez
Sam Anderson
as Lee Paxton
Peter Murnik
as Tom Bergen
James Le Gros
as Wade Messer
David Andrews
as Tillman Napier
M.C. Gainey
as Bo Crowder
Jenn Lyon
as Lindsey Salazar
Todd Stashwick
as Ash Murphy
Brian Howe
as Arnold
Brent Sexton
as Hunter Mosley
Matt Craven
as Dan Grant
Stephen Root
as Judge Reardon
Joseph Mazzello
as Preacher Billy
Robert Baker
as Randall Kusik
Jacob Lofland
as Kendal Crowe
Amy Smart
as Alison Brander
Don R. McManus
as Billy "Wildman" Geist
Alan Ruck
as Roland Pike
Steven Flynn
as Emmitt Arnett
Adam Arkin
as Theo Tonin
Ned Bellamy
as Gerald Johns
Doug E. Doug
as Rev. Fandi
Max Perlich
as Sammy Tonin
Ray Porter
as Hestler Jones
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Jeremy Barkley
Michael Mosley
as Kyle Rourke
Xander Berkeley
as Charles Monroe
Jim Haynie
as Lemuel Becket
Chris Chalk
as Jody Adair
Jordi Caballero
as Gio Reyes
Julia Campbell
as Eve Munro
Gerald McRaney
as Josiah Cairn
Brad Carter
as Bobby Joe
Omar Avila
as Ernesto
Mark Colson
as Hobart Curtis
Rebecca Creskoff
as Carol Johnson
Will Sasso
as Al Sura
Shashawnee Hall
as Ed Kirkland
Romy Rosemont
as Sonya Gable
Brandon Keener
as Chase Ferguson
W. Earl Brown
as Cal Wallace
Greg Cromer
as Travis Travers
Chris Mulkey
as Walt McCready
Carla Gugino
as A.D. Karen Goodall
Page Kennedy
as Curtis Mins
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Carter Hayes
Mary Steenburgen
as Katherine Hale
Eddie Jemison
as Stan Perkins
Erin Cardillo
as Samantha
Peter Greene
as Tommy Bucks
Brett Cullen
as Greg Davis
Chris Coy
as Bobby Green
Michael Stoyanov
as Dealer Dave
Daniel Buran
as Nicky Cush
Michael Harding
as Bill Nichols
Sean Bridgers
as Virgil Corum
Danny Strong
as Officer Albert Fekus
Bonita Friedericy
as Cousin Mary
Tony Hale
as David Mortimer
Fredric Lehne
as Stevenson
Connie Ray
as Jenny Reasoner
Ed Corbin
as Coombs
Mo Gaffney
as Sheriff Kelly Davis
Tom Kiesche
as Drunk No. 1
Eric Ladin
as Wally Becket
Bill Glass
as Father
Travis Wester
as Billy Mac
Dave Florek
as Harold Shawn
Mel Fair
as Nelson Dunlop
Joshua Harto
as DEA Agent Henkins
Peter Jason
as Owen Carnes
Desmond Harrington
as Nix Fletcher
Michael Graziadei
as Mason Goines
Dave Foley
as Scott Fenton
Scott Wilson
as Frank Reasoner
Michael Gladis
as Kenneth Blanks
Joel Marsh Garland
as Pork Brother
Larenz Tate
as Clinton
Bonnie Root
as Mary Archer
Beth Grant
as Mother Truth
Robert Picardo
as Karl Hanselmann
Kevin E. West
as Frank Choate
Gill Gayle
as Paul Trowers
Shelley Hennig
as Jackie Nevada
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Sally Jenson
Richard Lineback
as Delmer Coates
David Carpenter
as Capt. Gene Reynolds
Sarah Jones
as Jamie Berglund
Lenny Citrano
as Little Joe Delahunt
Willow Greer
as J.J. Corliss
Tara Buck
as Sally Peener
Randolph Adams
as Doc Stern
Stoney Westmoreland
as Det. Garrity
Paul Rae
as Patterson Gaines
Scott Anthony Leet
as Henry Granger
John Lee Ames
as Boyd's Man
Tim De Zarn
as Det. Dempsey
Kai Lennox
as Glenn Cosgrove
Jakobe Dempsey
as Nick Moss
David Koechner
as Deputy Marshal Greg Sutter
Robin Riker
as Deborah Jane
Branton Box
as Gunnar Swift
Billy Miller
as James Earl Dean
Tyler Neitzel
as Pete Jenson
Don Harvey
as Patrick Massett
Don C. Harvey
as Patrick Massett
Aja Evans
as Sharon Edmunds
Mark Atteberry
as Lexington Police Officer
Josh Stamberg
as Alex Barnes
Mark Elias
as Boyd's Man
Brendan McCarthy
as Tanner Dodd
Juanita Jennings
as Diana Brooks
Sean Donnellan
as Glen Percy
Joel McCrary
as Olander
David Ury
as Hiram Pugh
Pat Skipper
as Rev. Dixon
Christie Lynn Smith
as Gayle Cosgrove
Tom Proctor
as Cope Entiss
Muse Watson
as Elmont Swain
David Sullivan
as Jess Timmons
Tonja Kahlens
as Foster Mom
Chris Reed
as Daniel
Amaury Nolasco
as Elvis Manuel Machado
Eric Roberts
as DEA Special Agent Alex Miller
Chris Tardio
as Partlow
Savannah McReynolds
as Eldest Foster Child
Wray Nerely
as Elias Markos
Travis Johns
as Luther Perry
Clay Wilcox
as Longbaugh
Ron Yuan
as Lt. Simon Lee
Jeanetta Arnette
as Marsha Keyhoe
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Series Details

TV Network: FX
Premiere Date: Mar 16, 2010
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Graham Yost, Elmore Leonard, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Fred Golan, Michael Dinner
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