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Knight Rider (1982 - 1986)

Knight Rider (1982 - 1986)





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A former cop gets a new identity and teams with a talking supercar to fight crime after a wealthy benefactor saves his life. The chiseled lead actor had his fans, but the show was truly driven by the sleek, droll automobile KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a customized Pontiac Trans-Am that kept the hero on the straight and narrow between fistfights and female conquests. A TV-movie reunited man and car in 1991, and a sequel series, `Team Knight Rider,' ran on ABC in 1997-98.
Creator: Glen A. Larson

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1985, NBC, 23 episodes

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1984, NBC, 22 episodes

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1983, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: This car can do anything -- except paper over how tiresomely silly Knight Rider's concept is.

1982, NBC, 22 episodes


David Hasselhoff
as Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare
as Devon Miles
Patricia McPherson
as Bonnie Barstow
Rebecca Holden
as April Curtis
Peter Parros
as Reginald Cornelius III/RC3
John Crawford
as Sheriff Moore
Peter Brown
as Jason Nelson
Luke Askew
as Austin
Ken Swofford
as O'Brien
Tom Sullivan
as Charley
John Considine
as Crime Boss
Joanna Pettet
as Joanna St. John
James Callahan
as Sheriff Bruckner
Ann Turkel
as Adrianne
Taylor Miller
as Janet Morgan
Walter Gotell
as Carascas
Michelle Nicastro
as Terry Major
Terry Kiser
as Royal Davis
Peter MacLean
as Jonathan
Christie Hauser
as Elizabeth
Jim Brown
as C.J. Jackson
Lance Burton
as Austin Templeton
Michael Callan
as Victor Gavin
Theodore Bikel
as Deauville
Suzanne Barnes
as Christina
Dani Minnick
as Veronica
Julianne McNamara
as Julie Rogers
Kathy Shower
as Claudia
Robin Curtis
as Witness
Ken Foree
as Spiderman
Miguel Fernandes
as Colonel Peralta
Kabir Bedi
as Vascone
Mark Schneider
as Hollander
Jeffrey Osterhage
as John Stanton
Arye Gross
as Elliott
Dick Gautier
as Chameleon
Robert Pine
as Cyrus Oakes
Alexa Hamilton
as Gina Adams
Robert Hogan
as Shatner
Denny Miller
as Big Ed Barton
Barbara Rush
as Elizabeth
Brett Halsey
as Sellers
Leann Hunley
as Liz Preston
Kate McGeehan
as Jennifer Knight
Richard Herd
as Jastrow
Henry Darrow
as De Lorca
Robert Feero
as Martoni
Zakes Mokae
as Tsombe Kuna
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Kempler
Jared Martin
as Halston
Jerry Quarry
as Jerry Quarry
Kip Niven
as Prisoner
Rosalind Cash
as Voodoo Princess
Chuck McCann
as Bombo the Clown
Robert Englund
as Edward Kent
Ada Maris
as Ana Lucia Cortez
Reid Smith
as Stocker
Tony Epper
as Farrell
Devon Ericson
as Robin Ladd
Carole Cook
as Senator Flynn
Laura Bruneau
as Cara Caulfield
Kai Wulff
as Flood
Tony Young
as Renard
Richard Basehart
as Wilton Knight
Mary-Margaret Humes
as Carol Reston
Robert O'Reilly
as Jake Simpson
Tim O'Connor
as Phillip Hunt
Geena Davis
as Grace Fallan
John Macchia
as Kelly Travis
Kurt Paul
as Norman Baines
Cliff Carnell
as Joey Rome
Ivan Naranjo
as Simpson
Robert Ginty
as Elliot Stevens
Stuart Whitman
as Sanderson
Tim Rossovich
as Bloodworth
Andy Epper
as Gordon
Don King
as Don King
Joseph Hindy
as Tom Baylor
Diane McBain
as Mama Flynn
Curt Lowens
as Voorman
Lee Ryan
as Charles
Bruce Gray
as Senator Forbes
Jon Cypher
as Atherton
Steve Sandor
as Mac Gifford
Robert F. Lyons
as Jeff Cavanaugh
Don Gordon
as Dickerson
Michael Fairman
as Eric Fenton
Keene Curtis
as Griffin
Mario Marcelino
as Gang Leader
Ed Crick
as Eddie
Terri Treas
as Psychologist
Dave Cass
as Alex Webster
Guy Stockwell
as Zachary Sloate
Brian Robbins
as Computer Whiz
Erik Stern
as Thompson
Dana Elcar
as Edward Strock
James Luisi
as Extortionist
Michael Horse
as Jonathan Eagle
Bruce Bauer
as Lee Carstairs
John Milford
as Businessman
Paul LaGreca
as Gypsy Boy
Paul Koslo
as Austin
Nick Angotti
as Councilman
Daniel Faraldo
as Racketeer
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 26, 1982
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: Glen A. Larson
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